Strangers in the Night

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Strangers in the Night

The night was unusually quiet for this city. Working as a London escort I often had late nights and was used to walking home alone, but there was something strange about tonight; no groups of drunks stumbling about as usual, no tramps mumbling as I walked past. There was no traffic, and the only sound I could hear was the click of my high heeled shoes on the pavement.

His decent into Slavery

Chapter 1.

“Please sit down” the mistress stated. “Don’t be afraid, we’re not here to harm you. Now David, we have a large amount of notes on you which we are reading as we go. “Let’s see, when were you abducted?”

“About 3 weeks ago” I stammered.

“You will always address me as mistress” she sprayed back.

“About 3 weeks ago mistress” I said

“And what were …

Sweet Revenge


As the rays of the mid-day sun beat down upon the crowded golden sands of the South American holiday resort, a small group of three female British tourists were taking advantage of the conditions, after splashing about for sometime at the waters edge, they were now sitting together, under the shade of a large parasol, drinking, and relaxing at a beach-side bar.

Tomorrow they …

Chloe and Caitlan Part One

“So are we filming today?” I asked my girlfriend down the phone line. “Yeah…,” she said tentatively, “But what do you want my sister in it for?” “Because every good porno needs an edge. Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck her or anything. She’d just going to be standing around, looking hot.” “Whatever…” “Are you both wearing what I asked you to?” I questioned. …

his Decent into Slavery 22

I was taken out into the courtyard and hung from an old hayloft beam. The sun was warm on my naked body. I hadn’t seen much of it since I’d been here. Slave girls walked back and forth past me as I hung there by my hands stretched to my limit.

I was now bursting to urinate but this required permission. I tried to attract the attention of one of the girls but most ignored me until one of …

being gorgous has it's turns

It’s chilly, as I wait for favourite machanic to arrive, i sit in my boken down car.

The batteries are dead so I can’t turn my heater on. Shit. Slowly, very slowly, a group of guys about my age(19) walk towards me, there are about 5 in that group. Having big breasts and being amazingly and impossably gorgous is very dangerous. The men all have evil grins on there faces. I know whats about …

Night games

Karen sat up in bed, startled awake by some noise outside. She listened in the stillness, but the noise, whatever it was didn’t repeat itself. “Oh well,” she thought, “I’m thirsty anyway.” She pushed the thick comforter off of her shapely legs, and shivered in the cool of the night. With nothing more than a short satin nightgown covering her body, her nipples quickly hardened and …

The Recording Session up at the old House

The Session up at the old House

I was full of energy one night, I had an afternoon gig and a session of recording on that same evening. I was tired, I had to head for the Old House Studio for a session of back up vocals on that same evening. It turned out that the producer ditched the session and wanted to record me making sexual sounds for a song he was working on. I don’t know why he asked …

A Debt

Marion Gannon was an attractive 45 year old suburbanite. She was happily married to a business owner. She had two beautiful daughters ages 15 and 13 and had the perfect suburban life so it seemed. Marion also had another life. The life of a gambler. an unlucky gambler at that. Marion owed Rita Jamison, the proprietor of an after hours club in the city close to $10,000. Marion had dodged paying …

Business Matters

Business matters


“Customer!” he typed and saw it come up on the screen against her name then he moved quickly through to the shop area.

“Morning ma’am, how may I be of service?”, the customer was a tall blonde that he seemed to recognise.

“Hi, I am afraid that I have let the dry cleaning get on top of me and there is rather a lot, is there any chance that you could rush …

What A Ride Home Pt 2

Diane & I, my best female friend had sex for the first time two weeks ago. It was completely unexpected. I was married and never ever cheated on my wife before. The days after Diane and I had sex, we would often talk about it but both of us had the nerve to ask about an encore performance. We felt awkward. Seeing each other naked, having sex and remaining friends seemed like an …

The Postman Never Rings Twicefor AMISHI

Got this story from a friend, it was shocking so thought would shock my pals. Confessions of Hot and Horny to be one time Porn Actress AMISHI .

“But I can’t wear this dress, the skirt is so short and neckline of top is so deep” I complained.

“No, as per our agreement you have to wear this dress, you have already signed the agreement and any breach in the agreement, and you will lose …

A Snowy Encounter

Just five or six miles more thought Angela.

The huge snowflakes swirled over the bonnet and hit the windscreen, where it built up outside the area swept by the wipers. Twice before she had stopped to clear the screen as the wiper arc got smaller and smaller.

The driver found herself mesmerized by the snow’s movement, having difficulty in seeing beyond it. The speedometer informed her – 10 …

Adventures in Jennifer's World ch. 6

Chapter 6: Angela’s Find

Monday morning comes too fast, Angela said to herself. She never did like the commute into town to her job at the health spa, but she had an aerobics class of new client to teach, and she wasn’t about to let them down.

She arrived at the spa with an hour to spare. She went to the staff locker room to change for work. Jason, another aerobics instructor was just …

wife with mates and there dogs

we went on swinging sites to find what we were looking for a large group of big black men to meet at ours and fuck my wife all over the house all weekend no socal meetings needed we are wanting to roleplay a groupe rape and to be used any way there see fitmake her your slave

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A Second Chance Pt 1

The rain slashed through my headlights like miniature meteors streaking Earthward. The slap-tick of the wipers was mesmerizing. Only the gut-grinding fear of losing traction on this two-lane road in the eastern mountains of Tennessee kept me from surrendering to their metronomic pulsing and drifting off to sleep.

I was at the range of my endurance. I’d been driving over six hours, all of it …

Into the Forest

You look at my denim cutoff jacket. As you cuddle in to my arm the sent of a well-kept bomber jacket fills your senses. Your hand touches my black leather chaps. “Do you remember our bench in the woods? ” I ask “Lets walk to it”. The day is sunny and cooled by a sweet breeze.

Clouds big and fluffy float in the azure blue sky. We sway back and forth slightly as we walk…

The sound …

Mystress purple the 3rd encounter

Madaam Purple the third encounter.

I stepped into the bedroom after the shower clean and fresh to lay next to my mystress. She was lying in bed naked and beautiful as she always is. We started kissing and playing as so many times before, then a quick move and 69 was happening. I love the 69 licking and tasting her beautiful peach, drooling all over m face. As we continued she began to hump my …

Adventures at the Flamingo Club – Part 2

Adventures at The Flamingo Club by Willing Lee Part 2

Chapter Three – The Membership application.

About a week later, once by battered backside and my stretched and raw anus had recovered, I went searching for the Club. I eventually found it in a side street near the City Centre. It was later afternoon, and I saw some men approach the door and let in so I made my way to the door. I rang …