The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 8

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 8.

The enema was a strange procedure, but, not altogether unpleasant. Once we were finished Kori started the shower and we got in together. She washed me with a big sponge and some specia

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 7

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 7

“Okay, Matty, here is our schedule for this evening: First I’ll show you your wardrobe and all your new things. Second, I will administer an enema so you’re squeaky clean. Thirdly we’ll

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 6

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 6.

“Here’s the deal, Matty. I need about an hour, maybe a little more in our suite to organize today’s purchases and ready the room for tonight’s festivities. Perhaps you could grab a sna

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 5

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 5.

A taxi stood waiting. We got in and the driver took off immediately without directive. I almost said something then remembered my promise.

“You look refreshed, Matty.” She touched

Misty’s First Time

Kelly brushed hot tears away impatiently as she crouched over the newspaper, looking for a job – any job that would bring her an income and enable her to leave this house and support herself. She didn’t care if she didn’t eat, but she needed a

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 4

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 4.

Once again amongst the throngs upon the sidewalk I was in a state of utter amazement.

“Kori, you didn’t even pay the man, uh, Sergei.”

“Darling, it’s all taken care of. You should

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 3

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 3.

Kori was in the bathroom fixing her hair while I got dressed and readied myself for the day.

She came out presently in her white panties & matching bra. She was so damn pretty my hea

The Bonds of Trust, Chapter 2

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 2.

I heard the shower, woke with a start and sat up bolt straight. My head throbbed and I felt like death warmed over. I fell back onto the bed.

“Kori, where are you?” Oh, yeah, the

The Bonds of Trust

The Bonds of Trust

By russell-ville-man

Chapter 1.

“Deeper, Matty, much deeper. I can take more. It’s ok. You can do me deeper. Please, Matty, deeper.”

“Yes, baby, however you want it.” I held her hips firmly, and pounded her goo



By russell-ville-man

Las Vegas. Nevada.


Chapter 1.

“I’m not spending an evening listening to you & another Laker fan carry on. I do that back home. C’mon, Cubby, take me downtown instead and I’ll buy you a deep fried T

Sarah and I part 2

Dedicated to Looking4myVenus; who convinced me in one inbox to write the sequel.

Her lips were like magnets; constantly drawing mine to hers. I kissed her lips so passionately, as if we may never see eachother again.

Her hands now experimenta


So over time my plan formed…..

This is how it played out……

I often worked at home…the upstairs spare room doubled as my office. On a regular basis I would hear Elaine in our bedroom & the en suite bathroom. There would be a knock on my

The Sweet Summer in Copenhagen

The Sweet Summer in Copenhagen
Chapter 1
Rasa was walking along the Strøget street in Copenhagen when she bumped into her old flat mate (whom she used to have a relationship with). They catch up with the good old times. Stefano raised his hands

The Facial

I am a very lucky girl. The kid is at camp, and the spouse went to visit his Mommy this weekend. I took this opportunity to cross a few things off my “To Do” list (sadly, you are still on it), and booked an appointment for a facial at my favori

Lisa’s Day, Continued

Bound and Handcuffed Erotica

Lisa had just been legally rapped by her hot female landlord. To make matters worse she had been tied to her bed and the room to her apartment was open wide inviting anyone to do anything to her.

The first men that found her double penetrated her

After Soccer

Her soccer game had just finished. I went up to congratulate her because she had score two goals, including the winning one.

“Aw, thanks!” she said. 

Ou of nowhere, I leaned in and starting making out with her. We weren’t dating or anything, o

Dressing Room excitement with 2 women

This is a story about a special surprise.

For a special treat my man decided to take his gorgeous woman (that’s me) for a nice lunch and some shopppppping. What i didn’t know is what he had in store for me.

We arrived at nice shopping centre wh

With A Wink

I parked my car, and dug around in my purse for my sunglasses. Finding them, I slapped them on over my eyes even though it was dark. My boot hit the asphalt with a click.
I really should have gotten a pair in black or something, I thought to mysel

Forbidden pleasures

It was a typical evening driving home from work, raining and lightning like it usually did. I pulled into my driveway ready to relax in bed. I noticed all my lights were off in my home. “Thats’s unusual I usually leave my kitchen light on” I raced t