The Tub

Let’s face it. I’m not as young as I used to be. But the lure of the bathtub proved impossible to resist.

One day, long ago, I discovered the most amazing orgasms could be had under the bathtub faucet. Ideally, the water would be on the war


Cast of Characters with their Profile:


Her relation with Mahir: Wife
Her age: 27 years
Her occupation: A knack housewife
Her face: Alluring and nymphish, oval in shape
Her eyes: Deep set, heavy-lidded, and dark brown
Her no

18 & Lustful

It was the summer after my senior year of High School. I had just woke up from sleeping in on a lazy Saturday morning, the sound from my alarm on my phone. The time shown was exactly 11:00 am. My memory raced back to me. My flight was to leave in two

My fantasy

Last night you blindfolded me and tied me with silk ties to the bed. Nothing gets me wet faster then being tied, helpless and blindfolded. You start the game, leaving me alone for a few minutes. I lay there tied, unable to move, unable to see what’s

the shoes

Jessica had woken that day with revenge in her heart,only last week her then so called boyfriend had ended their relationship,and anger was her real emotion,and anyway he just wasnt man enough for her,and her demands,she hadnt thought about her reven

getting a degree

getting a degree.

Jessica day began with a phone call from the receptionist of a high class modelling agency, she had been spotted whilst out clubbing, a guy asked her to go along to the agency

Jessica was gorgeous, tall, slim,assertive, sh

phone sex

phone sex

Jessica was due to pick her new car up that day,a red sports convertible,with extras,ogf course

the garage was a new place, highly respected,and Jessica had it in mind to get a large discount

normally car salesman were something to

Helping Sis

Mike paused after he had stepped to the kitchen sink to try and find a clean glass. Outside on the back patio was his twin sister, Michelle. It was obvious that she was planning to lay out and work on her tan; she had a blanket spread out and was wea

Story 1 Our Conjugal Amorousness

Cast of Characters with their Description:

She’s my wife. I picture her as the most beautiful and most taking woman in the world. A Pair of heavy-lidded deep set dark brown eyes, a straight nose, full rosy pink lips, and ample dark hair

A Failed Love

I saw him. Almost like a dream, he stood there; body slumped to one side, shorts hanging loosely like all the other guys. His mess of brown hair and angular face and tall frame almost caused me to fall to my knees. It was him. That beautiful creature

To have loved and lost, Chapter 2

To have loved and lost. Chapter 2.

Allisons p.o.v

The school isn’t as confusing as it first seemed. The school is set out in a circle; with smaller hallways branching out.

Leslie takes me to all my other classes; math, S.A.P , English and bi

To have loved and lost, Chapter 1

To have loved and lost. Chapter1

Leslie’s p.o.v

I smile when she enters the room. She’s new, and I can tell by two ways; one: I haven’t seen her face before, and believe me, I would have remembered it. And two; she looks like she wants to sink

School Innocence

As John was finishing his thesis on the inhabitants of a remote village deep in the jungles of Peru, Sally walked by brushing his arm with her soft fingers. He looked up just in time to get a glimpse of her bubble ass smiling sweetly through her tigh

Blackmail and cream

Apprehensively Marsha turned her computer on casting a nervous look at the small web cam her son had installed positioned on top of the monitor. Luckily he hadn’t asked any questions after she had purchased the device and asked him to install it. H

The Interview

I had a dilemma. I kept hearing how miserable you are at work, and it made me feel awful. So I knew the value of each and every interview, and I was hesitant to play on that for any reason. Then again, this was about sex, and that was the best rea

Total Surrender Part VI

I was awakened the next morning by another nudging slave. There were no alarm clocks, phones, or TVs at The Hampton. Like ‘Robinson Caruso’ it’s as primitive as could be. I guess they would have just been modern distractions.


Total Surrender Part V

I was awakened in the morning by Christina’s nudging. Yvette was awake as well.

The three of us looked down at Master Christopher’s swollen organ pressed against his sleeping body. He looked so handsome lying there dead to the world

Total Surrender Part IV

As the sun began to fall at The Hampton house everyone started to gather in the main hall. It was obvious who the owners were. Most of them either wore S&M vinyl costumes like Mistress Elisha, or wore silk robes. They’re favorite submissives w

the boyfriend auditions

the boyfriend auditions

Jessica didnt have a boyfriend.there really was no need.a click of her fingers and men would jump, so she didnt date as such.she had far too much fun with her friends and the countless desperate men who fell at her feet