The Letter

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The funniest thing happened to me the other day. I had just gotten on the bus to work, as I always do. I sat by the window and a thought came to mind. Soon I was daydreaming. It was the most vivid daydream I’ve ever had. I thought you might be interested in what it was about. It went something like this:
I walked into the solitary tent, my steps muffled by the warm sand, wearing only an oversized white collar shirt; open and unbuttoned. My skin was moist from the heat of this desert-like place. The shirt clung to my breasts. I walked to a pole in the center of the tent and leaned my back against it. I looked across to a single bed where he lay asleep and smiled. With the aide of a single yellowish lantern hanging from somewhere above, I could see his chest rise and fall with every slow breath. He laid face up with his legs apart, one slightly bent. One hand rested on his navy blue shorts just above the bent leg. The other lay carelessly away from his body. He was hot. I let my eyes roam over every square inch of him. His lightly tanned forehead, smooth inviting lips, bare muscular chest, toned arms, tight stomach and that inviting trail leading into his shorts, lightly dusted with hair. The thought of what lay at the end of that trail brought evil thoughts to mind. For every square inch my eyes touched, my hands wanted to feel; my lips wanted to kiss. I could feel the heat rising under my skin. I began to caress my breasts over the damp shirt. I bit back a sigh at the feel of my fingers around my tight nipples. I could no longer deny the urge to touch him.
Pushing off of the pole, I made my way to the side of the bed. Slowly so not to wake him, I sat on the edge near his hip. He looked so damn sexy with his lips slightly parted like that. I put a hand on either side of the bed and leaned up, my face inches away from his. I wanted him. I pressed my lips to his, slowly and gently. He didn’t wake. I had to smile at how oblivious he was to my presence. I moved a hand to hover over the center of his shorts. Half leaning over him, I lowered my face to kiss him again. I lowered my hand to barely rest on his cock. Once I could almost feel him beneath my hand, I applied more pressure; simultaneously taking his bottom lip between my own. I felt him jump. Startled, he made to speak.
“Shh.” I said, backing slightly to look into his eyes. I know him…he knows me. I slowly bent to him to continue the kiss, giving him time to stop me if he wanted to. He didn’t. I could feel the tension easing as I continued to rub between his legs, softly at first then harder as I stroked the full length or him. Soon his kiss became more aggressive. Putting a hand to the back of my head, he drank of me as much as he could. He grew harder and harder in my hand as I continued to massage him. The skilled movement of his tongue was driving me crazy. Unable to withstand the pulsing between my own legs, I broke the kiss and moved to stand. 
He looked at me from head to toe as if for the first time. The heat from his eyes as they scanned my body made me want to throw myself at him. I took a few steps back as he stood and walked towards me slowly…cunningly, never taking his eyes off of mine. I felt the pole at my back and didn’t make to move. Standing practically toe to toe, he placed his palm on my cheek. I closed my eyes and turned my face slightly, kissing his thumb as it crossed my lips. I opened my eyes to see him gazing down my open shirt. I had forgotten I was so exposed to him. His hand traveled down my neck and, joined by the other, traced the curves of my breasts through my open shirt. He cupped my breasts and teasing my painfully hard nipples. My breathing became shallow when he slid the shirt off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I stood completely naked in dim light, leaning against a pole, in full view of him. I could no longer take this slow teasing torture. Pressing my body against him, his skin as hot as mine, I sucked on his left earlobe then kissed and licked my way across his collarbone, over and up to his right ear. Lowering my hands to his waist, I kissed down his chest and gently bit one nipple at a time. As I slowly continued moving my lips down from the center of his chest to his belly button and further south. I moved my hands down his hips to his thighs, removing his shorts as I went, exposing his erection. Grabbing his cock, I licked the tip slowly. I heard him take in a sharp breath as I continued to taste him. As I licked the underside of his cock, I grabbed his balls in one hand and began to gently massage them. Licking my way back up, I quickly took the tip into my mouth and sucked on it. I’d stop, lick it and then suck a little more. Soon, I took all of him in my mouth. I held him there for a few seconds, rubbed my tongue ring along the shaft and sucked hard. I could feel his hands on my head and neck holding my hair away for him to see. I continued to focus on his balls as I sucked his cock slowly and softly. Hearing his very subtle moans turned me on immensely. I sucked him faster and harder, taking him deep in my mouth till I felt him in the back of my throat. 
I could feel the puddle between my legs practically spilling over. He suddenly pulled away, grabbed my upper arms and stood me up to lean against the cool metal pole once more. He immediately bent his head to one breast. He sucked on one nipple so hard, I couldn’t help but take in a sharp breath. He repeated this with the other nipple only to kiss and lick his way down my stomach and over to the curve of my hips. He put a hand on the back of my knee and lifted my leg to rest on his shoulder. On his knees, he licked the outside of my lips from bottom to top. He opened them and licked again, and again, tasting all of me. He teased my clit with the tip of his tongue. The sensation flooded my senses and made me weak. Putting my arms behind me, I clutched on to the pole. He then slid one finger inside me. I instantly moved my hips to grind against his hand. Breathing heavily, I moaned louder and louder. He continued to lick my pussy and suck on my clit while he fingered me with one…no, with two fingers. There was fire under my skin and my heart raced. I wanted to feel him inside me. I put both hands on his face and urged him to stand. I looked him in the eyes, my need apparent. I kissed him with all the urgency and passion I felt, tasting myself on his lips. 
I grabbed his dog tags and pulled him with me as I walked towards the chair. Once there, I pushed him to sit. He was hard as a rock and I could no longer hold back. Straddling his legs with one leg on either side of the chair, my breasts in his face, I hovered just above. He reached around to put his hands on my back as he kissed and licked between my breasts. Placing both hands on his neck, I arched my back to give him better access. I loved the feel of his tongue on me. Kissing his way up my neck, I slowly lowered myself onto him. Feeling the tip of his cock at my opening, I looked into his eyes as he moved his hands to rest at my waist. I kissed him gently as inch by inch I took all of him inside me. With both hands I held his face and deepened the kiss. I could feel his hands grip my waist and pull me towards him. He was growing impatient and so was I. He filled me completely. I began moving my hips forward and back, finding a steady rhythm. My breath was hot and heavy against his lips. As I sped up I could feel his muscled thighs tighten and release, finding a rhythm to match mine. I slowly leaned back to position my hands just above his knees. Arching my back a little, I quickened the pace. At the speed I was bouncing, and feeling him hit the spot every time, it’s no wonder I was on the verge of screaming my orgasm. I looked at him and saw sheer lust in his eyes…and beads of sweat on his forehead; a clear indication of the heat we were creating.
Suddenly he hugged my waist and held me as he stood up. I hugged his hips with my thighs. After pushing everything off the surface and onto the floor, he set me down to sit on the edge of the desk. Grabbing either side of his face, I crushed his lips with mine and kissed him deeply. Pulling away from him, I leaned back till I lay on the table. Reaching up my body, I gently grabbed and squeezed my breasts for his viewing pleasure. With his hands on my hips anchoring me, he continued to move inside me, driving his cock into my pussy harder and faster, with his balls slapping my ass. It became harder to control my breathing as my cries grew louder and louder. His breathing also became heavier as he pounded in to me. He knew exactly the feelings he brought out in me, but I wanted to show him. Releasing my breasts; letting them bounce freely, I put one hand above my head to grip the edge of the table; and the other I used to rub my clit. At the sight of me playing with myself, he released my hips and leaned forward to rest his hands on either side of me. His dog-tags swung between us. We were both sweaty as he became more aggressive, creating a slapping sound on my ass as he went deeper and harder. I brought my knees up a little to feel all of him glide in and out of me. The intense passion on his face and the hypnotic look in his eyes was enough to make me cum…and I did. Grabbing on to him wherever I could, I threw my head back and screamed. Arching my back, I instinctively tightened my walls around his cock. Through my screams, I heard him cry out as he too found his release. Moments later, I reached up to grab his dog-tags and pulled him down to me. 
“I missed you.” I confessed just before I kissed him. As he laid his spent body atop of mine, he held my face and returned the kiss.

Then suddenly I heard another voice…
”Excuse me, Miss?”
It was the bus driver. I had reached my stop.
As I got off the bus, I had to smile. The entire experience might have been played out in my head but the feelings seemed real enough. I walked off the bus flushed and very hot, missing you more than ever. Take care of yourself, soldier. Come home to me soon.

Yours always,
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