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Two souls touch and are magically sparked,
On a journey together they embark.
Brief shadows cast in the night,
On the surreal landscape of a full moons light.
The wind faintly whispers of voices long gone,
And the sweet refrain of the lovers song.
Listen…you can hear their impassioned sighs,
That give way to seductive cries.
A midnight melody.
A cosmic revelry.
Forever etched and always bound,
In the fabric of time…they can be found.

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Touched , 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

2 Responses to “Touched”

  1. scar023

    Hmmm, I peak at the romantic in you. Very nice.

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  2. breeze

    Shhh! *holds finger up to lips* Don’t tell anyone! ^_^
    And thank you.

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