A Roleplay Session

This is a online roleplay between daphne and blueneon.. blueneon is also known as wayne in the roleplay =)
enjoy reading.. if its good and u wanna read more of my stories.. message me or email me =) if the response is good.. i will continue posting more stories..

the two of them are at a party.. blueneon(wayne) is attached and daphne`rp(daphne) is wayne’s gf’s best fren..

hey daphne
can i get you another drink?
hello wayne.. sure..
what would u like?
* daphne`rp in white halter neck.. black miniskirt.. wearing a set of black half cup bra n gs..
anything will do..
* blueneon passes you quite a strong glass
* blueneon can’t help but notice how sexy youa re looking today
* daphne`rp sips frm the glass..
so how have u been?
* daphne`rp caught u looking at me.. with sort of lust in ur eyes..
not really..
still fine..
* blueneon let’s his eye wander over you as he chats, finding it hard to stop himself
ok that’s good
hmm.. ya.. hws u then..?
* blueneon drinks some more
not bad. been fairly busy recently so it’s nice to have a drink tonight
* daphne`rp drinks quite a fair bit..
seeing any new guys?
not really..
* blueneon smiles
so seeing lots of guys but no one special huh?
can say so.. hahas..
i never knew you were a notti girl daphne
* blueneon laughs
* blueneon tops up both our drinks some more
* daphne`rp cont drinking..
i must say, you look great tonight
u’d have no trouble picking up a guy looking like that
* blueneon let’s his eye wander over you again, admiring the curve of your breasts and your legs
hahas.. thank u..
* blueneon realises he can see that you’re wearing a black bra through your top
* daphne`rp caught ur eyes.. looking at me with lust.. and desire.. attracted to u..
* blueneon let’s his hand touch yours as he fills up your drink again
* daphne`rp looks at u.. but never stop u frm touching my soft silky hands..
* blueneon strokes your hand gently and then takes it, pulling you behind him gently
here let’s go explore the house
* blueneon opens up a nearby door and leads you inside
* daphne`rp goes in with u..
* blueneon closes the door behind us
* blueneon looks at you hungrily and reaches for you pulling you towards him
* daphne`rp in ur arms.. blushing..
wayne.. wat.. r u doing..
* blueneon kisses you
* daphne`rp getting melted by ur passionate kisses..
* blueneon feels your soft lips beneath his as he kisses you…his hands stroking your back as he holds you
* daphne`rp kissing u back..
* blueneon let’s his hands move over your body, stroking you through your top. stroking your back and then slding his hands around to cup your breasts as he kisses you
* daphne`rp tasting ur lips..
mmmm daphne
mmm.. wayynne..
* blueneon let’s one hand drop to stroke your legs, feeling the material of your skirt as he strokes
* blueneon let’s his hand slide up under your top to cup your breasts as he kisses you more
* daphne`rp kissing with u passionately.. as i feel ur hands exploring on my body…
* blueneon moves his hands to untie your top and takes it off as he continues kissing u
* daphne`rp feel my top dropping onto the floor..
* blueneon moves his hands back to your breasts, sliding his fingers into your bra and stroking and teasing your nipples. feeling them harden beneath his fingers
* daphne`rp lets out a soft moan as my nipples harden..
wayne.. u .. r so notti..
* blueneon moves his mouth from yours and slides down to take your nipple in his mouth, sucking and teasing it
* blueneon looks up at u
so are u daphne
a very notti girl
* blueneon let’s his hands slide up your leg, beneath your skirt, stroking your soft skin
* daphne`rp feels ur warm moist mouth.. sucking n teasing my harden nipps..
ahh.. ohh..~
* blueneon let’s his hands slide up till he can feel the smooth material of your panties, as he starts to stroke you through them
* daphne`rp feels ur warm hand stroking on my panties.. moaning softly..
* blueneon slides your panties down your legs so you can kick them off
* blueneon lifts your skirt a little so he can slide his fingers between your moist lips, touching and feeling u
* daphne`rp kicks my panties off..
mmmm daphne, you are so wet and sexy
ahhhh.. ohh..~ wayne.. u are so notti.. and playful..
* blueneon moves up to kiss you again as he fingers continue to touch and stroke u
ahhh.. mmm…~
* daphne`rp moans getting muffled by ur passionate kisses…
* blueneon continues to rub and stroke you
teasing your wet slit, his fingers now on yoru clit, rubbing and touching. feeling it harden slightly as he strokes it
* blueneon can feel you leaning against him as your legs weaken as he strokes you
ahhh.. ohhh.. ahh..~
* daphne`rp leaning against u.. moaning with enjoyment..
* blueneon continues to tease your clit, making u wetter
ahhh.. ohhh… wayyynne..~
mmm daphne
* daphne`rp moaning… getting wetter..
* blueneon let’s his hands wander to your breasts again, touching and teasing your nipples
* daphne`rp reach for ur pants.. unbuckle it and unzip it..
i’ve always found you so sexy
* daphne`rp let ur pants drop.. as my hand slip into ur boxer.. stroking ur hard cock.. feeling it grow…
* blueneon enjoys your hand on him
i’ve always find u attractive.. in physical and sexually..
* blueneon kicks off his pants
have u ever imagined us doing this?
* daphne`rp stroking ur hard cock.. using my thumb to rub on its head..
ya.. quite a few times..
* blueneon lifts up your skirt so he can stroke you again…
* blueneon moves closer so you can feel his hard cock against your leg
mmmmm and did u touch yourself while u thought of me?
its so hard.. notti boy..
of cos..
mmmm notti girl
heees.. notti boy n notti ger.. aren’t we both so notti =x
* blueneon moves against you so the end of his hard cock slides slowly against you, feeling your wetness against the tip
yes we are
* daphne`rp frenches u passionately.. feeling ur hard cock against me.. moaning into ur mouth..
ahhhh.. mmm… ahhh..~
* blueneon mvoes against you so that his hard cock is positioned at the entrance to your wet, tight hole
you are so so so notti
* daphne`rp whisper into ur ears.. softly.. and seducingly..
* blueneon slides inside u…lifing u up from the floor so your legs wrap around him
fuck me.. make me urs..
* daphne`rp feels u inside me.. legs ard ur waist.. feeling u deep in me..
ahh.. wayne.. fuck me hard..
* blueneon starts sliding in and out of you as we move against each other
mmm/me starts fucking you harder and hard
ahhhh.. ohhh… ahh..~
ohhh….u feel so good
ahhh… u are so gd… ahhhhhhh..~
* daphne`rp feel u fucking me hard n deepp…
i never knew you were so notti daphne
* blueneon fucking you long and hard
i always thought you were a good girl
* blueneon keeps sliding in and out of you in long deep strokes
ahhhhh.. ohhh…~
i always thought u are a active man.. and im right..
* blueneon keeps fucking you hard
do u like hard active men daphne
* blueneon moans as well
* blueneon pushing hard against you, your back against the door
ahhhhh…. yesss.. ahhh..~
* blueneon can feel himself ready to cum
* daphne`rp can feel my climax coming…
ahhhhhh.. u are so good.. ahhh … ohh..~

* blueneon can feel himself about to explode
mmmm daphne I’m going to cum
ahhhhhh.. me too waynne..~
* blueneon begins to cum hard, still deep inside u
* daphne`rp feels ur hot cum shooting deep in me… and cums also…
* blueneon let’s himself slide out of you
* blueneo
n let’s you down slowly
ahh… hai hai hai..
* daphne`rp panting..
* daphne`rp falls onto the floor … back against the door.. panting..
* blueneon sits next to you
waynne.. u are.. so good..
and u are amazing
and so sexy
u look incredible
* blueneon is still staring at your sexy body
thank u..
* daphne`rp feeling very tired..
mmmm u look incredible
* blueneon reacehes out and strokes your nipple briefly
ahh.. notti..
i suppose we had better go back tot he party soon before we are missed…
* daphne`rp wear back my clothings.. and go out to the party..
* blueneon follows you

the end.

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  1. Kenneth

    wow that what I call a role play with a happy ending

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