Becky Thatcher gets a Swithin

Becky Thatcher gets a Switching

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Hi, Todd here, this is one of the fantasy games that my friends and I have played on a few different occasions. When I’m the top Pamela or Janet play the role of Becky Thatcher from Tom Sawyer fame. While I play the role of her father The Honorable Judge Thatcher. If either of them are playing top they become Aunt Polly to my Tom Sawyer. The setting is the morning after Tom and Becky’s big adventure in the caverns and the final outcome of murdering Indian Joe. Janet couldn’t be with us this particular Friday evening so Pamela and I are playing this two-person fantasy.

“Good Morning Daddy!” Pamela says cheerfully joining me at the kitchen table.

“Someone’s in a very good mood this morning. Why so cheerful Becky?’ I ask my daughter.

“I’m a hero aren’t I Daddy?” Pamela replies. “Tom and I caught that Indian Joe last night.”

“You think so Becky?” I ask her. Becky is about to get a rude awakening.

“Well that’s what everybody was saying last night.” Pamela continues cheerfully.

“Becky, when I get home from work this evening I want to find you sitting on your stool facing the corner.” I tell her. “You are far from a hero young lady.”

“But Daddy, Why? What did I do wrong?” Pamela cries out.

“Yesterday when we were leaving to go on the Picnic what did I tell you about those caverns?” I ask her angrily.

“Huh? I don’t remember.” Pamela says meekly.

“What did I tell after we had our dinner and you asked to go walking with Tom Sawyer, Becky?” I ask.

“But Daddy, everything turned out all right. Aren’t I a hero? Tom and I caught —–.” Pamela stammers.

“Becky, I’ll tell you what you are.” I interrupt her I’m a hero speech. “You are a very disobedient young lady. On two different times you were told to stay out of those caves. But did you listen; No!”

“Ah! Come on Daddy.” Pamela again tries to plead her case.

“Shush up and you listen young lady, your in enough trouble without arguing and digging yourself a deeper hole.” I interrupt Pamela again. “Tonight when I get home your in for a spanking. Once with the paddle for the first time you were warned and then with a switch for the second time you were warned.”

“No Daddy, that’s not fair.” Pamela cries out.

“Oh yes it is fair. You will learn that when I tell you something that you better listen.” I sternly tell her. “And furthermore your friend Tom’s Aunt Polly told me last night that young Mister Sawyer is going to get the same treatment when he gets home from school today. It seems his Aunt gave him the same warnings about those caves.” Looking Pamela straight in the eyes I continue. “Now finish your breakfast and get off to school. Remember when you get out of school you come right home and go sit on your stool in the corner.”

“Ah Gee!” Pamela whines. “Please Daddy. Just let me do the corner time, I promise never do anything like that again.”

“No, Becky. You are going to get a spanking to remember tonight.” I tell her. “You could have been killed in those caves last night. I’m going to be home from work early tonight and you just better be ready. Do understand?”

“Yes Daddy.” Pamela said sniffling a little.

With that I get up from the kitchen table and heading out the front door I say. “Bye Becky, now you be in that corner when I get home.”

I walk out the front door of my home; stand on the front porch and count to one hundred mentally. During this short time I am mentally imaging a full day at the courthouse and Pamela is imaging a long hard day at school thinking all day long about he spanking to come this evening. Physically she leaves the kitchen table and walks into my family room and places the tall wooden, backless bar stool there into the corner of the room. Taking her seat she waits for daddy to get home from work.

Knowing that enough time for contemplation and getting in the corner has passed I open the front door of my house and walk into the family room. Pamela turns to look at me and I say. “Face that corner young lady. I’m going to seat here for a minute a relax from a long work day before I take care of your little bottom.”

Stomping her foot Pamela turns back and faces the corner.

Pamela is dressed in a summer dress, her costume for the role of Becky. She’s about 34 at the time we played the game this night. She stands about 5’4″, has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. She has freckles that start on cheeks and run down her shoulders to just at the start of her cleavage. Pamela is a full figured woman. Maybe 20 lbs overweight, but this just adds to her voluptuous figure. She has large breasts and a full nicely curved, very spank-able butt, sort of Mae West body style.

“Ok Miss Becky come over here and stand right here in front of me.” I order Pamela.

She stands slowly and comes over to stand in front of me. “Yes Daddy.” She says meekly.

I guess during the long wait of the day Becky has come to the conclusion that there is no way she is going to avoid the promised spanking and has decided to cooperate, maybe hoping this will ease some of the spanking. “Becky you are 11 years old and still I have punish you with spankings, shame on your disobedient behavior. Now you go outside and cut a switch.” I continue telling my daughter. “You will be getting 11 strokes with the switch, one for each year old you are. Remember if that switch breaks before your whipping is done you will have to go out and cut another one and we will be starting the count from the beginning again.”

“Ah! Gee! Daddy! Please!” Becky tries one last plea.

“Becky no arguing. Go out and get a switch.”

Earlier in the day in preparation for our game I had cut a pair of switches and set them in the corner of the patio around my pool. Both switches were about 30 inches long, the thickness of my thumb tapering to the thickness of my little finger. There was one important difference between the two switches. One of them I had scored with a knife in such a way that it would break after a few good strokes to a naughty bottom thus making sure that another switch would have to be fetched. Later in the story you will find out the significance of this little detail.

Watching Pamela out the back window I saw her carefully examine the switches and making her choice. When she came back inside I saw that the switch she had chosen was the flawed one.

Pamela hands me the switch to examine. “Well I hope it is going to last through 11 strokes?” I tell my daughter. Handing her the switch I point toward the stool in the corner. “Go put this on the stool for when I need it later.”

“Yes Daddy.” Pamela said. Leaning the switch against the stool she returned to stand in front of me.

“OK young lady, lift your arms up over head.” I order Pamela.

“Why Daddy?” Pamela asks warily.

“Well so I can lift off your dress. You know I am going to take off your clothing for you punishment.” I tell her.

“No Daddy! Please!! Not Naked I’ve gotten to old to be naked in front of you.” Pamela starts whining.

“Not that old if you had you would know you should obey your father.” I tell her angrily. “Now stop this nonsense and lift you arms.”

“OK Daddy.” Pamela lifts her arms but still tries to negotiate. “But Please! Let me at least keep my under clothing on?” Pamela begs. “The paddle and switch still will hurt a lot. Give me extra spanks”

“You’ve always been punished in the nude and I don’t care how old you get; if deserve a spanking from me it will always been given with no clothes on.” I tell her. “Now quit giving me hard time or I will give you another spanking before bed tonight. Lift up your arms.”

I grab the hem of her dress as she raises her arms
and lift it up and over her head. Tossing it aside I take a minute to look at Pamela in her bra and panties. They are both made of simple white cotton. Her nipples are hard
against the fabric of the bra and I can see the outline of her pubic bush under the thin cotton panties. Just wearing this simple lingerie and Pamela fills it with a rare beauty. If you can imagine how she would look in something sexy like a teddy.

I turn Pamela side ways and as I reach to unhook her bra she takes a step away from me. Grabbing her arm I pull her back and give her shapely bottom three quick ‘Spanks!’ “Don’t you move away from me again young lady. Keep that up and I will double the amount of ‘Swats!’ with the switch.”

“Ouch Daddy! That Hurts!” Pamela cries out. As a result of the ‘Spanks!’ she does stop fiddling as reach to unhook her bra.

“I’m going to give much more than those three little ‘Spanks!’ before your punishment is done today.” I inform her. Turning her to face me I tug down her unhooked bra and off it comes.

As the cool air brushes her bared nipples Pamela reacts with a small shudder. “Oh Daddy!” Pamela says her breast heaving up and down with her breathing. Her nipples are Pink and tip her ample breasts. They are small and hard from the cool air and the sexual tension.

I grab the elastic waistband and pull down her panties anxious to see her completely nude. God this exciting woman looks so wonderful, standing before me naked, waiting for my next command. Pamela is full figured a Mae West type body. Her pubic bush is rust colored almost red and the lips of her vulva are swollen and moist. “Becky go fetch the paddle.” I order her.

“Yes Sir.” Pamela says softly and heads for the entertainment center. I keep both the ping-pong paddle and the belt I use in our games on the bottom shelf way in the back. This forces the girl that is getting to bend over deep at the waist with a slight squat as she reaches back to get the paddle. I am provided with a full view of Pamela’s ass and the lips of her pussy. On her butt I can see areas turning pink from the ‘Smacks!’ of my hand just a moment earlier. The girls all released long ago the strategic placement of the spanking implements and even though they find the exposure a little embarrassing always shake their fannies a little to provide me with a little show. “No dawdling Becky! Hurry up and bring that paddle here now!” I order.

“Oh yes Daddy!” Pamela replies and quickly stands and walks timidly back to me. She hands me the paddle her eyes cast towards the ground.

Taking the paddle out of her hand, I grab her arm and guide her to my right side. Pulling and bending her at the waist I guide her over my lap. When she I have her across my knees I tell her. “Move forward, palms on the floor, lift up your bottom. Come on now Becky, you know the position you are supposed to get in for a spanking.” I pull and push her body around till I get her perfectly placed and her butt is exactly where I want it for a paddling.

“I’m trying Daddy.” Pamela whines. “Please Daddy don’t ‘Spank!’ me to hard?” She begs.

“Becky your in for spanking that you are going to remember for a long time.” Then I ask Pamela. “Becky why are you getting this Spanking?” I always ask why, if the person you are punishing can’t tell you why then you better make them understand before you begin the punishment or all is for naught.

“Because I went into the caverns yesterday even though you told me I wasn’t allowed to.” Pamela whispers.

“Twice you were told and you didn’t listen.” And with that remark I bring the paddle crashing down on Pamela’s right cheek. ‘Smack!’

“Oww, Daddy. Not so hard.” Pamela starts the whine. ‘Spank!’ the center of her left cheek receives the attention of the ping-pong paddle. “Ouch! Please Daddy, I’m sorry.”

And on it goes, I ‘Spank!’ starting in middle of each check moving south a couple of inches, switching from side to side until the 9th ‘Whack!’ is the center of Pamela right thigh and the 10th ‘Smack!’ comes down on Pamela’s left thigh. During the entire spanking Pamela continues to whine and cry out for it to end. But no back to the center of her butt I go and ‘Spank!’ I begin another trip down her backside to her thighs. I spank in a pattern with the paddle to make sure that the punished person’s backside is entirely covered. It takes 10 ‘Smacks!’ to cover it.

“Oh Daddy it’s enough! Please I won’t ever disobey you again.” Pamela can whine with the best of them. During a spanking she can come up with more reason to soften the hits or lessen the punishment than politician can come up with promises in their campaign. Janet and I have long ago crowned her the ‘Queen of Whine.’

I pause for a minute after the second trip down her backside giving Pamela a hope that at least the paddling part of her spanking is complete. But just as her hope reaches a peak ‘Smack!’ the paddle lands on her right butt cheek and I start another journey down to he thighs.

‘Spank!’ “Please stop Daddy?” ‘Whack!’ “Ouch!!” ‘Smack’ ‘I promise never to disobey you again.” ‘Spank!’ Pamela whines.

Finally the thirtieth ‘Swat!’ lands on the center of Pamela’s ass and I ask. “Becky do you understand now how upset I really am with you?”

“Yes Daddy, I did wrong. I won’t disobey you again.” Pamela says in between sobs.

“Be that as it may you still are going to get the switching I promised you.” I tell her. “For now you go over and sit on the stool facing the corner. You hold the switch and think about what you did.”

I like to give the girls a little break between spankings with the different implements. Usually Janet is also here when we play and the break occurs while one is getting her spanking the other watches. Corner time can achieve the same goal. Psychologically the game has greater impact when this pause occurs. I can guarantee this from the times I have been on the receiving end and was stood in the corner waiting for a punishment to continue. Remember for us the fantasy game and role-playing is as important as the actual punishment.

After letting Pamela stew for about five minutes I order her. “Becky get up and move the stool to the center of the room.”

Pamela got off the stool and moved it out of the corner to the center of the room. Her eyes downcast knowing the switching is soon to begin. This stool is one of those tall ones for use in a breakfast nook. It has no back and cross bars about half down from the seat to the floor. Raising from the sofa I walk to where Pamela is standing and reaching out Pamela hands me the switch.

Tapping the switch on top of the stool I say. “Over you go Becky. You know what you are supposed to do.”

“Yes Daddy.” Pamela says and turns away and places her stomach on the seat of the stool and reaching down the other side grabs the cross bar about half way down the stools legs.

Tapping Pamela’s legs I say. “Spread your legs and place your feet on the outside of the stool legs Becky.”

Again complying Pamela puts her feet on the outside of the stool legs. This cause her butt stick out a little further and she has to rise up on the balls of her feet to make the stretch to the other side. In this position she presents one lovely target for the switch. Her bottom is red now from the paddling the color running from just below where the crack of her ass starts down to the about three inches above the bend of her knees. I can’t help but to reach out and gently rub her beautiful warm butt cheeks. As a caress them Pamela sighs. “Thank you Daddy. Your rubbing feels good.”

After a couple of minutes I step back. “Becky you are to count the strokes of the switch.” I inform her tapping slightly at her fanny.

“Yes Daddy.” Pamela replies as she tenses for the first swing.

‘Swoosh!’ ‘Smack!’ The switch cracks across the center of both cheeks of her bottom. Leaving a deep red strip.

“Oh! God!” Pamela cries out.

“The count Becky.” I order.

“One, Thank You sir!” Pamela sobs.

‘Swish!’ ‘Zing!’ the switch leaves a second stripe.
r />“Two, Thank You Sir! AHH! Please Daddy not so hard.” Pamela begs.

‘Slash!’ ‘Swat!’ and a third line of fire appears.

e, Thank You Sir!” Pamela looses her grip on the bars as knees bend.

“Position Becky I order.” Looking at the switch I can tell that this is the last good stroke we are going to get before it breaks.

Pamela moves back into the proper position slowly and when I am satisfied with her placement ‘Swoosh!’ ‘Sting!’ ‘Crack!’ The fourth stroke hits Pamela right where cheeks end and thighs begin. The switch breaks and Pamela cries out. “Four! Thank You Sir!”

“Becky, stand up.” I order her. “Look the switch has broken you will have to go fetch another one.”

“Daddy, please can’t four be enough.” Pamela begs.

“Becky I told you before we started if the switch didn’t last for 11 strokes you would have to fetch another switch and we will have to start over again from the beginning.” Pointing toward the back door. “Now go fetch another switch.”

Pamela reaches down to the floor for her discarded dress and starts to lift it to put it over her head. I grab the dress pulling it out of her grasp. “Daddy, What are you doing?” She asks.

“You go out and get it in the nude.” I order her.

“But Daddy. No! Please! Someone will see!” Pamela cries out.

“So!” I say. “All they are going to see is a bad little girl that is fetching a switch for a spanking. If you had chosen a better switch the first time you could have saved yourself the embarrassment”

I live sort of out in the country and have a fenced in backyard with a privacy fence, but even so the way the house sits they is a pretty decent possibility of a neighbor seeing Pamela as she scurries out to get the switch. Pamela seeing in my eyes no reprieve from the order heads out the back door and tries to quickly sneak to fetch the other switch.

It takes her just a few seconds to run to the far corner of the patio, grab the remaining switch and head for the door. She quickly slips in the back door and breathing heavily hands the switch to me heads for the stool. I didn’t notice any undo activity from any of the neighbors homes but I do know that in the Tom the older fellow next door has seen the girls doing something similar in the past.

Pamela quickly settles back into position and ‘Swish!’ ‘Sting!’ the switch again snaps across Pamela’s bottom and she sobs. “One, Thank You Sir!’ starting at the beginning. The switching continues. The counting continues and on the third stroke, the whining starts up again begging for her punishment to stop.

Finally ‘Swoosh!’ ‘Smack!’ “Eleven! Thank You Sir! Thank God it’s over.” Pamela cries out as a fifteenth red strip appears on her blotched swollen backside.

“Yes Becky I hope you have learned a much needed lesson form all this.” I tell her. I move the stool back into the corner and break both switches into three or four pieces lay them on the seat of the stool. “Ok Becky, up on the seat and face the corner till I tell you can get up.”

Pamela approaches the stool slide around so she is facing the corner and gently lowers hear swollen cheeks on to the broken switches and the hard wooden stool seat. “Ouch! Oww!’ Pamela said she as moved around trying to find a reasonably comfortable seat. Finally settling down she stares into the corner finishing her punishment.

Looking at Pamela sitting there I remove my clothing. Once nude I step slowly behind and lifting her gently she stands and faces me. “Oh God! What an intense experience.”

“You were wonderful Pam.” I tell her and lean in for a kiss. As we kiss our mouths open and our tongues seek the inside of each other’s mouths I gently start rubbing Pamela’s hot bottom. “Are you OK?” I ask her.

“I don’t think I could of taken one more stroke with the switch, you brought me right to the edge.” She looks at me. “But Yeah! Every thing is wonderful.” Grabbing a hold of my hand Pamela leads me to the bedroom. “Todd please, go down on me?” She says as she lies down.

Reaching down and spreading her legs I slowly licking and kissing the inside of her ankles working upward till finally using my fingers to spread her wide I start sucking and tonguing her clitoris. “Oh god that is so good!” cries and after about five minutes of my attention she shutters and has an intense orgasm.

Settling next to her and cuddling her I let her relax from the climax. Later she works her way down my body, licks my balls then taking my dick in her mouth sucks me off to an intense climax of my own.

For the next couple of hours we cuddle and make love until finally we shower together and Pamela dresses. We walk to the door and I kiss her good night.

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