Cyber sex story

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Miroku: -He pushed her on the bed and took off her shirt and bra, he licked her nipples and winked-
Karado: -she took his clothes off, and moaned- “Fuck me”
Miroku: -he pulled her panties down with his teeth and moved his cock towards her pussy-
Karado: “Oooh yes fuck me with that big cock of yours”
Miroku: -He pushed his cock into her pussy, he started off slowly, and began to go harder and faster-
Karado: Fuck me harder ooh yes -moans-
Miroku: -he moves in and out of her faster and faster, his hips buck and he lets loose a wave of cum inside of her-
Karado: -Moan, moan moan! pushes him off and pins him to the ground, moving her head down and licking his thickness- Rawr…
Miroku: -his cock immediately gets hard again while she is licking it, he lets out a moan and pushes her head onto it, he face fucks her hard and fast-
Karado Majikku: -Doesnt mind, sucks on it while he does this, her tounge playing with his cock. Picking her head back up and looking at him, sitting on him and letting his hard juicy cock slide back into her and begins to ride him-
Miroku: -he grabs her ass and pushes her up and down on his cock-
Karado: -Moans but doesnt let his hands take control, fucks him harder and faster. Moaning and cumming-
Miroku: -he pushed her off of his cock and moved his head down to her pussy, tasting her juices- “mmmm you taste good” ;)
Karado: -Moans and smirks- Damn straight.
Miroku: -he lapped up her juices and pulled out a jar of vaseline, he rubbed his cock with it and plunged it into her ass, he ass fucked her slow at first, picking up speed as he went-
Karado: Mmmm! -Moans and picks herself up on her hands and knees- faster! Hader!
Miroku: -he assfucks her harder and faster, he lets loose a second wave of cum inside her ass-
Karado: -Feels a warm sensation and breaths heavily. pulling away and pinning him down again, laying on him upside down. time to 69-
Miroku: -he teased her pussy by running his tongue along the outside of her pussy lips, before pushing his tongue in and finding the clit, he played with it, with his tongue trying to make her cum again-
Karado: Mmm! -Sucks on his dick, swirling her tounge around before cumming in his face. Rawr..enjoy-
Miroku: -he licked her pussy juices up, having a field day with it, he loved the taste-
Karado: Mmm! -Pants a bit as her thighs tense up, wanting his cock inside of her once again-
Miroku: -his hips buck back and he lets loose a 3rd wave of cum inside her mouth this time-
Karado: -Takes his cock out of her mouth and licks her lips and looks back to him. Turning around and sitting infront of his cock. uses her hands to give him a hand job causing him to stand straight up again-
Miroku: -he lays on his back waiting for her to do what she wants with him-
Karado: -Once he’s up again she sits on top of him, his cock sliding into her ass again, playful growl-
Miroku: -he turned her around and pushed her up against the wall, standing on the bed, her legs in the air, he fucked her hard and fast-
Karado: -Wraps her legs around him and moans, grinding her hips against him and letting out a load of cum-
Miroku: -he put a finger inside her pussy and took it back out, he raised it to his mouth and licked the cum off of his finger-
Miroku: “mmm i love your tasty cum”
Miroku: ;)
Karado: -Shudders and smirks- You’re tasty yourself ~_^
Miroku: -he kissed her passionately his tongue exploring her mouth- “just thought you might wanna taste yourself” ;)
Karado: Mmm -opens her mouth and retuns the explore. now tired and wanting to do this again real soon-
Miroku: -He went into the bathroom and started the shower- “Wanna come in?”

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