At the Doctor's

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It is just an average Thursday at Hendricks’ Health Clinic. It is a small facility ran by Doctor Kelly Hendricks who only has a few employees, a billing agent, a receptionist, and a nurse. Dr. Hendricks is filling out paperwork from the day before wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans, when her nurse, April walks in her adorable classic nurse’s outfit her long amber hair flowing down her body.
“Excuse me Kelly” she says stepping into the office.
“Yes April what is it?” Kelly asks looking up and wanting to jump April because April’s giant lovely 45 EE breasts where just screaming to be let out of that outfit.
The nurse smiles knowing her boss is just barely resisting wanting to touch her breasts, “We have a dire appointment, it is a male patient.”
“Okay just have him fill out the paperwork as best as possible and put him in Exam room 3″ Kelly says smiling standing up setting her paperwork aside.
The busty nurse leaves to deal with the patient, Kelly goes over and puts on her white doctor’s coat fixing her long blonde hair into a high ponytail. After a few minutes she goes to the exam room where April was just finishing up with the basic information with the male patient who looked to be about 18.
“He is already maim” April says with a smile.
Kelly looks over at the guy and notices a large bulge in his pants she thinks to herself “He like what he sees out of Nurse April.”
She looks at the paperwork filled out “Alright Mr. Wexlane I’m Dr. Hendricks what seems to be the problem if it was a dire appointment?”
“Please call me Kevin and well um this very embarrassing to say um….” He says scratching his head.
“Go on Kevin tell me, I’ve heard it all.” Kelly says looking over at the corner of her eye to look at April since she could not get enough of looking at her tits.
He takes a hard swallow and nods “Well I am having um how to put this…” he pauses and Nurse April and Dr. Hendricks look at him “Erectile problem.”
Both ladies raise an eyebrow and look at each other then at him. Kelly looks at the paperwork and then at him again.
“You’re a bit young to be having problems getting it up aren’t you?” she asks wondering why this would be.
“Oh no it’s not getting it up is the problem” he says with a bit of a laugh “It’s the getting it to go down is what my problem is.”
“Oh really how is that Kevin?” April asks writing this all down, “Did you take some of dad’s medicine that you were not suppose to take?”
“No it’s not that I swear you can test my blood for that, I don’t know how it is staying up. My girlfriend and I were having sex and after we were done, it is still up.”
“Interesting” Kelly says nodding her head leaning over making sure April was writing it down and also to take a peek at her massive breasts.
“I’ve tried to put ice on it; I’ve even masturbated so many times. I even had sex with my girlfriend a few times; in fact she is waiting in the lobby for me to get out.” Kevin says looking really concerned about this.
“Well Kevin let us have a look at it” Kelly says waiting for him to pull down his pants. “Come on off with the pants and underwear”
Kevin looks at both ladies and shrugs thinking they are just going to help him fix it and not make fun of him, so he stands up and the 6’4 185lb guy takes off his pants and boxers and out pops a massive rock hard 14 inch long 6 inch thick cock. April covers her mouth with the clipboard in some excitement.
“Okay it has stayed this way for how long Kevin?” Kelly asks.
“Well it has been this way since Monday. It just will not go down” he says a bit embarrassed still.
April pulls Kelly over to her a bit away from him “Um Kelly he is 18 and has a very large penis, is that normal?”
“Depends on his blood line I guess” Kelly shrugs as she now can’t keep her eyes off of her nurse’s massive confined tits.
April seeing this smirks and unbuttons her outfit a bit and her breasts are just a few buttons away from exploding out of there. Kelly’s mouth is practically drooling unaware that they had moved over close enough to where Kevin can see them.
“You want these don’t you doctor?” April asks and all Kelly does is nod.
April smirks and unbuttons the last buttons and out flies her massive tits. Kelly without missing a beat dives face first into her nurse’s lovely tits sucking on them and squeezing them. All the while Kevin is sitting there speechless as his cock starts throbbing wanting in on it.
“Oh yes, doctor suck my tits love on them good.” She moans taking off Kelly’s white coat.
Kelly is just going nuts on her tits pulling away briefly to pull her t-shirt and pants off now just in a bright pink bra and thong. A smile comes across Kevin’s face loving this show but is still wondering how this is going to help his problem. April now takes off the entire nurse’s outfit now fully naked.
“Well Kevin I guess you get a nice show, unless you care to join us” April says with a wink at Kevin.
Kevin wastes no time, he takes off his shirt and comes over and joins Kelly in the attack on April’s massive fun bags. April then pushes both of them away getting up on the exam table and spreading her legs rubbing her pussy a bit. That is when Kelly leans over the table and starts to eat out her nurse’s pussy.
“Ohhh yeees doctor lick my cunt love on it” April growls.
Kevin goes over pulls down Kelly’s thong just as April removes Kelly’s bra that’s when Kevin plows his massive cock deep into the good doctor’s pussy hard. Kelly’s moans can be heard muffled against April’s pussy.
“Oh god Kevin fuck her pussy hard” April moans.
“Oh her pussy feels so good, almost better than my girlfriend’s pussy” he moans digging his nails into Kelly’s skin.
A few minutes later April lets out a squeal as she cums on Kelly’s face her legs shaking from the orgasm. Just after that Kevin quickly pulls out of Kelly’s pussy and shoots a massive load of cum all over April’s body.
“Fuck that was good” Kelly says licking April’s juices off her mouth.
“I am still hard as a rock here” Kevin says as his cock is still rock hard as it was before but coated in Kelly’s cum and pussy juice.
“Oh god looks like Nurse we need to do more work to it” Kelly winks.
April smiles and gets off the exam table and pats it. Kevin climbs up on the table again. Kelly and April lay him down and they start to lick, suck and rub Kevin’s massive cock.
“Oh, oh, yes, yes, suck my cock, lick it” he moans softly.
A few minutes later he shoots another massive load of cum like a fountain and the ladies catch it all on their mouths, hair, face and bodies. The two girls start licking the cum off each other’s faces and look down and the cock is still hard as stone.
“That’s it I am riding this cock hard” April says hovering over the giant cock before sliding down on it, “Ohhhhh yes, yes oh its stretching me out” she moans.
Kevin grabs her hips and makes her ride harder and faster, “Oh ohh god, oh god” he starts to moan loud.
“Shut up we don’t want to get in trouble” Kelly says lowering her pussy to his mouth and he starts munching on it right away. “Oh fuck he eats like a pro”
Both girls lean over and start making out as they fuck the patient. Finally 15 minutes later all three moan loudly as they all cum. April doesn’t even care that he cums inside her. The girls get off of him and look at his cock and what do you know, the giant cock shrinks almost right away down to a small 4 inch long 3 inch wide limp cock. All three smile in excitement as Kevin cleans up to make sure it does not give it away of what happened.
“Alright Kevin here is a prescription for you to use for the next two weeks to help with the pain” Kelly says giving him a prescription for some super strength Advil. He takes it gets dressed and leaves and his girlfriend does not suspect a damn thing as they leave. The two girls stay in the exam room make out for a few, get dressed and cleaned up and resume normal business.
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