Weird fetishes

Posted in: Doctors and Nurses says:
u were peeing
Jessie bby says:
mmm…and i just finisehd
(; says:
can i ask u an honest questoin..?
-turns the water on-
Jessie bby says:
yes honey? says:
do u get mad at me when i have to do something..?
Jessie bby says:
no (;
*Holds yur dick with mai hands, still covered in mai piss* says:
but then…y did u go “-.-…” when i had to go walk my dog..?
Jessie bby says:
dont ask questions hun (; *Pushes yu into the water, and rubs mai butt up against yur legs* says:
nnn..grinding missy…?
-gets harder-
Jessie bby says:
*Grinds faster, smiling at yu* says:
never..seen u grind before…
Jessie bby says:
how’s that ass yu’ve been fondling with feel lyke on yu…? says:
it..feels soft..and round…
Jessie bby says:
mmmm (;…yur words are making me…*Feels maiself dripping onto yur legs from mai pussy* wet….
maybe yu should clean the rest of mai ass though, that was a big shit i took…(; says:
-gets as hard and big as i can get-
Jessie bby says:
I don’t wanna get yur dick dirty though… says:
wut should i use…?

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