Fact of Male Escorts

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Fact of Male Escorts

It was my first time as an gigolo. I was nervous out of my mind. Not about the sex but about all of the horror stories I have heard about gigolo getting hurt & abusued. The drugs that seem to slip into your life and before you know it BAM your hit and you’re a junky licking for ten dollars. Is there a good side to fucking for money? Yes it has its moments other than the money. Once in a while I meet someone who really knows how to fuck and every once in a while I cum so hard I get light headed to the point that I am going to pass out. But those moments are a dime a dozen… don’t you think?
My identity will remain unknown but I have worked in the sex industry. My stories are all collated with fact and some fantasy for edge. Life experience is the best in my world. I am six one a natural mascular very fit and defined body with nice tool and an ass. All strippers wish they had. Attractive so I’ve been convinced anyway.
“Are you ready dude.” Karen said slightly. “Yeah I am ready what does the client want?” I replied hesitantly. “Well she’s a regular who likes to role play and if you play your cards right you will be spending many vacations and making a lot of money.” Said Karen excitingly. Karen went on” This time around she wants a gym instructor and she wants you to meet her at her private gymnasium, this lady has very specific taste and only wants the most beautiful man, she’ll blow through a lot of pictures. So you should take this as a big compliment that she chose you and you can’t be any luckier getting her for your first client. Meet him at 5am tomorrow”. “Ok Karen I’ll call you when I arrive”.
Well I can pull this off good I am already a handsome personality I thought to myself now all I need is the gear. So I went & bought a new pair of track pants & smart sleeve less t-shirt. Because we were role playing of me being a gym instructor. Most of the time I skipped school and fucked anyway so I figure get paid as well. I needed a new car anyway.
It’s 4:30am and I am getting into sexy mode after I got dressed. I jumped in my car to my appointment with mystery lady number one. As I was waiting in my car until 5am. All ready as Karen implied the stakes where high and there was a lot of money in this one. So I leaned my seat back a little and spread my legs as far as I could in my car. Suddenly Karen called me & asked me to go to her private gym. I made myself move towards her gym. I quickly composed myself and watched my client walk past me and sit down at the table. She was a hot sexy lady and surprisingly not bad looking. I slowly moved towards her. I walked to the back of the table and sat next to her and wrapped my hands around his arms and chest. She turned around & started kissing my cheeks and slowly began to move her hands on to my muscular body. A smile of appreciation swept over her face as she grabbed my hand and motioned me in front of her. I started messaging her thighs as I was kissing her legs as she pulled down her tight body fit top to expose her hot 36c tits. I pulled out my t-shirt and went down to suck her nipples I slowly lick up her tits and started flicking at her nipples as I went down moving my tongue onto her flat stomach. I licked and sucked all over her tits & stomach like I was enjoying a meal that I haven’t had all day. “Mmm this tits is so good” while starring up at her. She grabbed my hair and slightly pushed me to take her nipples very hard. She whispered “ bite them” . I started getting really into this. I could feel my cock throbbing in anticipation of her motion. She pulled me up and began giving me hot luscious smooches. As I pulled down her body fit gym pants. She was wearing lace black panty I could see wet spot onto her panty. She was kissing me passionately as my figures were moving onto her panty lines. Suddenly she stopped kissing me & pushed me slowly. She moved her hand onto my bulge & pressed my bulge. “ mmmm you are hot “ she whispered. I winked. She inserted her hands into my track pants & pulled out my throbbing cock & kissed the tip & licked the pre-cum. Than she pulled down my track pants & cupped my balls. I was standing in front of her as she sat on her knees & started playing with my balls. She was moving her tongue all over my shaft as she had cupped my balls very firmly. Than she started sucking me harder & deeper as I was moving my hands onto her tits. I trusted my cock forward & deeper into her mouth. Her hands touched me all over and so well she had a great touch. I liked the way she sucked on my shaft and used her tongue. She flipped me over and fingered my ass as she was finguring her pussy. The way she used her tongue was so good it was not sloppy at all or too fast. I was on the brink of Cuming when she pulled out. Than She sat at the edge of the table spreading her legs wide apart inviting me to taste her. I turned around and got on my knees in front of the table and started kissing her pussy lips flicking her pussy lips teasing her pussy than I inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy sucking her very hard fleeing her ass shivering & moaning in pleasure. All the way down my throat as she was Cuming. I held it there until every last drop was shot and I swallowed it slowly. Than I rested the head of my cock on to her wet pussy lips, circling her pussy lips with my cock head teasing her, She was moaning louder as she pleaded me to fuck her harder & deeper with a sudden jerk I pushed my cock deep inside her pussy making her scream & started fucking her deeper & harder, her hands were moving onto my back as she was screaming “ fuck me ohh fuck me “ I was entering her very deep. Her hands grabbed my ass as I was fucking her. I bended down and started sucking her nipples as I was fucking her harder & deeper. Suddenly she started telling cumm with me ohhh yess cum with meee ohh yess by this time I was about to explode. I increased my speeddd & started fucking her harder & deeper aaaaahhh the moaning were on its height yesss I squirted my cumm deep inside her pussyyy . She was breathing heavily. I dropped my self onto her my cock still inside her pussy. After a while she pulled out my cock & started cleaning my cock with her tongue. I too cleaned her pussy with my tongue. After some time we both got dressed. As she was getting herself together. She looked at me with satisfaction and handed me my money as she was walking away she said we would meet again.
For coments feel free to mail me at heaven_keeper2000@yahoo.com

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