Jail Mates: Mickey and Rita pt. 4

Once a month Mickey would go off somewhere with Polly during bed lock-down and then be dragged back into the cell by Polly and some others at some point early in the morning. Mickey was always passed out cold with bags under her eyes so dark they looked like black holes that would swallow you whole if you got to close. I would help them pull her limp body into the bunk with me. After the guards had left and I was sure that she was comfortable I would end up curling around her and falling asleep before having to get up two hours later because of wake-up time. I hated that because I had to wake up Mickey or else leave it to Polly or one of the other guards to wake her.

When she woke up from these ‘odd’ nights she was like the dead. She would have this dead, glazed-over look to her eyes, her skin would have a grey tint to it, she would never say a word just grunt, moan, or groan to anything you asked her, and she shuffled in this awkward, slouching style around the prison. She didn’t eat anything either on those days. It always worried me but then I would forget about it after a while. I wouldn’t worry about it till the next month when it happened again. I would sometimes ask what happened or where she went but she would never tell me. She would just shake her head and shuffle off.

One thing that I noticed was that it was always on the full moon. So falling back on human folklore I just figured that it was the time of the month for her to shift to her wolf form or something like that. It was on a full moon that everything went kinda wrong. I was stretched out on the bottom bunk when Mickey came into the cell. She had this look about her like she had drank way to much coffee at one time and the caffeine had finally decided to kick in. Her clothes were torn and ripped, her shirt hanging halfway from her body. I sat up on the edge of the bed, wondering to myself why she had come in so damn late and why was she looking she had just escaped a jumping. It was already pitch black outside with a full, pearl-white moon watching over everything by the time she had come in.

Glancing at me quickly she crawled up to the top bunk, where I lost sight of her. Before I could do anything else Polly and a bunch of other guards crowded into the cell door. Polly’s eyes were as big and round as the moon over head. She opened her mouth like she was gonna say something when there was this loud snarling and snapping sounds coming from the top bunk. Jumping up from the bunk I backed up toward the back wall, away from the door filled with guards, and looked up at the top bunk where little screams and moans of pain where coming. Mickey was no where to be seen on the top bunk but there was a writhing mass of shredded bed covers, flashing blonde-what looked like fur, and jagged whiteness.

I felt my eyes get as wide as Polly’s. I started worrying where Mickey was and what in fucking hell was that…that thing on the bed. While everyone watched the thing violently shook off the shredded covers, sat back on its hunches and gave this blood curdling howl. It was a really huge dog…or a big-ass wolf. The howl made me make this involuntary squeaky sound in the back of my throat. The wolf thingy snapped its head in my direction and growled at me. I didn’t think that my eyes could get any wider but they did when I saw those two different colored eyes, one blue and one green. It was Mickey!!!

Another squeaky sound came out of the back of my throat and the wolf moved to the edge of the bunk and jumped to the stone cell floor. Mickey had told me a were in total un-control was a horrible site to be hold but she had told me that she was old and strong enough to control her inner beast. What stared at me from the top bunk was not what I would call controlled beast. It was facing in my direction, completely ignoring Polly and the other guards. My eyes flicked up toward Polly and her crew when I saw some movement. One of the guards had run off to do something. Mickey’s wolf ears swiveled toward the sounds the running guard was making but she didn’t turn her snarling head toward them. I had never seen teeth so damn long and sharp before. I was scared shitless and beyond. Looking at the wolf but talking to me Polly said in a calm, low voice, “Now, Rita hon, I need you to stay utterly still and try not to fling out to much fear. Right now Mickey isn’t in her right mind and she will smell any trace of fear and considered it a great reason to attack you to get easy food.”

I didn’t even move to acknowledge her. Mickey’s elongated wolf tongue curled out and licked her nice large, sharp-as-hell fangs. I squeaked again as I was suddenly reminded of the bedtime story “Little Red Riding Hood”. Another squeak escaped my lips. I was seriously starting to hate that squeaking noise. Keeping my eyes on Mickey but talking to Polly, like she had done, I asked, “Where is Jessie,” the guard who had run off, “running to?”

“She went to go get the plasma shotgun,” she stated in flat dead voice.

I made this noise like a strangled duck in the back of my throat and moved my eyes to glare at her, “You’re gonna kill her?!” Polly nodded her head and the look in her eye said that she was seriously hating herself for having to do such a thing. I stuttered out a barely recognizable, “Why?”

“Because, it’s too dangerous to keep her alive, Rita hon. The serum that we had for the change is all out. By the time that we get anymore she will probably have killed all of us,” the more Polly talked about what she had to do the more hurt and frustrated she got. I had to figure out something quick before Jessie got back with the plasma shotgun otherwise Mickey was gonna be full of plasma buckshot. Mind still racing I slid down the wall into a crouched position as I watched Mickey watch me move. The sudden idea that hit me was so simple I was kinda frustrated that I hadn’t thought of it right away. Right now Mickey was just a big dog…well, sort of…and you calm down a dog with nice small, southing words….right???

Slowly reaching out my hand I started to just babble about random things, “It’s a very nice night outside tonight isn’t it. I bet you would like to go out in that cool night and run all over the place wouldn’t you? I bet you just would. If you come back to your senses Mickey we’ll take you outside so you can run…” Mickey’s ears had rotated back toward me. She had all her thoughts on me. Taking a breath so I could keep rambling I moved my hand out another inch or two. Mickey snorted and started snarling even worse than before. I did that damned squeaking noise again. Jessie suddenly showed up with the glowing purple plasma shotgun and I started to feel panicky.

Talking even lower and much faster I tried my damnedest to get Mickey to understand. When she snarled at my hand as it moved closer again I pulled it back slowly and got onto all fours. As I started moving forward on all fours Polly started to make weird noises in her throat. I glanced up at her and saw her ask what in fucking hell was I doing with her eyes. Ignoring the question I looked back at Mickey and crawled to her. She had stopped snarling and growling at me and was looking at me oddly. When I got to her I ducked my head down and started rubbing my face against the bottom of her chin. She growled deep in her throat and closed her eyes.

After a moment of this Mickey’s eyes opened wide and she looked down at me. Her eyes had some human in them again. Mickey’s blonde tail tucked tight between her bent legs as she backed up toward the bottom bunk making pitiful whimpering sounds. Jumping up onto the bunk she crawled under the covers and stayed there whimpering and shacking. Getting up I moved over to the bunk and lifted up some of the cover to peek at her. I damn near jerked myself off the bed when she said something in a deep, growling voice, “I’m sorry, Rita, I didn’t mean to almost attack you.”

Letting the bla
nket fall back down to the bunk gently I looked over a
t Polly and the guards, “I bet she’s hungry, can I get something to eat for her?”

Polly was looking at me with amazement then nodding slowly she talked over her shoulder to Jessie, “Go put the shotgun back and grab Mickey hon something to eat.” Jessie nodded dumbly and went to do as she was told. While she was gone I stroked Mickey through the covers. By the time she got back Mickey had stopped shacking and quivering. Jessie was able to find a raw steak. Where it came from I didn’t ask all I asked was for all the guards to clear out while I feed Mickey. Polly looked at me a little funny then did as I asked. Nudging Mickey over till she was pressed up against the wall I laid down and took off my shirt then placed the steak on my stomach. A twitching black nose poked out from under the covers and sniffed the air. Shacking the covers off of her head she looked at me and the steak on my stomach.

“What are you doing?” she asked me.

“Waiting for you to hurry up and feed,” I said flatly.

She wriggled a little more out from under the covers, “What if I try and attack you again?”

I smiled at her, “I’m not really worried about that.” She made a sound like a disbelieving grunt in the back of her throat but moved so that she was lying on top of my body. Even though she was eating a raw, bloody steak off of my belly I was oddly calm. When she was done with eating the steak she muzzled the steak bone off of my belly and started licking the blood off of my belly. I jerked my stomach at times when it tickled badly.

She stopped licking me and rolled her eyes up to see me, “You know what I would love to do to you right now?” I shook my head, fear making me think that she wanted to eat me. She licked my belly slowly, “I want to fuck you senseless and eat your pussy. I want to have you suck and blow my cock.” My eyes grew wide and I snickered at the mental image. Mickey stretched up on her front legs and I giggled again as I got a clear view of her cock sheath. The tip of her now bright red cock sat atop her sheath. Leaning forward she got up close in my face, “You think that’s funny?”

I nodded and pulled myself out form under her till I was leaning up against the cell wall,” Yes. I’m sorry to tell you this Mickey but I don’t do animals of any kind. I don’t care if they’re were or not.” Ignoring me she moved forward till she was between my raised knees with her cock centimeters away from my pussy. Looking down I saw that her cock was halfway out of the sheath. The red prick looked very bright against the blonde of her fur. “I take it your not going to listen to me, are you?” She shook her head which looked odd in her werewolf form. Reaching her paw forward she dug her claws into the waist band of my pants and ripped them down the middle taking the crotch of my panties along with. Moving forward an inch she pressed the hot, red, fully hard cock against my pussy making me shiver at the thought of what she was gonna do to me with it. Within seconds my pussy was sopping wet and I was breathing hard. Reaching upward with her paw she ripped out the front of my bra, leaving my breasts bare.

“You’ll learn to love animals when I’m done with you,” she growled at me and moved until her cock was sliding inside me. Gasping I slid my fingers through her perfectly soft fur until my hands rested on her waist, right above her hunches, as I felt that lovely feeling of her cock slid home. Ducking her head down, Mickey slid her tongue over one of my hard nipples. I sighed loudly and dug my fingers deep into her fur. Swirling her tongue around my nipple over and over again she started to pump her cock back and forth. She was gently and slow at first but as I started opening up she started getting faster and rougher. The faster and rougher she grew the better it felt. After a minute she was bounding me flat into the wall, suckling on my nipples, and I was screaming and whimpering at the top of my lungs.

Digging my nails down into Mickey’s skin and fur I screamed, “OOOHHH, FUCK YES. YES, YES, YES, YYYYEEEESSSS!!!” Mickey kept hitting that magic spot over and over again. Oh, how perfect it felt to have the almost searing hot, throbbing read cock helmet hit-and-slid on the most favorite of favorite spots. Her metal hard cock slammed repeatedly into me, making me squirm and whimper and beg and scream. Not being able to take anymore I leaned forward and bite down on her ear. Not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough to make her notice. Biting down on my nipple hard Mickey jerked back and yanked her dick out of my cunt. Panting hard I gave a weak laugh as she shook her head then scratched at her bitten ear. Moving forward I got up on badly wobbling hands and knees then crawled to Mickey. She sat down angrily on her hunches and started to growl at me when I leaned my head downward and slid her cock into my mouth. With her on her hunches my ass was stuck high in the air, right before her face. Her growl turned into a quiet yelp and thrust of her hips forward, forcing her cock further into my mouth. I moaned around her cock. My God that felt so good having her cock slid back and forth between my lips. If I died right now I would be a very happy woman. Moving my tongue around I slid it slowly around Mickey’s throbbing hot cock, enjoying the moaning and sighing she was doing above me. Finding the huge vein on the underside of her cock I stared flicking my tongue back and forth over it. Snarling Mickey started moving her hips rapidly back and forth. Her cock head rammed furiously into the back of my throat. Jerking my head upward I gasped loudly as Mickey’s cock slid out of my mouth.

Before she could do anything I reached forward and grabbed hold of that lovely hard on. Squeezing hard on her hard prick I made her throw her head back and give out a howl. “Yea, you like that don’t you?” I started rubbing her cock up and down. A funny growl came from her throat and she weaved back and forth. “Ooohhh, yea you love this don’t you? You love the way I play with your cock.” She gave a high pitched growl and I moved back down toward her cock. Sliding the lovely, thick piece of meat into my mouth I gently closed my teeth around her cock. I moaned around her cock when I felt precum spill onto my tongue. Grinning around her cock I started sliding my head up and down her thick cock. With each bob of my head Mickey would inch upward to stand up on all fours. Before I knew it Mickey was up on all fours like some great show dog and I was giving that ramrod cock of hers head. In her wolf form she was so huge she could stand and be much taller than me when I was on all fours. She was tall enough that I didn’t have to shift around to get a better position. Mickey’s hips started thrusting and she started to face fuck me. The cock helmet hit he back of my throat with each thrust and I moaned deep in my throat around each bump. Suddenly Mickey yanked her cock out of my mouth then shoved me onto my back.

Mickey’s eyes had that great sex glazed look to them when she growled at me, “On all fours, now!” Without question I moved onto all fours and pointed my waiting ass toward her. Looking down between my legs I saw Mickey move up behind me then mount my ass. I squeaked then moaned as I felt Mickey shoving her hard cock into my tight asshole. I heard an audible pop as her monster cock popped itself past my assring. When she hit the end of my hole she paused. Looking over my shoulder I could see that she was enjoying the feel of her cock buried balls deep in my asshole as much as I was. Leaning forward she pinned me down to the bed and started pulling her dick out of my ass. When her cock was almost completely out of my ass she paused again. She stayed that way for so long I started whimpering. Turing her head Mickey looked at me sideways like a fish, “I thought you said you don’t like animals?”

Whimpering I said in a shaky voice, “I changed my mind. I lied. Whatever, just please don’t stop. Plea
se keep playing with me….please!” I kept whim
pering. Mickey stayed completely still for a moment then she shoved her hot, hard, throbbing cock back deep into my asshole. Screaming at the top of my lungs I begged and pleaded with her to fuck me harder and faster. Her cock ramming fast and hard into my asshole felt so good. “Uuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Fuck me, fuck me good. OOOOOHHHHH, YYYYYYEEEESSSS!!!” Mickey was fucking me so hard and fast that her balls made my clit tingle every time they slammed into it. Pulling her cock completely from my asshole she aimed down and rammed her cock into my pussy and kept fucking as if she hadn’t changed positions. Within a few moments Mickey and I had a perfect rhythm going. Every time she pulled out I would pull forward and as she rocketed forward to slam that metal cock into that magic spot I would rock back to meet her. Snapping and snarling she started ramming into me harder as my body squeezed and tightened around her huge cock. A few seconds later she started losing rhythm, I knew she was about to come. Lowing herself on her hunches just slightly she started slamming her cock head into the walls of my cunt. Yelping at the sudden change my body tightened and my eyes rolled up into the back of my head. Without any kind of warning my body tightened so hard round Mickey she gave out the loudest howl yet and I came all over Mickey’s cock.

My legs and arms where so weak from our playing that when Mickey thrust once more I flopped flat onto my stomach. Closing my eyes I moaned, whimpered, and groaned as I flew through space on Cloud 90. I have never had an orgasm so perfect. My legs weren’t going to be working for a very long time. Feeling the bed move I opened my eyes when I felt Mickey near my face. The first view I got was of Mickey’s cock…still hot, hard, red, and throbbing. Lifting my head slowly I cut my eyes up at her, “You didn’t cum.”

“Hell, no. You made this cum mess you’re going to clean it up, with that lovely tongue of yours,” she growled in that deep, rumbling voice. Breathing hard I crawled forward and slid her cock into my mouth. Mickey sighed above me. Sucking on her cock I was able to get some precum to slide out of her slit. Moving my tongue back toward the back of my throat I pushed the tip of my tongue against her cock slit. She whimpered and I felt her cock jump. Reaching a hand forward I wrapped my hand around Mickey’s balls and started to fondle them. Whimpering Mickey started face fucking me gently. Removing her cock from my mouth I started slowly moving my tongue tip up and down the huge vein on the underside of her cock. Slowly up and down, down and up. Cutting my eyes upward I saw Mickey’s eyes roll up into the back of her head and she started shacking uncontrollable. Puckering my lips I blew cold air down the length of Mickey’s cock. She damn near leapt out of the bed. Giggling I slipped her fat cock head into my mouth and started sucking on it. The harder I sucked on it the more she jumped and jerked around on the bed and in my mouth. Taking her cock head out of my mouth I licked all around her cock, making sure I took my time licking her cock base, balls, and that huge, sensitive vein of hers. By now precum was dripping in a steady stream from her cock slit.

Raising up on all fours I slid her cock back into my mouth until she was all the way in my throat and my face was buried in the fur around her cock. Sucking hard I felt Mickey’s cock jerk and jump as she got closer to cumming. Bobbing my head up and down I loved the feel of her cock bumping the back of my throat. Mickey started growling a moment later and face fucking me. A moment after I felt the first hot, sticky stream of cum jet from her cock. Stream after stream after stream of cum flew from her cock down my throat. I drank all of it down. I writhed at the taste and feel of her sticky cum sliding down my throat. After a moment of cum jetting down my throat Mickey’s cock finally went limp in my throat and she started moaning and bobbing and weaving above me. Slowly letting Mickey’s limp cock slid from my mouth I sat up and looked Mickey in the two colored eyes. Her eyes were glazed completely over, there was no sign of intelligent life in her eyes, and the tip of her tongue was caught between her teeth. Groaning her eyes focuses somewhat as some intelligence came back and they shifted over to me. “Damn, you’re a perfect lover,” I said quietly. Yawning she stretched then laid down along the cell wall at the back of the bed. Smiling at her I crawled up next to her and pulled the covers over both of us. We both were asleep a second later.

I woke up some time later when I felt something jumping around behind me. Looking over my shoulder with blurry eyes I saw Mickey, still in wolf form, whimpering and jumping around. Suddenly all the muscles in her body stiffened. Opening her mouth wide I saw as the fangs in her mouth shrank and moved till they where human looking and her muzzle shifted until her old mouth was where the muzzle used to be. In a matter of minutes the gold wolf was gone and Mickey was were it used to be. Opening her eyes to slits she looked at me with blurry eyes. Smiling widely I slid under the covers next to her hot body…her hot, naked body, “How do you feel?”

“Fan-fucking-tastic! That was a perfect night.”

My eyes got wide, “You remember all that?” She nodded. I nodded and scooted closer to her…then jerked when something hard stabbed me in the lower belly. Looking under the covers I snapped my gaze back up to Mickey’s face. She had this evil grin on her face. “Oh, hold on now. I know that evil look. Now come on Mickey, you can’t expect me to believe you still want to play after all that.” The grin grew bigger. Snickering to herself she rolled me onto my back and slid on top of me. “We’re going to be dog tired when we wake up later.”

“You mean wolf tired, babe.”

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