Keri's Love (Chapter 1)

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The room in the doctors office was white as paper, and with very little in it. But Keri was not there to judge the rooms, she was there to take a pregnancy test.
Keri sat there on that little table, as the doctor walked into the room. “Well I have your results,” he said. “And,” Keri stated. “Its negative,” the doctor said. “Oh, thank god,” said Keri “I was sure it would be positive.” “And why is that miss?” The doctor asked. “Well you see doctor,” said Keri ” I am a very naughty girl, I have lots of sex and I use no form of birth control.” “Oh, I see,” said the doctor, “Would you hold on for just a sec?” he said as he disappeared out the door.
The doctor soon returned with a nurse. She had long blond hair, hazel eyes, and a wonderful body. “I told my nurse about you,” the doctor said ” and she would like to ask you some questions if you don’t mind.” “I don’t mind at all, ” Keri said “lay them on me.”
“Do you like having sex miss?” the nurse asked Keri. “Oh course,” Keri answered. “Will you have sex with anyone?” the nurse asked. “It depends,” Keri said. “Would you be willing to have sex with me and the doctor here?” asked the nurse. Keri looked from the nurse to the doctor then back to the nurse, and answered her question, “sure.” And with that the doctor slid up behind Keri and started to take her clothes off, while the nurse took off hers. They soon found all three of them naked.
The doctor walked over to Keri, he stood close, and looked down at her smiling and blushing at the same time. He got closer and closer until her tits were just touching his lower chest. He gasped as Keri placed her hand on his warm hardening cock through his pants. He unzipped his trousers, releasing his large, fat, throbbing cock. He grabbed Keri’s head and started to fuck her face. Soon he stopped and pushed her head away, “Let me fuck that pussy of yours.” I stood up, he pushed me back onto the top of his table, and placed his cock on her pussy lips. Sliding it up and down the outside of her cunt, teasing Keri insanely. He grabbed Keri’s waist and thrusted all of his cock inside of her. He plowed in and out of Keri fast and hard as the nurse rubbed her clit. She couldn’t help but have a massive body writhing orgasm. Moaning out of control.
The doctor soon pulled away from Keri, shoved the nurses face against Keri’s pussy and fucked the nurse from behind, as the nurse ate Keri’s wt pussy. That tongue on her clit had almost made her knees buckle. Keri grabbed her tits and she gave them a squeeze even as that tongue continued to lick her clit. She was going to cum. She knew that now. She was going to cum so very hard. That tongue backed off from her hard, little nub even as it stroked its way across the rest of her pussy. She could feel the tongue play with her lips and press against her hole and then it would stroke her pussy in long slow strokes that made her moan. Her pussy was squirting, and then she gulped in air only to cry out again. She was cumming. She was cumming. She was cumming so fucking hard. And she was still cumming. Her breathing was ragged as she continued to cum. Her cries were still cumming but now they were little more than whimpering sobs and still, she was cumming.
The visit to the doctor ended shortly after that, but Keri keep coming back to the doctors more often than usually to fuck that doctor and nurse.

Come back for more of Keri’s Love stories.

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