Like To Play the Female Role

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I often like to dress up in clothing of the opposite sex.Shave all my body hair,put on a garter belt attached to black lace top stay-up type stockings,bikini pantys,under wire push up bra with gel bra/bust enhancers in the bra cups,a top or button front blouse,slim fitting black skirt,brunette wig and three inch black heels.At times also wear a gold/silver colored watch,matching silver colored bracelet,necklace,anklet,two small rings on my fingers and spray some Vanilla Musk perfume for a feminine scent.
Most of the time sit dressed up in my mini van and fantasize about encounters with others.At night I drive along the highway and stop at car pool lots and service center picnic areas.Most of the time when nobody else is around,I like to step out and walk around nearby,feeling feminine and sexy.Well,the service center picnic areas are usually dark,so there is nobody around,which tends to make me feel confident about walking around there.A few times I have walked into the washrooms and sat in the toilet stalls and imagined someone walking in and discovering me sitting dressed up.The way I imagine this is where the person may look under the stall door and see my feet in heels and the lower part of my black stocking clad legs.Not such a big deal when sitting in the women’s washroom toilet stalls. But in the men’s it would be.Whenever I have sat in the toilet stalls dressed up, I smoke cigarettes and wonder what the scenario would be if someone was to really catch,find or discover me dressed up.I have related various fantasy scenarios to others in correspondence,but have never really met anyone.I have imagined where a female makes me lick her cunt until I make her cum.That one uses a strap-on dildo to fuck me.Even where there are two females that have me licking one of their cunts,while the other fucks me with her strap-on dildo.Of course, with a man he would have me suck him off till he cums in my mouth and has me swallow his load.Only,lately I have been fantasizing where one would start to cum in my mouth,but he pulls his cock out of my mouth and jerks himself off either into my open mouth,on my face or just on me.I have also imagined where there is more than one man and they have me alternate sucking them until they cum in my mouth,on my face or they just jerk off on me.I do not consider myself as gay.I am attracted to females the same way most males are attracted to females.Only,when I dress up,I feel more feminine than what I really am.Previously a couple and her sister,offered to do me up in makeup to make me passable in public.I have doubts about this and imagined a way to find out if I was passable.Which was to sit in the women’s toilet stall.The husband was to be in the men’s side trying to recruite men who would want his slutty sister (me) to suck them off.The plan was for him to send them into the women’s washroom and I would spend most of the day in the toilet stall,giving blow jobs to every man who walked in.The wife and her sister would be out in their car watching to see how many men went in and had,let or got me to suck them off.Only,I guess they were only interested in corresponding,as we never met for real.I gave up on them after about a year and a half of just corresponding.They would make arrangements to meet,but came up with all kinds of excuses to cancel or put off meeting.

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