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After my wife found me in her underwear, and having proved I could still fuck her dressed in her clothing, we had a long chat.
I explained that it wasn’t so much the female underwear itself, as the materials they were made from, like satin, silk, lace and soft nylons. I told her I liked the feel of the material against my body. She suggested that we went shopping to see what we might find.
In a shop called, I think, ‘Pillow Talk’ they sold male silk underwear. There were boxer shorts, thongs, pouches, ‘Y’ front type pants and silk ‘T’ shirt type vests. They did not look effeminate, and I could happily wear them when I went to squash or cricket, and not feel stupid getting undressed in front of the other guys. They even had silk socks, and although they were much thicker than my wifes lovely stockings, they feel great against the legs.
After buying a selection of items for me, and for her, we went to a ‘Pamper’ parlour, where we had a massage. The young woman who was attending to me said that if I was going away on holiday, I should have my legs and arms waxed, so that they would tan better and quicker. I said” What do you think, darling?”, as my wife was in the curtained cubical next to me. “Go for it”, she said, so I was waxed. My back and chest had light hairs, and they came out easily, but the top on the legs were more difficult, Ouch! The woman said, “How about a male Brazilian?” “What’s that?” I asked. She explained that it was the removal of the hairs around the pubic region. “It will make you feel more comfortable in the hot” She said. I pondered this, and my wife called out, “If you have it done, so will I”. If anyone out there has had a male Brazilian, you will know how much it hurts at the time. However, after all the hair was removed, even from around my anus, the attendant rubbed a warm oil into the area. I immediately had a strong erection. I was most embarressed, but she just smiled, and began to stroke my prick. I was petrified my wife might come in, but I could hear her softly moaning next door, and relaxed, as I guessed she was being similarly treated. Because she was a stranger wanking me off, it did not take long to shoot a whole load of cum onto my now hairless body. (she had even shaved my arm pits!) After cleaning me up, she handed my my new silk boxers, ‘T’ shirt and socks, and boy did they feel great. I almost got another hard-on!
By now lunch time was upon us, and we had a quick bite in a local pub, noted for its great food. Talking about the pamper parlour make us both horny, and we rushed home as soon as we had finished the meal. A couple of whiskeys for me and a G&T for her assisted in our feelings.
As soon as we went indoors, we took all our new purchaes to the bedroom. I stripped down to my boxers and vest, while my wife stripped and put on the sexyiest baby doll and panties you can imagine. We threw ourselves onto the bed and started to grope each other. I wanted to see her Brazilian, so it was a case of, ‘I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours’. And boy did she look great. I got down and began to eat her out, and the love juices she was releasing tasted fantastic. I swear I could taste the strawberries we had for tea last night. When she had climaxed a couple of times, she pushed my head away, and dropped down to my prick, taking it fully into her mouth as she fondled my now hairless bollocks. She began to stroke around my arsehole, and wiggle her finger over the opening. This put me on the point of cumming there and then, and I had to ask her to slow down. She moved her body over mine, and I could anticipate the way she would lower herself onto my raging hard-on. She pulled aside the gusset of the panties and let me enter her fully, then stopped, shuddering with pleasure. I amlost came as I felt her muscles gripping my prick but I held on. From then on, for the next half our or so, we make slow passionate love, intermingled with moments of ferocious fucking. At the end, as we lay side by side, she asked how things were. I had to confess that they were great, but, you, know what, I still wanted to put female underwear on, and told her.
“That’s fine with me”, she said, “next time we buy sexy female underwear just for you, how about that!” Even the thought of this happening gave my a twinkle in my dinkle, and we make slow love again, before we dropped off to sleep, waking just before the evening news.
I shall tell you more, later!

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