Mother-In-Law Warms Backside

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To start at the beginning, before I married Mark he told me that he believed in corporal punishment. I didn’t have a problem with it. Shortly after our wedding, I got my first spanking from him. While it hurt very bad at first, it slowly faded and it felt good not to be angry at each other anymore. I received more spankings with some hurting more than others but I wasn’t spanked often.
We went to Mark’s mother’s for the afternoon one day in late spring. I didn’t know Jane that well, but she wasn’t very nice to me. That day, we got into a heated argument about me working and I stormed out and demanded Mark take me home. He talked to me for a few minutes and then went in to talk to his mother. He came back out with an odd look on his face and said we needed to talk. We walked up to the deck and sat down.
Mark explained that his mother was very hurt and mad at me and that he didn’t like this. I was cooloing off by then and didn’t want Mark upset with me. I offered to apologize to Jane. He said that an apology wasn’t enough for the things I had said. I said that okay, he could spank my ass when we got home. Mark says that it wasn’t him who had been offended. Well, I’ve already offered to apologize to Jane, what else can I do? Mark: You will need to let Mom spank you. What. No way! I’m too old for her to spank me. Mark: If you aren’t too old for me to spank, then you aren’t too old period. You will have to let Mom do this to keep this from getting out of hand. She is demanding I leave you. Well, that scared me as I had nowhere else to go. It would be humiliating, but how bad could it be. I asked Mark what would happen if I agreed.
Mark: I’ll go in and tell her. Then me and Dad will go into the living room. After a few minutes, you come in and apologize and tell her that you should be punished.
How does you mom spank? I am not being put across her knee.
Mark: Well, it hurts. She will take the little wooden paddle from under the kichen sink. And believe me, that thing is gonna sting. She will tell you to lean over the table. There is one thing that you aren’t going to like. Mom will bare your bottom.
No way. I’m not having my ass bared and spanked by your mom.
Mark: You have to or I’m gonna have to move back in here for a while. It is not that bad. She has had mine and my sister’s asses in front of her so many times, she’ll never think about it being yours. Now, just please do this and lets get it over with.
I nod. Mark walks back into the house. I wait about 5 minutes and go in to find Jane waiting in the kitchen. I apologize and tell her that I deserve to be punished for what I said. She agrees and opens the cabinet under the sink. She takes out a small strip of wood. It is a little thicker than a ruler and a little wider with a tapered end for a handle. She lays it in a chair.
Jane: Move your shorts and underwear down to your ankles. Walk over to the edge of the table. Spread your legs a little and lean over the table. Stretch your hands out and hold onto the other side. If you get up from the table, I will have my Husband come and hold you while I finish this spanking and then I will cut a switch for your legs. Do you understand.
Yes Ma’am. I do as I am told. I am a little short so grasping the far edge of the table really stretches me out.
Jane: I’m going to warm your bottom up with my hand first, then you will get fourteen smacks with my ruler. Are you ready?
Yes Ma’am.
I feel Jane walk up beside me and put her hand on my lower back and press down. I cannot believe how humiliating it was to feel my mother-in-law rest her hand on my bare ass. That feeling changed to something else very quickly.
Her hand moved from my ass cheek then exploded back against it. Then the other cheek. Yeow!! I yelled both times. She paused. Jane: Grasp that edge good young lady. I am gonna set your ass on fire. And boy did she ever. I must have gottne fifty smacks without pausing. She alternated cheeks and even spanked them underneath in that tender area. I was begging her to stop and screaming. I bounced all over the table, but she never missed her mark. I was crying when she stopped and so glad it was over. Then she reached for the ruler. That thing felt like a thousand bees stinging my ass at once. I was kicking my legs straight out to try and get away, but all tewlve smacks landed squarely. The one hard one across the tender bottom of each cheek. She stopped and tehe next thing I knew Mark was helping me pull my shorts up and walk to the truck.
I have never insulted my Mohter-in-law again!

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