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After we had moved my younger brother had quickly made friends as he always did
His best friend was a neighborhood stud a All American type fellow athletic handsome but rugged
Though I was a year older I hung around with the two ,though he was actually my brothers friend
As both were star athletes in their high school days ,and now young collegians .So both were well cut in an athletic sense
and very popular with the girls .Though I being the older but much more dwarfed brother was hardly as lucky
Though they would get me dates at times as sort of a favor by their girlfriends .
Most of the time those dates ended in disaster .
On one such occassion the date I had was just a humiliating bitch we were of course in her car and she stopped along a bridge
on an old county road where to my surprise there were two of her friends already there .I noticed a strange sense amongst them
I asked Amy about leaving she said its a long walk back to town just remember that.
I could see now I was in trouble as she said this with a shit eating grin on her face.
Then I heard one of her friends yell lets get him I started running in the direction of town I had a good lead at first but these girls were bigger
stronger and more athletic then was I.So they quickly caught up with me .
One of the girls held me in a head lock and forced me into the brush out of sight of the road ,
this to go along ith the fact it was getting near dark.I was starting to get worried as I did everything I could to drag their process to no availe.
Finally we reached a small clearing area not far from the creek.While my hands were held behind my back then tied
Amy stripped me down to nothing taking my pants off as well as my underwear and shirt socks shoes everything.
Then she told me I was going to eat each of their pussies or get the shit beat out of me ,At first I was scared but what the heck
I thought I wanted to do this anyway.Then the girls each sucked on my little cock till each made me cum Then Amy said well its time to go
as the girls left me after cutting the rope bounding my hands.
The only thing they left was a pair of Amy’s little sisters panties and a dress I was fucked .
It was to cold that night to walk back into town with no clothes so I put on the dress and panties amazed that they fit.Along with a pair of heels they left
With my long hair I must of looked like a woman or a girl walking back to town but at least I wasn’t without some attire to hide my body from the chilly night air
Still it was going to be a long walk home .After I walked what must have been at least two miles I had hoped that a car would come by and give me a lift.
Finally a car did come by it even stopped I hopped in the car not realizing who it was nor did they recognize me .Then I realized it was my brothers friend
I said hey Bob don’t you recognize me ?He said is that you Pat ?I said yes ,did you think it was some good looking gal?
He said you are absolutely beautiful ,with no facial hair and a female like body I guess I must of looked good to him especially in his drunken state
I could feel the car slowl coming to a stop then a turn off on a side road.Bob said baby I just gotta have you as he put my hand on his rock hard cock
At first terror struck me .As he grabbed me and kissed me forcefully I could hardly breath.I tried to push him away but he was just to powerful.
He then got out of his car and pulled me out with him as we were now at his apartment.
I said we can’t do this ,he said don’t worry its okay as we went inside .Bob then threw me over his shoulder and into the bedroom
Bob quickly stripped so I could for the first time actually see his massive cock .I just melted to my knees and started sucking it
it was just to much for me too take seeing that massive cock .
Bob then got me to my feet layed me on his bed on my back put my leggs over his huge shoulders then penetrated my anal region
it took several times but finally his cock busted through mymore then tight virgin ass.Bob seemed so full of energy and kept fucking me harder and harder
till he finally exploded in me pulling his massive cock out I could feel the warm oozing out of my anal area.
Bob reached down and put some of his cum on his hand and said thats the most excited I have ever been now lick it bitch I licked his cum right off his hand .

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