My Confessions

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Mr. Michael and Mr. Jason wasted no time. They untied me and told me to wait in the living room. They came in about 10 minutes later with a six pack of beer.

“Do you really think she’ll do ANYTHING we say, Jason?” asked Michael.

“You heard what Jack said, we’re in control of her and we can give her a good report or a bad one. I think she’ll do what we say, let’s have some fun.” said Jason.

“Okay, we’re going to call you “slut” and you’re going to call us Mr. Michael and Mr. Jason. Understand slut?”

“Yes Mr. Michael.”

I was so embarrased. These two boys probably neve even touched a girls tits and now they can do whatever they want to me.

First, Mr. Michael wanted me to touch his cock. It was actually kind of big for such a young guy. He took it out of his pants and told me to suck it. I licked and sucked until he came (in about 5 minutes!). Then Mr. Jason wanted his turn. I started to lick and suck him when he pulled out fast and said I tried to bite him.

“No Mr. Jason, I swear I didn’t try to bite you”, I pleaded.

“Well I can either tell your Master you tried to bite me or you can be punished as we see fit. It’s your choice Slut”.

“I’ll take the punishment”, I said.

“WHACK” What did you say Slut?”

“I’ll take the punishment, please Mr. Jason and Mr. Michael.” I pleaded.

Then Mr. Michael told me to bend over the coffee table and he started to spank my ass. Each one got harder and harder. Then Mr. Jason told me to stop crying like a baby or they would treat me like one. I could not stop crying though, I was so humiliated and in some pain.

“That’s it Slut, I told you to stop crying and you won’t. So we’ll put this diaper on you and treat you like the baby you are”.

“Please Mr.Jason and Mr. Michael, don’t make me do that”.

“We could always tell Jack that you didn’t listen to us”, teased Mr. Jason.

They told me to lay on the floor on my back and they put the diaper on me. They made me suck them each again and then I had to change into another outfit. This time it was a cheerleaders outfit.

They wanted me to tease them. I had to rub my clit and finger fuck myself. Then they each took turns fucking my pussy from behind. Mr. Jason went first. He fucked me so hard that I started to like it. Mr. Michael put his cock in my mouth while Mr. Jason took my pussy from behind.

Then Mr. Michael wanted his turn, but he didn’t want a “used hole”. So he shoved his dick in my ass. Everytime I moaned he’d slapp my ass. When he was done he shoved a butt plug in my ass and told me to make them dinner.

When they were finished eating they put me in all sorts of compromising positions and took pictures. They said they wanted to show their friends. I was so humiliated. I begged them not to do it but they just teased me with a bad report. I couln’t help myself though, I found myself liking this situation, I liked pleasing them.

Then they wanted to spank me again. They said the girls in their schools are such teases. I laid across Mr. Michaels lap and waited for his firm had to slap my ass. I counted them out for him and he patted my head when he was done.

Mr. Jason had other plans for me. He said he never went down on a girl and he wanted me to be his first. I couldn’t beleive he had never done this because he was a pro. He starte off slow. First he touched my clit with his tongue. Then he licked up and down my pussy. His tongue darted deep into my pussy and I just kept moaning and sighing. He wanted me to talk dirty.

“Ohhhhh Mr. Jason, your so good. I love the way that feels, please don’t stop. I’ll be your slut always. I’ll please you whenever you want, just PLEASE DON’T STOP YET, LET ME CUM MR. JASON, PLEASE LET ME CUM, LET YOUR SLUT COME, PLEASE “.

“Cum Slut” Mr. Jason said.

My juices flowed out and my hip thrusted forward. I can’t beleive to young boys pleased me so much.

“We’ll give you a good report if we can visit you after school every M,W,F.”, said Mr. Jason.

“I agree, Mr. Jason and Mr. Michael, Your slut agrees”.

Stay tuned…….

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