my master and my mistress

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I was sold as white trash at the age of 30
My master that bought me was 21
And my mistress to be was only 19
They kept me in a fortified castle
Way away from society in the country
Where authorities could give them no hassle
My master was a rich man
Having inherited a fortune from a local man
They kept me in the fortified walls
Allowing me no access to telephones
If there was anyone I should attempt to call
I had to runaround in a French maid out fit
I came in to their service a proud but small man
Once I tried to escape ,this they couldn’t tolerate or stand
I was told if I tried again I wouldn’t be recognized
Not even as a little man
I had to serve them in my servants attire
After a few weeks of this routine I began to tire
I planned a bold escape
Knowing my master was about to leave
I had many ideas and tricks up my sleave
I knew it would only be my mistress left for my to deal
This was my golden opportunity this I could feel
Making sure he was out the gate and down road
Knowing the gate was unlocked
I knew this from a security man I had been told
Acquiring his services for a blow job
For this my dignity I had sold
I slid out the second story servants quarters window
Cutting my bare legs coming down the
The metal drain pipe
Before landing in my outfit hard on the ground
I realized when I hit the ground
I had sprained my ankle and tried to keep my composure
By not uttering a sound
Trying to get to my feet
My mistress was there for me to greet
Ordering me to get in the house
I rebelled and refused seeing she was a woman
Telling her she was a woman and I was a man
And there was nothing she could do
I made an attempt to flee
I realized with a my ankle being sprained
At attempting to catch me
She would be able to easily gain
Tackling me halfway to the the unlocked gate
Although she was a female she was physically strong
We must of looked like two females
In a cat fight that couldn’t get along
For anyone that might happen to pass by
I yelled to the mail man
But he just laughed and passed us by
She was winning the brief fight
Though I fought with all my might
Soon she was sitting on my chest
With her knees pinning my arms down
I could only hope for the best
She slapped me hard in the face
Till I cried and begged saying mistress please stop
Seeing I was now subdued
She finally stopped getting to her feet
She helped me up
Seeing my ankle was starting to swell
She knew I was in obvious pain not doing well
Throwing me over her shoulder and back in to the house
I felt small and inferior like a mouse
My master arrived back to the house
Saying he would get a doctor fearing my ankle was broke
The doctor gave me medication
Knocking me out
I awoke a few days later in a bed
With my ankle in a cast
I had to use the restroom
After the doctor had left
Not realizing I had been given injections while I slept
My dick was now gone
With a puss in its place
I was humiliated for it had been replaced
Changing my clothes and out of my gown
Now I had two large beautiful breasts
Not believing my eyes I began to caress
After my cast came off and now I could walk
My master and my mistress
Came in with a beautiful dress
Ordering for me to get dressed
They fucked me all day and all night
The three of us must of made an awesome sight
I came to accept my new sex
Now I have no regret
A woman I was meant to be
This is obvious from my story

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  1. aubrey

    sorry but that was a gay story

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