My sisters and I 2

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That night, i couldn’t really sleep as i was thinking about Joanne’s ass. Then,i heard soft moans. I wondered where was it from.The moan started to get louder. It came from Karen. Karen was suprised that i was not asleep. I asked her what she was doing. She then told me that she was masturbating. I did not know what was mastubating back then. Karen then explained it to me in layman’s term and taught me how to masturbate. During morning, Joanne was probably still fuming from the look of her face.At school, i ask the friend that i was closest to in school ,Paul, if he had ever masturbated.Paul then give me a suprised look.(note:caps lock words were spoken by me while normal words are spoken by Paul)”you know what masturbaiton is?” “YEA…SO HAVE U EVER MASTURBATED?” “come to my house today there is no one at home and i will show u something” Paul refused to tell me what it is till and told me to find out when we reached his house.The school bell rang for dismissal and ma and paul went straight to his house. He told me to wait in his room.When he returned he got in his hands a few cds and pop one into his cd player. The story starts with a female student and a teacher in the classroom.They started having a chat for a while soon the female student started kissing the teacher and the teacher was groping the student breast. This immediately aroused my dick and i started masturbating.I quickly stopped when Paul came back.He told that i was watching adult porngraphy.He took those videos without his brother knowing.He asked me if my sisters had these.He told me to lie back to back with him so that we can both masturbate without the other looking.What he didn’t know was that i already mastubated. On school days, the house was usually quietl with me the only soul in the house. I went to Joanne’s room and started searching to find if there is any cd that contains adult pornography. I searched high and low, through her bra and panties and almost every part of her room but couldn’t find anything. I soon wondered underneath her bed which has spaces to keep her stuffs. I chance upon a pink ribboned box, curious i opened it up. Inside lies a fake penis. It was long, brown and thick. Looking at it, i was thinking how come it looks so different from mine. Other then longer and thicker, i find the tip of the penis completely round instead of mine which is kinda sharp. It felt rubbery and i took a sniff at it. It smelled funny.I put it back and searched the drawers which belonged to Joanne. The only thing i found interesting was a locked minisafe It looked like one, with the dials and stuff. That night, it was Joanne’s turn to mop the floor.From what i notice,
the women in my house are usually braless and unless someone visits,they would walk around in their giant size tees or spagetties. Since i was a growing boy, they should had cover up to prevent any unwanted attention from me. But as a growing boy, it was hard not to look at such things. Joanne was busy mopping the floor and doing the laundry while i was lying down on my lazy chair watching tv. Joanne soon join me and complained what a hot day it was.She told me that she had forgiven me as she faulted herself for not locking the toilet door. She was sweating at the chest area and i could clearly see her dark nipples as she was wearing a thin material white tee. I steal many glimpes of them and soon joanne used a pillow to cover her front. I guess she knew what i was doing. I felt a sensational feeling around my penis head and all i could do is to pretend nothing happened. Joanne and i talked about how was school and she touched on BGR subject. She usually doesn’t talk to me about any other thing else rather then school because she feels that it’s important for a guy to get his education and one shouldn’t be talking about BGR at my age. She asked if mummy or karen talks to me about such things and i shook my head. Soon after she left for a shower.I then reminded her to lock the toilet before bathing.

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  1. blowhard

    What a dumb fucking story!!

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