My sisters and I 3

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Karen will be going for camp for a week while Mom will visit Dad for at least a few weeks. I was upset as my Mom will miss my birthday and this is the first time she will not be celebrating my birthday with me. The next day morning, Karen and Mom left home early and i could not bid them goodbye.
Karen: hey i won’t be home tonight for dinner
Me: so what am i going to have for dinner?
Karen: Don’t worry Jenny our cousin will fix that she will ‘babysit’ you till Mom returns
Me: hey i don’t need anyone to babysit me
Karen: whatever
School today ended much earlier as today was sports day. Sports day got to be one of the best event that my school ever has. Girls from my school were wearing a type of running shorts that show alot of their sexy and long legs. The cheerleaders were great. I meant their legs. The shuttle run event was great. There was a girl from my next door class who was slim but had c cup breasts. Watching her run and her boobs moving up and down just make me want to fuck her. When i reach the gate of my house, there was a girl with a luggage standing out of my house.Guess she must be jenny.
Me: hi are you jenny?
Jenny: oh yea i am so must be Martin?
I welcomed her to our house and i brought her to the guest room where she will be staying. She asked me she wanted a bath as she was sweating profusely after waiting for me for so long under the sun. I told her the bathroom is just next to the kitchen. I went to open her luggage when she was gone. There was a lot of short shorts and skirts. There was no adult pornography cd that i was hoping for. I then went out for a lunch. When i came back, she was sleeping on the sofa. She was wearing those running shorts that i saw earlier in the school. What made me real horny was that the shorts was just covering her ass! The shorts was also too big for her as i could see her white panties when i bend down. I took out my dick and started stroking it on her shorts at the pussy area. I grew more daring as i started to place my dick at her white panties area but the thought of that made me cum. I was halfway to her panties when i cummed, It flew onto her panties. I grew scared and i when back to my room to my homework. It was too late for jenny to cook dinner when she woke up. Maybe the cum had dried up so she didn’t know what happened. We ordered pizza for dinner and we started chatting about how our lives was and so on. After we had our pizza there was nothing else for us to do. We played a few board games and grew tired after a while. Jenny then asked if i wanted to play truth or dare. The loser will be punished by the winner. Seeing there was nothing to do, i agredd to play the game. From the game i found out that jenny is still a virgin, hips 32, waist 23. Despite asking each other embarrasing questions the game soon turn boring.
Jenny: let make this game more interesting. I choose dare.
Me: you know, i really want to fell your legs.
Jenny brought her legs up onto my shoulder. Was she really willing to allow me to touch her legs? I placed my hand on her ankle. She didn’t budged. I moved my hands till her knee. She was still allowing me to tocuh her. I then moved my hands till her thigh. When my hands reached her shorts she put her legs down. She then dared me to take off my shorts and boxer. Not wanting to lose i took them off. I tried using my shirt to cover my hard dick but it was not much of a use.
Me: i dare you to let me grope your boobs.
Jenny: alright i admit defeat. You are growing too horny now(she looked at my cock while saying that) whats my punishment?
I could not think of any punishment and told her she will be punished tomorrow. At night, i need a pee and went to the toilet. When i came back, i pass by the guest room. I decided to suprise her. I turn on the light and saw her using something that vibrates on her pussy. She was stunned by the light but now i know how i will punished her. i ran back to my room and locked the door so jenny couldn’t come in. In the morning, Jenny had already woke up and was preparing breakfast. Joanne must had a hangover.
Me: hey we will need to go the supermarket to but some stuff after this
Jenny: ok
Me: by the way i had thought about the punishment.
Jenny: great lets get this done with. what is it?
Me: tell you later
After breakfast, we went up to the guest room.
Me: where is the thing that i saw you using last night? it could vibrate
Jenny took it out and told me it was a vibrator.
Me: here is your punishment. I want to to place your vibrator in the pussy while we go to the supermarket until we return.
Jenny: damn this sounds pretty hard but i will do it. Please go out while i am changing.
Me: no way! what if you didn’t put it in?
Jenny knew she could not trick past me so she had to obeyed me. She changed from her nightie to a pink spaghetti top to go with her pink bra. She then pulled down her pink panties and placed the vibrator into her pussy. She then put on a pair of hot pants. She gave me the remote and i tested the vibrator. jenny was feeling the effect of the vibrator but manager to act normal. I knew this is going to be the best trip i will have to the supermarket.

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