My sisters and I part 1

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In my house,there lived my dad ,my mom,my 18 years(karen) and 22(joanne) years old sister.I am the youngest aged 13. Being the eldest, joanne got her own room wherelse i’ve to share a room with karen.Dad usually is away on overseas trip.
Being youngest in the family, naturally i was the most doted. But not to the extend of having
a room to myself as we are living in a 4 room flat.Since young, karen and i develop a close
relationship. Although we are 5years apart in age, we always find that there were common
topics that we can talked about. Sometimes chatting up late into the night, mummy has to come
in and force us to sleep as there is school the next day. Often mummy asked me why
do i have so much things to talked to karen instead of her or joanne. We can talk about anything
from latest fashion, it gadget, places to go, even. We were as close as you can
immagine. We text each other even when we are outside.Since young karen and i had changed in the room despite having the other in the room.
Whenever joanne and karen is at home they always seems to wear a shirt size that dosen’t fit them.They are also not use to wearing bra at home.I once asked karen about it since we were very close.She told me that wearing bra makes her feel very uncomfortable.
After dinner ,karen and i will usually chit chat till bedtime.While we were going back to bed,mom called karen down to discuss something.I could not sleep as i wondered what they were discussing about. pretented
to sleep and after karen came in, came the good news. Mom said that karen shouldn’t change
infront of me as i’am getting older, hormones raging….blah blah.What mummy doesn’t know is that sometimes joanne doesnt wear a bra and bends down infront
of me, i get to see her breast and i would get a hard on. I know, i’am not supposed to look
at my sister’s breast but i couldn’t. I don’t know why, i was young, horny and developing.
Karen once caught me looking at joanne’s breast and she grabed my dick. I ran into the room and hid under the blanket. In came karen and she told me
it was alright to have a hard on easily because i was growing. Since then, karen has been changing
in the room even when i was awake and occupied with something. I would go out of the room and
only to return after she’s done. After awhile, i was used to it and i couldn’t care less.
At times, i pretended not to see, but at times my dick was really hard and i had pre cums.At first she still had her undergarments on, after she would go completly naked. I didnt
knew until i turned my head and my mouth just went wide opened.Karen warned my of telling about her chaning in the room to mom. i obliged because i don’t want her to get
scolded.That was the first time i saw a naked girl infront of me. I can’t describe the feeling
in words. Karen saw my hard on and she asked me to stand up. I didn’t wanted to but she pulled
me up from the chair. She was grinning at my dick. Goodness, i was so embaressed. Suddenly with
one yank, she pulled my boxers to my knee. What the fuck???!! Karen asked me weather i’ve
been masturbating and i didn’t knew what was masturbation back then. So karen explained to me
in layman’s term. All these while i was still having a hard on because she’s still naked and
i told her to wear something before mom comes in. After karen left the house, i immediately
went into the toilet and try to do what she’ve explained to me. Well, after fondling for awhile,
something white came out. The feeling was, fantastic. My first cum i guess?
Usually on saturday,there is only Joanne and me left in the house till noon as mom and karen would go the market.I woke at 7.30am half an hour earlier then my usual time.I was suprised when i couldn’t find Joanne as well.I gussed that she went to the market as well.Needing to take a piss,i went to the loo.When i pulled open the door,i saw Joanne inside soaping her body.Her back was facing me and the sight of her tight ass was great.Sensing someone,Joanne turned around to see her brother with a half open mouth staring at her.She covered herself with a towel quickly and screamed at me to scram.I immediately apologise till she came out.Clearly she was fuming and told me not to say anything out of what happened just now.I promised then she left to meet with her friends.

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