my special day

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We met at our usual place. I got my stuff and got in his car we drove to CHristies toy box and had to wait a couple minutes for the lady to get there. We bought a hollow strap on and a crop.
We went to the motel and I checked in. We went up to our room I laid on the bed and he ordered me toget up and get in front of him and undress. I said “NO” I do not want spanked it is not fair. I was sitting on teh edge of the bed. He said I do not care. I said I only wnet to the store. He said NOW. I stood up and took off my skirt and he said want to take the pictures of me in my underware and he did. different poses. then he said he would go down to car and get rest of stuff. He told me to finish undressing. I took off my bra and got under the covers. I took off my panties under the covers. He came back in and told me to get over there. I argued and he got a mean look and snapped his fingers and pointed. I got up and went to him he sat down on a chair and pulled me across his lap. HE then began to hand spank me. Hard. After a few minutes and I do not know how long or how many. He got the brush and started with it and yes I did fight some. I was not able to fight very much though. I finally got away by grabbing the bed. He then told me to get on bed on my knees I did. He got under me and began to eat me. God it felt good. He then stopped after he had his fill at the time and grabbed the strap and started spanking me again then after a few hard slaps he got the ruler and again more hard slaps. He then undressed fully. He ordered me on my knees and to kiss the head of his penis. I said “NO” He raised his hand as to slap me so I obeyed him. HE said again. I did. HE said lick it I said ew no way he slapped me on my head not hard but twice and enough to make me obey him. I did and then Iwas sucking his cock. Next. He told me to lay on bed on my side facing him. He then got on bed and started toeat me again long and hard. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmm as he ate me I sucked him off. After he got the hollow strap on and put it on he asked meif I was ready I said yes. He lubed the strap on and entered meslowly it hurt so he lubed it again and entered slowly and easily at first it was painful then I started to move to his thrusts he commented My ass belongs to him. [I was playing his 24 yr old wife remember that]. I told him to spank me while he fucked me coz am such a bad girl.
HE slapped my ass while he fucked me. He then pulled out took off strap on and ordered me to take his cum down my throat I did. I had to swallow his hot cum. It tasted icky.
He finally allowed me to dress. He didn’t dress right away. Then he dressed. That was about it. About 1pm we went to Burger King and bought our own lunch. We then went back to the motel. We ate then just watched TV a bit longer then I asked him if he was ready to go. He said yes so we got our stuff and went down to car he drove around to the front and I checked out. He then drove me back to my car. We did not speak about what happened.
That was all that happened.

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