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For a number of years I had always thought I was the ultimate dominant male till one day I was too find out otherwise.
I was arrogant and selfish in many ways not very considerate of my wifes feelings ,sometimes when she was giving me a blow job
I would cum in her mouth much to her displeasement and anger as I held her head .She said some day you bastard I will get even
I just kinda snickered I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal after all women were physically inferior to men and it was their job to please
So after all I didn’t take her seriously.As time went on by I had noticed she had been working out a lot I really thought nothing of it
but I could tell by different things she was becoming more and more physically stronger .She had now taken running and lifting weights as part of her repitwa
still I didn’t feel even the slightest bit threatened with my ego.Then one day I was trying to lift one end of a riding lawn mower up and secure it in the air so I could get to the blade
without a lot of success I could lift it up so far but not as high as I was wanting it ,I told her I might need her help to try to get it propped up so she could tie the rope after I lifted
it.I watched from the kitchen window and was shocked with what I seen she grabbed the lawn mower on one end and picked it way off the ground when she did this I was able to tie it myself
I didn’t want to tell her there was no way I could have ever picked the lawn mower up like that and that she had to be easily stronger then most men I knew that including myself
Then we were joking around after a few beers one day ,she said a lot of wifes are physically superior to there husbands I said yeah right.
She said I am stronger then you and could whip your ass in a fight ,I said I am not going to fight you your my wife
and I won’t I don’t believe in that shit.(the truth was I was very intimidated by her physically) Then one day we were sitting at the kitchen table and she challenged me to an arm wrestling
I didn’t see no harm in that so I took her up on it ,I was straining while she laughed then slammed my arm on to the table .
Then I will never forget that snarling laugh,and look in her eye ,she could sense fear I think.
Then it was time for me to be her squeeze bag as she would grab me from behind pick me up in the air and put me into a bear hug
on one such occassion I wound up with a broken rib.Finally I had had enough of this crap though I admit I was leary of her I was a man
and enough was enough.One day I spilled some coffee she told me to get on my knees and beg for her forgiveness I said fuck you .
I am sorry about making you give me head but I am not your whipping boy
She said oh great the little man wants to fight I was scared to death to get in close as I knew she could easily over power me.
I went for her leggs and was going to tackle her with my arms around them .but before I could make a move to push her down
I could feel my body being lifted off the ground.from under my waist I knew I was in trouble as she picked me up rolled me as I was flung to the floor .Though I was able to grab one leg knocking her off
balance s I watched her fall angrily to floor cussing me saying you will pay for that you little bastard ,I’m going to beat the fuck out of you now.
I jumped on top of her quickly to subdue her trying to pin her arms down as in the past but things were a lot different this time I could not keep her arms pinned
she was simply to strong ,she gave a quick jerk knocking me off as we scrambled for control I was almost completely exhausted at this point having been out of shape.
By now the battle was over as she sat on my mid section glaring down at me knowing full well I was completely at her mercy .
Holding my arms down on the floor adjusting her body so her knees now pinned them to the floor .She did this so her hands were now free.she then slapped me hard in the face a few times
with each hand laughing and saying stay awake the fun is just about to begin.She made me tell her all men were inferior to women physically and mentally,though at first I balked
then I felt a smash in my face on my left eye as she punched me still I refused and again she punched me.and again and again she just kept hitting me my face was getting numb
she must of punched me a lot more I don’t really know I guess I must of been knocked out.because I awoke to find myself tied up with a bra on butt naked bent over the end of the bed
and my body moving forward in rythem that was when I realized something was pressing in and out of my anal region looking over at the mirror with my swollen eyes
I realized my wife was using me for her amusement fucking me in the ass with a giant strap on dildo.I was pissed but what could I do I was at her mercy and she knew it.
After an hour or so of this humiliation she made me suck on the dildo holding my head still so I was forced to do as she desired after an hour or so of this humiliation she then ordered me to lay on my back
as she helped me in my weakened state.
She then pulled herself over me and ordered me to eat her pussy which I did as she plopped herself over me giving me little choice .I thought she tasted a little different
After I got her off she laughed and said I hoped you liked the taste as Fred came in me earlier and he fucked you in the ass while you were out and came in your ass as well
so I guess you could say we both had sex with Fred .
Then she made me turn over and beat my ass with her bare hand and said you little bitch you were cheating on me she beat me till my ass was bright red

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