Part 9 – Demonic Lover (End of Book 1)

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I dream of finding the man of my dreams. Someone that will allow me to be the woman that I am and not the man I have to be. Someone that will love me for all the things I do and all the things that they want me to.
That is what I wrote on a piece of paper and gave the jailer before he pressed me into the cells with Tracy. He made look good for us by telling us we would get no clothes at all if we didn’t like the orange jumpsuits.
When we turned to face the men instead of fifteen or sixteen there were thirty-one. I gasped as I saw the range from young to very old. Most of them smelled like beer and sweet so I assumed these were the construction workers that got in the brawl at the bar the night before.
Before I could move I had two men sucking my breast and fondling my dick. As I tried to see Tracy, I heard him scream as four ravaged him in the front cell. He wasn’t hurt but he was loving it, the screwing he was getting that is. As the wave of men parted for a second I saw two in his mouth and one sucking him while some really big fat man fucked him.
I was almost in the same shape except I had three over my face and my head leaned back off the bench. One was in my ass pumping away on me while two bit, licked, kissed, sucked and nibbled on my nipples. Another guy was even jerking me off with two using my hands for cock pumps. One would cum in my mouth and another would enter. The same for my ass, and once when a guy with a huge dick rammed me, I lost it and pissed on almost everyone around. He almost drove my bladder into my stomach.
I had fifteen men in me over the next six hours. I sucked sixteen and I don’t know how many I jerked off. I also fucked a couple of boys. My face was covered in cum and so was Tracy. When the he got free for minute before we left he had four old men that wanted to know his address and one that proposed to him. Tracy was trying to get away from when the big guy that fucked me caught him. I heard Tracy cry like a baby as he shoved his steel rod in. He was creaming himself and anyone near when he finished.
The guards came for us at about six thirty, and when they got us out it was eight o’clock. Myra had left at seven like she told us, so the guards gave us a choice go back in or become their toys for the next twenty-two hours. We chose both. We let the guards do whatever they wanted to us. They handcuffed me to a table and butt fucked me then they tied Tracy across a bed frame and banged his ass off. At midnight they sent us back into the cells for a second course of manpower.
Don’t you know that this time I spent my time with big daddy dong. I sucked him and had him keep the small fish away while I made him cum in my mouth. Then while he was recharging his love rocket, I let five older men play both ends while one sat on my middle. The guy I fucked instantly wanted to be my slave, my powers were growing and I had to make him let the others fuck him to keep him busy, while I played with the super dick.
When Henry was charged I had him ram me while I let him choose the men I would suck. I was bent over the bench and being slammed by Henry while eight men took turns sticking a dick in my mouth.
I made him lay me on my back and then while brought himself to climax I splattered my cum into his mouth and on his face. When he ate it He wanted me and let him have me.
I had Tracy go home the next day and I stayed for two weeks with this man. He fucked me so many times that I fell for him. He owned me now and that’s with him wanting to be my slave. Myra talked the court into letting him leave under control and when she got us home she made me let her ride him until he was exhausted.
Henry and I moved away shortly after that. I went to see Daemon and he knew that I was going. He told me that one day he would call me back. I will go if he does, but for now my master is Henry and I love his big huge cock.
He loves fucking me anywhere he can. The first day we were hitchhiking and in the middle of the interstate for all to see he fucked me. Then that night under the overpass he made me squall for more. He took me once in a graveyard and four times in a playground. I even let him fuck me in the bathroom at a mall while other men watched us.
Stay tuned- I may be back.

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