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My name is Willy and i am a piano teacher who teach students piano in my house.When i first started,there were less than 10 people.Through word of mouth,my piano students are increasing.Yesterday,I had a call for enrolement.The student will be having lesson tomorrow morning.Early in the morning,there was knock on the door.”hi i am your new student,Jane”she said.She was 18 and was wearing a short skirt which shows her fair fair legs.I glanced upwards…a little ,Her black bra can be seen.She was about b-cup.We started a short conversation which i ask about her particuars.
“What’s your current piano grade?” I asked Jane. “Err… I have passed my grade 5 but it was quite some time ago. I think I have to start from a lower grade.” “Then, let’s start somewhere from grade 4 so that you can familiarise yourself,” I said, happily thinking this is a good chance to keep this gem as long as possible. “But, if your performance is good, you will have a chance to jump grade,” I tried to assure her so that she will be happy to stay on.

Jane sat down at the piano chair and her skirt slid up above her thighs. Wah. Steam. Show so much skin to me. I tried to concentrate as Jane started playing the first piece. “No, some of your fingerings are wrong,” I corrected her, placing my hand on hers and moving it over the keyboard . Feeling her smooth skin. I hold her hand slightly longer than necessary. I can feel a little bulge in my shorts.
The lesson flies pass in a wink of time. I try to impart my skills to her but at the same time feeling her smooth skin. When time is up, I feel very sad but good things have to end. Looking forward to the next lesson already, I bid her goodbye and asked her to be punctual next week.

… One month passed by since Jane came for her first lesson. All the lessons I try to control my urge to feel her more. But each time, she will dress in those beautiful clothes. Sleeveless, halter, tight-fitting clothes together with short skirt or mini skirt. I get a glimpse of her bras now and then when she was playing the piano as I was standing behind her. The view of the nicely shaped boobs never fails to turn me on. How I wish I can get hold of them soon! I pondered to myself how I can lay my hands on these 2 beautiful peaks. And she was wearing those type of lacy lingerie! My favourite! Every now and then, I will brush my arm across her breasts while teaching her to get a feel of the softness but I have not picked up my courage to fondle them. Each lesson we will talk of other stuff beside the lesson and soon we are more relaxed with each other. Every time she smiled at me, my heart will beat much much faster.
One day, our lesson was in the evening. That day, Jane came in a white tight fitting spag. Spag is my fav gal’s clothes. I am very turned on with gals in spag. And the sight of her pink lace bra protruding tightly from her spag made me more horny than ever.
“You look gorgeous today, Jane,” I smiled to her. “Thanks! This is my new top,” she flashed me a wide grin. Don’t know why my manhood was growing at a tremendous rate at this moment. “Jane, you practise the first piece for a while, ok?” I told her and went to my room. Very steamed, I went and took off my underwear. Wore back my shorts, I approached my prey with a huge rod in between my legs.
This time i had no self-control.I slid behind her on the chair.She stopped playing and looked at me. “Never mind, just continue, I am correcting your techniques” I guessed by now she should feel my erected manhood behind her. But I am too hot to think properly. My hands began to slide on her smooth as silk hands.
I went inside her spag from her waist.It went towards her breasts.I began fondling her breasts.I could feel her nipples erecting.Her piano was clearly affected.I know I cannot continue too long, so I gently rubbed my cock against her butts. Then a few squeeze of her breasts and i stood up from the chair. “Good. Continue this way,” I gasped for breaths while I went to my room.
After the very dangerous act of mine, my mine was not at ease throughout the whole week. Will Jane report me? Time zoomed past and the day came for the next lesson.This time the lesson was set in the morning to avoid any suspicion.

That day Jane was wearing something less revealing. A white short-sleeve shirt and jeans. But she still smiled at me as if nothing has happened. Well. At least I’m safe for now. That day, I wasn’t naughty. Did not even brush my hands too often over hers. But I did manage to catch a glimpse of her milky white bra through the buttons of her shirt. Nice… But I must wait for now…
Another week passed by. This time, Jane seemed more relaxed. Her dress code also tell me so. A sleeveless black body-hugging shirt with a pair of white berms. Casual and at the same time oozing of her sweetness. After the lesson, she told me her mum is picking her up but she will have to wait around half an hour. So I asked her to make herself at home and prepared a drink for her.
While preparing,out of the side of my eye, I saw Jane lying down on the sofa. I was thinking, if she fell asleep it will be a perfect opportunity for me. When I come back with the drink, my heart was thumping wildly. Jane was lying back towards me, her long straight hair falling nicely by the side. Glancing down, I can see her breasts moving up and down in regular motion, showing signs of deep sleep.This is my chance!I took out my cock.It was rock-hard!The openings of her berms was very large from my point of view. I can see a bit of her white panty from the side. Moving close, I saw that it is of those lacy type which I always fantasize gals to be in.I climbed behind her,slid my cock beneth her berms,placing it on her white panty feeling her body heat.I glazed down at her sleeping face and gently began to move my cock up and down her panty. Seeing such a sweet young thing letting my cock place so near to her sensitive spot, I was very hot. Sliding sliding I continue my motion. Then… I feel the heat in my cock. Ohhh… I moaned and cummed in her berms!
Shit. How am I going to clear the mess? I wore back my shorts, thinking how to clean up. Suddenly, “Ding dong”. Oh no, Jane’s mum is here. Panicked, I just tapped Jane’s shoulder to wake her up. Hopefully nothing will happen, I pray.
One week passed peacefully to my relief. The next lesson, Jane came over with a beautiful smile on her face. “My mum praised me for my improved piano skill, Mr. Willy. Thanks a lot to your guidance!” Phew… She did not mention anything abnormal that day.Nvm… I counted my lucky star. “You are good,” Jane chirped and suddenly stunned me by giving me a tight hug. “Oh. You have been a good student as well, Jane. Come I give you a good lesson today,” excited by hugging her body so close, I picked up my courage and made her sit down.

Then, I sat right behind her again! My whole body was in close contact with hers. Her nice smoothing perfume brushed against my nose… “U smell marvelous. Come, let’s start with the first piece,” I picked up her hands and placed them on the piano.

Jane started to play and seemed very relax with me so close to her. I grew bolder and began to explore her body with my hands.I slid my hand into her shirt this time,i wasted no time and unhook her bra.I took her bra out if her shirt.I slid my hand to her breast.I cupped her breasts while teasing her nipples.It erected.She stopped playing her piano.Who cares about music now?She pushed her body towards mine.I was enjoying every moment.But when i brought my face towards her face for a kiss,she ran.
Then i realised something.She left her bra here.It was a blue lace bra!I began rubbing it on my cock.I cummed under 10 minutes.In the evening,i went to her house with the bra that still has some cum stains.When i rang the doorbell.It was her mom answered.Her mom was rushng towards somewhere and told me to find Jane myself.I found her in her room.After returning her bra,she asked me to stay for dinner.I agreed.While she went to bath,
i went inside her room and searched her cabine
t.It was filled with lots of reavling clothes except for some.I then pulld opened a drawer in the cabinet.She kept her panties there.I put 1 on my face and smelled.Damn,the smell was heaven!I then searched her bra but halfway through,she was calling for me.I went outside the toilet.”Can you passed me my towel that is on my bed?”she pleaded.I found it asked how i should return.She told me to come in.When i entered,it was foogy but i could see her full body.She dead goreous when naked.I passed her the towel which she quickly wrapped around me.When we went outside she said”you saw me nude didn’t you?”Knowing that i couldn’t lie i replied”ya”
She told me that if i could make her moaned with fucking her,I could fuck her for the night.I had 3 tries 5mins each.The first try,i licked her pussy but she wasnt moaning.2nd try,i licked her breast whcih ws of no use either.The last try,i teaased her with my cock.I moved my cock aroung her body.She was moaning when i was stroking her on her mouth with rod.She kept her promise.Jane’s hands reached out and started pulling up my top. Of course I stretched out my arms to let her complete her task. Jane approaced my topless body and lowered her head. Her mouth soon enclosed my right nipple. I let out a soft moan. All the while I was the one carressing her. But now, this sweet young thing was arousing me!

Jane began switching her mouth from one nipple to another. She will flick the other nipple with her fingers when she was sucking depply at one. I was moaning regularly now… I felt her hands tugged at my shorts. Within moments, my shorts and underwear were on the floor.

Jane’s mouth made a trace southwards. Her fingers were still stimulating my nipples every moment. Soon, she reached my rock hard manhood. Swiftly, she opened her mouth widely and engulfed it. Urghhh… I moaned with satisfaction. Jane started sucking hard. I can feel her hot breaths over my manhood. Her head bobbed up and down my rod while her fingers are still arousing my nipples. I placed my hands on her head and began to move it in synchronise style with my hips…

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