Playing and Getting Caught

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Playing and Getting Caught

By: vixen_deb

God, I was SO embarrassed. I’d been at the computer for hours. I’d done some writing and I was just plain bored. I’d been feeling a little playful but there was no one on IM with whom to play. So, I brought up the collection of photos I’d gathered from the Internet, folder titled, ‘Just for me’. I love the ‘little bit kinky’ photos I hide away for myself. The temperature taking series of five pictures with the gal’s ass high and the doctor beginning to lube and probe her tight little hole makes me all squishy inside as I imagine it’s me. His gloves are way too big, hanging on his hands, not tight like skin the way they are for REAL doctors and you ‘know’ he got them at WalMart. You know they’re fake photos, set up to taunt and tease; still your pussy twitches when you look at them because it’s fun to imagine that ‘you’ are in the situation. Ohhh, isn’t that just like me to lose track? I was embarrassed…

The photos made me moist, made me wiggle a bit on my seat so I brought up RealOne and found that honeymoon video. I only like one part of it, but it’s such a good part. She’s over his lap; he spanks, pulls down her panties, spanks some more, and then spreads her legs so he can play with her clit. MMMMM. I wish I knew how to make a loop so that part would just play over and over and over. Grrrrrrrrr, ANYWAY… I began to get all hot and bothered. I was alone in the house, it was quiet and no one was expected for hours. I looked around; sometimes I’m weird like that, just checking even when I KNOW I’m alone. I turned up the volume on my speakers so I could hear the woman moaning, groaning, with that horrid whiney nasal voice that grated on my last nerve, but still she was making sex sounds, ya know? Then I pushed my chair back a little bit and put my right heel on the edge of my desk. I slipped my night gown up my legs, mmm, thighs, tummy and reached to spread my lips. Aarrgghh, still not comfortable or really accessible, I lifted my left heel to the other edge of the desk. I had a fleeting thought that I looked a bit like a slingshot and at my age I impressed myself by being limber enough to spread like that. Hmmmm, back to being embarrassed…

I scooted my bottom forward a bit, inching down on my tailbone bringing my pelvis up so I could play more easily. The tip of my nails tickling my lips sent shivers shooting through me. My back arched as my body strained toward my fingers. Slowly my fingers parted my lips and slid to explore my petals. Reaching just a tiny bit further I found the slick wet pool and spread the slickey wet to that ohhhhh, so sensitive ridge near the top of my lips. It was hard, felt almost like a slim pencil stub under the skin with that tiny little tip that stood tight and pushed up, like it was reaching back. MMMMM. My head leaned back arching my spine as my fingers circled, slid up and down, back and forth making my hips twitch and push. My other hand reached up under my gown and fingertips tweaked, gently pinching my nipples. Soon my eyes closed not needing the stimulus of a video any longer as I became lost in the sensations of touch. I could feel the orgasm building, body beginning to gently strain toward fulfillment, closer and closer, almost there… when

I heard a deep voice asking from what seemed a far realm, “Are you having fun?”

My eyes popped open, chin dropping to make a big O of my mouth, hands jerking my gown down and heels jerking from the desk as my legs fought to close and hide my secrets. I knew I must look like a woman caught having sex alone and trying to hide it when she was caught as surly as a rat in a trap. My face flamed in embarrassment, damn; it felt hotter than between my legs quickly changing my focus.

His voice was teasing, almost wicked as he said, “I asked you a question. Were you having fun? And you didn’t have to stop, I was rather enjoying watching you.”

My eyes closed to slits. The saying, ‘the best defense is a good offense’ came springing to mind, so I glared and snapped back, “What the hell are you doing home at this hour? You know you could make some noise, warn a person before you come barging in!” Then finally closed my mouth, which, by the way, was still hanging open in shocked surprise. I also sat up very straight, ‘primly’ tucking my gown around my knees. I ‘know’ it was silly. And I ‘know’ it was too late, much like closing the barn door AFTER the cow escaped, but still, I was mortified, embarrassed. I ‘am’ prim and proper, the lady next door. I’m a grandmother for heaven’s sake. (All be it a sensual one… with an imagination and a healthy sexual appetite. But those things are secret and personal and private, ya know?)

I looked to see how my challenge had hit him and didn’t like the look in his eyes or the set of his jaw. I could pretty much figure out that I’d gone maybe an eensy weensy bit too far with my smart mouth. But he’d surprised me and caught me at something secret, private, all mine. I mean he knew me! He knew I was a bit shy about things like this. So, I thought he had it coming. I mean ‘I’ was where I was supposed to be, home and ALONE. He was NOT where he was supposed to be. ‘He’ was supposed to be at work. And I’d inferred that he was sneaking, but I’d not ‘said’ that. Shiiiiiiiiiit. I knew I was the one doing something a bit out of the ordinary. If I ever get so bold as to do something like that again I’ll be sure and lock the door. That I can guarantee. Hmmm?

“I said, get up and go get the paddle. Don’t make me repeat it again.” He scowled.

I slid off the chair standing on rather quivery legs. (Damn I’d been so close.) “But, but, but… since when is taking care of needs a spanking offense?” I asked, the words coming out just a bit snippy. I was thinking, ‘yeah, you are real brave (NOT) as you hustle to do as he told you to do. Why don’t you just tell him “no” and ask him to leave while you finish? Or better yet ask him to finish you?’ ‘Girl admit it, you just don’t like being interrupted when you were on the verge of an orgasm. It makes you cranky.’

“The spanking isn’t because you were… ummm, ‘playing’. The spanking is for your crabby disrespectful attitude. Some day you may learn that I’m not impressed by that tone or that attitude of yours when you become defensive,” he stated sternly.

My thoughts taunted me to the dresser and as I dug the paddle from the drawer of implements as instructed. I considered asking very smartly, “And where would you like me to PUT this? I have one very good idea where I could SHOVE it.”

Instead I asked meekly, “where do you want this, Sir.”

“On the bed by the wedge,” he answered in that calm firm voice that sends shivers shooting through me.

So I laid the paddle on the bed and went to retrieve the wedge from the closet. The wedge is really pretty. It’s 12 inches high by 22 inches wide, by 22 inches long, a firmly stuffed triangular pillow in a very becoming slipcover. I’d wanted to keep it out on the bed so I could use it when reading but he’d said he’d rather I was a bit nervous when it was placed on the bed, as I’d know what was coming. I was a bit nervous. I knew within moments my bottom would be high, head low, and he would be playing the ‘fire making boy-scout’ on my bottom as if he was out to earn a merit badge.

I peeked up at him as I straightened from leaning to place the wedge. As much as his spankings hurt, they also turned me on. I was already twitching inside. I whispered, “I’m sorry I snapped at you. It was wrong of me to do that.”

“You know the position. That was a good start, young lady, but you’re going to be much more sorry in a few minutes. And when ‘I’ see true contrition, then I’ll accept your apology,” he spoke in such a calm tone it almost made me shudder.

I gathered the long gown in my hands bringing the hem to my knees and climbed up on the bed knee walking to the wedge. Just as I began to lower myself over it I pulled the gown up in front so I’d not have to wrestle with it when I began to twist and writhe. Knees together and ankles locked, bottom very high, head, chest and shoulders low, I sighed and did my best to try to relax as I squirmed to get comfortable. I closed my eyes.

I flinched as his hand cupped my bottom and began to rub. His fingers molded to me making the fabric shift and tickle my legs. “If my touch makes you jerk like that, I’m rather interested to see how you’re going to react to the paddle. You seem to be quite jumpy. Did I catch you at a bad time, girl?”

I shoved my face into the bed and growled. I realized as his hand connected sharply with my left cheek that I’d not really flinched much at all. Ouch. By the time he’d covered my entire bottom two or three times with hand smacks I was squirming and panting. The sound of his hand meeting my flesh had almost as much power to make me jump buttttttt… not quite. It was the stinging heat like being pricked with fork tines that made my bottom jerk and twist bringing with it soft moans I couldn’t hold back. OUCH. It always amazed me how deeply into my bottom a hand smack burned. A couple of the searing smacks brought an automatic kicking reaction. Damn, his was telling me he was serious about changing my attitude and smart mouth.

All of a sudden I was angry. He’d slipped in and caught me at a very private, NO! It was a secret moment… a moment that belonged only to ‘me’. As human beings we all deserve ‘some’ privacy and a place in our minds where no one can enter. I wanted some little piece of space that was safe enough I didn’t ‘need’ defenses. I began to kick with fury, hollering, “this isn’t fair! You’re not being fair!” The tops of my feet slammed down on the bed as I pushed with my hands and twisted trying to get up. The darned wedge made that quite an effort.

The spanking stopped as I felt his body lying over my back, his weight pressing down on me keeping me still, in place. His arms came around me holding me tightly. “Shhhh,” he whispered in my ear, his breath warm, moist.

“This isn’t about ‘what’ you were doing. I’m sorry I startled you when I came in. I’m sorry if you felt embarrassed.” The power of the gentleness of his voice made my eyes sting as it flowed through me. I clutched at him, holding on tightly as the anger I’d felt began to diminish.

“Are you all right now?” He asked with tenderness. “Hold position, pet.”

I nodded and felt his weight slip from my body. Then his eyes found my gaze as he knelt by the bed so he could look into my eyes. I was aware of his calm solid strength as he began to talk to me.

“Awww, Love. What you were doing was fine, healthy. I didn’t mean to startle you. And I didn’t come in quietly. I think maybe you were very distracted, caught up in the heat of the moment,” his voice was almost a whisper. “But you cannot speak to me the way you did. I won’t allow it. It’s harmful to both of us and I think you know that. No matter how embarrassed ‘you’ may be, I deserve your respect. I’ve worked hard to earn your respect. And I’ve worked hard to be strong enough that you can come to me with any problem, any need,” he spoke, his voice low soft and like steel; that voice that brooked no resistance as it reached into me, pulling away my breath. “And I won’t put up with your being nasty to me when ‘you’ are feeling defensive. When I notice you have a tendency toward something harmful to ‘us’, I WILL handle it ‘my’ way. Is that understood, pet?”

I began to remember how snappish and nasty I’d been. Oops! I’d forgotten that part. My mind was still a bit lost in churning sexual desire begging for release when he’d jolted me out of my reverie. Only the shock of the first few moments was enough to cloak the sexual hunger, though, and it had come racing back like a locomotive. I’d tried to suppress it as I’d moved around, and climbed over the wedge but my mind split was between orgasm and the knowing I was in for a hiding… and I’d become a bit miffed. The spanking had stung and burned and I wanted to get back to the sexual side of things before I lost that churning sexual hunger. So, I’d pitched a little fit. And when Doug was this soft, this kind, this caring, my ass was in for one heck of a spanking. YIKES!

“Yes, Doug, I know what a good man you are. And I know how well you take care of me. Still, don’t you think you might be a little touchy with me if I walked in on you stroking the beast? Maybe growl a little bit at me?” I tried to sound all innocent and stuff, knowing I’d gone too far in my attack. So I softened my eyes gave him a sweet pouting look and hoped for the best. When Doug was this soft, this kind, this caring, my ass was in for one heck of a spanking. YIKES!

“No, pet. I’d not have snarled at you. Might have asked you to join me, or instructed you to strip and spread those lovely legs for me. But treat you with disrespect? Never, pet. Don’t try be coy with me, I’ve known you way too long to buy it.” He’d replied smoothly.

He was way too calm. Oh, I felt that sinking feeling that makes a gal’s knees weak, like being summoned to the Principal’s office and not knowing why. Going over every naughty thing you’d done in your mind and wondering if you’d been caught at something. But, this time I’d been caught before being summoned and I knew exactly what I’d done. Annnnnd I STILL wanted to find that sweet release, which wasn’t looking too promising now.

“Are you ready to resume your spanking, pet?” he asked as he stood, picking up the paddle from the bed as he rose. He bobbed the paddle in his hand gauging his grip, then smacked his hand. The crack of leather against his palm made me jump.

“You seem to be very nervous, love,” he teased wickedly.

“AARRGGHH!” I growled then hollered, “Damn it! Doug, I was right on the verge. I’m sorry I snapped at you… but stopping like that made me tense and IRRITABLE. Why can’t you understand that?” I stopped frozen. I was sure I had gone insane. For all my temper and attitude I hadn’t even tried to move from my position of bottom high in the air, face and shoulders pressing low on the mattress. Some tough cookie I was. Growling and hollering and yet here I was… unmoving. Oh, well. It was better than watching TV. And as my attitude had only served to make things worse, I decided to try something else and wiggled my bottom, adding a sexy little moan and asked in a whisper, “Are you sure you want to spank? Ummm, (I made a little purring sound) we could make love instead.”

He raised one eyebrow walked toward the end of the bed then I felt him stroke his fingers along my wetness. It felt so good I lifted and began to move with him. His fingers were warm, finding the exact spot. Soft high-pitched sounds slipped out of my throat. My eyes closed to intensify the sensations. My mind locked on the talented hand that knew my body so well. My head snapped up, back arching as a sting of fire in lower right cheek followed the loud SMAAACK. Before I got my breath another landed connecting in the exact spot on my left cheek.

“That was for trying to manipulate me,” he spoke sternly, and added, “Remove your panties. I want them all the way off.”

I just ‘thought’ I was limber. Taking your panties off while over a wedge is just shy of impossible. Ass wiggling in the air as I stretched to try to take them off had me almost whipped. I was having a wrestling match with myself. Puffing and panting and my damn panties weren’t even off yet. I felt ungainly, embarrassed and humiliated. Then I had a brilliant idea. I pushed up over the wedge to stand on my knees. I gave Doug a ‘kiss my ass’ look and then with a flip of my head raised my nose in the air and demurely lowered my panties to my knees, lifted each, one at a time, slipped them down and flipped then off my feet with a kick. I turned, head still held proud, nose in the air to look into his eyes feeling very much like a saucy wench. Well, until I saw the set of his jaw and the look in his eyes, then I withered like an old rose in the searing afternoon sun. Gulp!

“Oh, pet! I’m so pleased to see that you are begging me to add lashes to your backside. I mean, really, love, it’s as though you are challenging me. And in your position don’t you think that is a bit foolish?” His eyes held me immobile, then his voice lowered to just above a whisper, the only way to describe it is like a velvet wrapped steel beam, and said, “Are you ready to resume your spanking?”

I flung myself over the pillow, knees together, ankles locked, biting back another snappish retort. I was getting pissed off in a big way. Then I felt his warm hands ease between my calves and unlock my ankles. Those big strong hands moved to first my right and then left knee placing them wide apart. I cannot even begin to describe what happens inside me when he does. I feel my lips slowly part, then the cool air hitting the hot moist tissues and I know he’s looking at me. I know it begins to effect his body immediately as the blood rushes into his penis filling it and making it hard in just seconds. Knowing he’s so effected by just looking at me has the power to make my body feel like it’s melting, becoming liquid. My lungs find it hard to fill completely as my breathing softens and comes a bit raggedly. And I find that all I want is for him to touch and then fill where the air tickles and cools.

SMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAACK! SMAAAAAAAAACK! SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCK! Each lash jolts my body. The leather paddle leaves nerve endings screaming in reaction. The heat builds as I twist and buck. Muscle deep under the skin begins to burn. My hands clutch the coverlet making fists. I hear the moans turn to groans that come from deep in my chest. Then his voice reaches me and I lock on to it like a buoy in a raging sea.

“Pet, I won’t tolerate being talked to the way you have talked to me today. Do you understand this? Do you understand that it hurts me and makes me feel like pulling away from you?” Every few words he said were peppered with a smack to my searing derriere.

That got my attention quickly. I knew I could sometimes be a bitch, but I thought he knew it was hormones and being female and really didn’t mean anything. It was like opening a pressure valve and letting off some of the steam so I wouldn’t explode. And I thought he maybe even liked my sassiness a little, you know, the taming of the shrew type thing. But to think what I did made him feel like pulling away from me made my heart hurt and made my head ache. Tears prickled my eyes as the smacks built in strength and tempo. I began to shake my head because I couldn’t speak, too much emotion and too much ‘ouch, hot, burn’ taking my breath. Ohhhhh… it did HURT. But I couldn’t decide which hurt more, my flaming ass or my tender heart.

“I can tell that surprised you. Well it does hurt. Your words can sometimes be as sharp as a knife and I have had ENOUGH of it. Do {{SMACK}} you {{SMACK}} understand {{SMACK}} me?” {{SMACK, SMACK, SMACK}}

“Ohhhhhhhhh… yessssssssssss! I do.” Then the tears came in a torrent. My nose ran and eyes spilled out what seemed like rivers. My pelvis lifted and tucked grinding into the wedge as he spanked on and on. My crying sounds became mixed with growls and howls of pain. I say ‘pain’ but it wasn’t injurious. But it stung and bit and resonated, I swear it feels like my bottoms glowing like one of those air port beckon lights. {{ying… ying… ying…}} And I couldn’t be still. My feet did a flutter kick, hips twisted and my head kept rearing up. Talk about multi-tasking… all this and I was sobbing. Am I talented or what?

His voice strong, calm, confident, pushed it’s way through all the intense sensations, “Vivianne, concentrate on your bottom. Feel it. Feel the hurt, the fire. It really is a beautiful shade of burgundy, pet. I want you to think about making this poor bottom pay for the spouting of your mouth. And if you have any remorse at all, let it slip here to your bottom. Let everything come right here to your bottom. This is how you pay!”

It just became too much. Little by little my body ceased to fight the bed of red glowing charcoal on my ass and thighs. The sobbing increased for a few moments then it too began to calm. Funny how a few words can bring something so clearly to light. It ‘was’ all in my bottom. A bottom that just lay there like a great fiery lump and almost welcomed the hot slings and arrows of the leather. Hiccuping and sniffing, grinding the tears from my eyes with the backs of my fists, I realized Doug was once again spanking with his hand. He always began and ended by giving me ‘his’ touch.

Soon he was rubbing, soothing, telling me what a good baby I was. His baby. I began to wriggle again but this time reveling in his gentle touch. He left for a moment and eyes closed I listened to him squirt lotion into his hand. The bottle was almost empty and it made a farting sound. I giggled and asked Doug if his tummy was upset. OUCH… too soon to tease him I guess. Lying there soaking up the lotion (which by the way ADDS heat after the first second) and my man’s tender caresses I felt very fortunate. Turning my face into the mattress I grinned. After just a couple ticks of the clock, I lifted my head, turned, and said as softly as I could, “I’m really sorry I was such a bitch. I honestly never meant to do anything to make you feel like pulling away from me. Thank you for telling me. Although I think… ummm, never mind what I think.”

He smiled. And as I saw him begin to lower himself between my still wishbone spread knees… I laid my head back down on the mattress, closed my eyes and tried to picture his tongue as he picked up where I’d left off… while playing… and getting caught.

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