Rears – Part II

Complete silence fills the little room for a few moments, as we can hear the sound of a few people moving into place behind the curtain. Suddenly, bright spotlights flash on and illuminate the front of the curtain. Footsteps are heard, and then one of the college girl waitresses walks in from the back of the room, clicking her high heels as she strides purposefully up to the stage. She is carrying some sort of a long sign in front of her – it’s a sort of posterboard, such as they used to use in vaudeville theaters eighty years ago. She is also topless! She wears only the black stockings, black high heels, and the black satin thong panties. She steps boldly up onto the tiny apron of the small stage and holds the billboard, which is about a meter in length and half as wide, just underneath her proud breasts. Holding her shoulders proudly back and flaunting her naked teats, she allows us to read it: TONIGHT’S ENTERTAINMENT :, and she turns the sign to all sides of the room so that all can see it – we now wonder what the name of the show is to be!
To answer that question, she turns her back to the audience, causing our eyes to immediately jump to the thin black satin strip which bisects her buttocks, then she bends completely forward from the waist and flips the reverse side of the sign behind her, then holds it in place beneath her lovely bottom as we read:
After turning herself in both directions to allow all to read it, she turns and bows, leaving the stage to thunderous applause. The curtain remains closed, but then parts to allow another one of the waitresses to emerge. She is dressed in the uniform of a school Prefect, with piping along the edges of her jacket. She carries a list of names in one hand and a small set of numbered cards in the other. She steps to the front as a microphone is lowered from above and makes the following announcement:
“Ladies and gentlemen; once each month, students from the Regis school meet in the punishment room to receive their just punishments for breaking school rules. Their possible offences and assigned punishments are listed for you on the blackboard that you will see at the back of the stage, but we must now determine what exact rules they have broken. We will announce the name of the girl, and this kind gentleman (she points to me!) will draw a number from 1 to 8 for each of the girls, who will then prepare themselves accordingly for their correction. The first student is …Carla Anzallone… Sir, would you please select a card?” Holding the deck out to me, I draw out a card – it is number 6. The prefect calls out this number so that Carla can prepare herself backstage, then writes Carla’s name next to number 6 on the board.
In a similar fashion, she calls out several more names, and more girls are assigned their numbers.
The she calls out “Nadia Lewis!” From the remaining three cards, I pull out a number… “8”, the girl announces. I hear a little giggle come from behind the curtain!
She calls out the two remaining names and they are assigned the numbers that I draw. The last name is her own name – Constance Bennett.. and she receives number 4… evidently she is also guilty of an offense… would the punishment be more strict for a prefect?
“Thank you, Sir, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. In just a few moments, you will be allowed to enter the Regis Punishment Room with us.” Constance stepped back behind the curtain, which drew closed behind her.

The curtain is pulled open slowly to reveal a schoolroom scene. There are eight small stools ranged in front of a large blackboard, slightly to the left of the center. To the right side of the stage is a large bulletin board with eight hooks mounted along the top edge. From each hook hangs an implement used for punishment; #1 is a gym slipper, hung by its laces; #2 a transparent ruler, about a half meter in length; #3 is an American paddle, made of flat maple, with holes drilled in the surface; #4 is a Scottish twin-tailed tawse; #5 is a freshly-cut switch made of branches cut from a nearby birch; #6 is a riding crop; #7 is a meter stick; and #8 is a crook-handled rattan cane.
Of just as much interest is the chart drawn on the blackboard. It is a chart of the 8 “infractions” that could get a girl punished at this school, with a column showing the instrument to be used, another column listing the amount of covering to be allowed on the bottom, and a final column listing the number of strokes. This is the setup of the chart:

Gym Slipper; school knickers, 18 smacks
Ruler; school knickers, 12 strokes
knickers pulled up into crotch, 12 strokes
3. MISSING ASSIGNMENTS- (per assignment)
Paddle; knickers pulled up, 18 strokes
Tawse; knickers down to knees; thong, 18 strokes
5. CUTTING CLASS- (per incident)
Birch; knickers down to knees; G-string; 12 strokes
Crop; skirt off; knickers off; G-string down to knees; 18 strokes
Meter stick; blouse, skirt, knickers, G-string off; 24 strokes (standing, hands on knees)
Cane; all clothing off; 6 strokes kneeling on stool
6 strokes standing, hands on knees
6 strokes standing, grasping ankles
6 strokes lying on back, legs up “diaper position”

As soon as the audience have been given time to read the chart, the eight college girls file in to the “schoolroom” from offstage, followed by the “headmaster”, who is wearing a black robe. The girls silently walk to the stools and gently place their behinds down on the small surface. The “headmaster” starts to explain the procedure. You, my dear, are of course seated at the far right, on stool #8. You steal a glance at me, flash a brief smile and give me a little wink as you wriggle your pert little bottom back and forth on the stool. The headmaster, however, sees this and calls out “Pay attention, Number 8 – that will be another six strokes!” Thirty strokes with the cane – I don’t know whether you can take that many….. it will take me a week to love and massage your soft globes back into shape….that will be a pleasure for us both, however!

The girls are dressed in different varieties of school uniform, ranging from very formal, as the Prefect is wearing, with blazer, blouse and tie, stockings and heels – to very informal – there is one girl in a tennis outfit. You are wearing a summer school uniform – with little green checks all over it. You also have little white socks and tennis shoes on.

As the “headmaster” called out each name and then read the girl’s offence and her subsequent punishment, the victim would arise from her stool, bend and carry it to the front center of the stage, and then go to the bulletin board and remove the instrument to be used. She would then bring it to the head, who now had moved downstage to administer the punishment.
“Victoria Martin! Repeated lateness to English class. 18 smacks with a gym slipper over school knickers.”
Victoria was blond, wearing a navy sweater over white shirt, gray skirt, knee socks and black shoes. She stood, carried her stool to the front of the stage, then went to the board and removed the flat gym shoe, handed it to her punisher and then knelt up on the stool. (The stools were wide enough for a girl to kneel safely and present her bottom!) The headmaster lifted her skirt up over her back and instructed her to arch her back and present her rear.
Since this girl was not to be bared any more, she had chosen black school knickers that were very tight, and she bent over very fully, so that they were stretched tightly over her bum. I immediately got an erection, wanting to punish you in this way, too. The headmaster gave the girl 18 very hard smacks with the slipper; she cried out the stroke number after each one and madly rotated her but
tocks in the air, offering again after the pain had subsided. You were watching the a
ction very closely, and were able to look over at me with a wink and a smile as we watched! When the 18 were completed, the girl stepped down from the stool and rubbed her bottom, bending it out to the audience as she looked at the intent faces, as if inviting them to carry on! She then returned the shoe to the board, picked up her stool again and returned to her place. Lifting her skirt up to her waist and lodging it there, she lowered her pantied bottom very carefully on the stool, as our attention returned to the headmaster who was announcing the next girl.
Schoolgirl #2 was next… she followed the exact same procedure, except that instead of kneeling on the stool, she stood in front of it, bent from the waist and leaned over the stool, grasping the rungs at the far side. The headmaster, with the ruler in one hand, pulled her skirt up over her back, revealing a rather large behind, clad in dark green school knickers – not very appealing to me, but seemingly some of the other men in the crowd enjoyed this extra bit of size. The girl took twelve slow, hard strokes of the ruler, then reached back with her own hands, spread her legs a bit, and forcibly pulled her knickers as far as she could into her crack, then bent over even more. The bulge of her pubis was evident, and quite a few coarse black hairs stuck out from the edges of her knickers. The next twelve stokes came down even harder, causing some loud cries from the girl and leaving distinct weals on her visible buttock surface. She then returned to her seat, after taking the ruler from the Head and returning it to the bulletin board. She lowered her ample bottom to the stool, her green knickers still wedged in the crack and her skirt raised to her waist.
#3 was next – her punishment was with the paddle, and was given while she bent completely to grasp her ankles. She was wearing white cotton school panties, and the eighteen swats left her bottom quite reddened.
The only thing different about the Prefect’s punishment was that she received double the number of strokes specified, and she had to undress down to stockings, suspender belt, bra and the thong panties which were the black satin ones that were part of the normal uniform of the waitresses at Rears’. The other thing was that her position was also rather different and rather erotic. She was forced to place one knee up on the seat of the stool while standing on the other leg, which had two effects – it of course revealed the nearly-naked crease of her buttocks, with bits of her shaven labia showing around the outside of the thong, and it allowed the tawse to cruelly punish the insides of her thighs in addition to her bottom. She took 18 strokes to one side, then painfully reversed her position and received the same dose on the other side. When the 36 strokes were finished, she was sobbing freely.

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  1. Vade 271953

    More than excelent! But what happened after! Not only me but i think, more others , would be more than happy to read a details of Nadia receiving her punishment… a 30 with a cane!!!!! What a bliss of pain and…..could it been.And what feels her lover the proffesor………….during this ordeal!

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