The Perfect Stranger

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From the beginning of our relationship my wife and I have been a bit more exploring in our sexual escapades than most people usually are. And we have always been able to tell each other what our deepest fantasies are. So tonight I am going to put one of these fantasies into play. I’ve been telling her for days now that I am going to have a big surprise for her and that she’ll have night she’ll never forget. We start the evening like usual, with dinner, all the while playing with her by brushing my hand across her breast or nibbling on her neck. So by the time we get to where we are going her body is already tingling with anticipation. I lead her into a room where she finally sees how my plan is going to start. The room is empty except for two things, a chair in the corner and a harness which hangs from the ceiling in the middle. Her eyes grow wide and she asks, “What is that for?” I tell her that this is where you will be hanging for the remainder of the night and that she will obey my every command.
I move around behind her and kiss her neck while my hands lower the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She crosses her arms to keep it from falling all the way down. I unhook her bra and remove it, then I reach around and cup her breasts gliding my hands out and pinching the nipples lightly to get a sigh from her. I take her over to the harness and begin to strap her in. First her hands are bound above her head which allows her dress to fall freely, and as asked earlier she isn’t wearing any panties, so now her beautiful shaved pussy is exposed. I finish binding her in making sure all the straps are secure, then I begin to tell her that with this harness I can move her into any position that I wish. And to prove this I pull on the cords and raise her feet off the ground and spread them wide. I ask her if she is still comfortable and she says yes. Now with her hanging as if on a chair in mid-air I undress and reveal my erect member. I look at her briefly to see her licking her lips before I lower myself to her juicy pussy and begin to feast on it. Using my tongue I start to explore her sweet hole with my hands holding her tight little ass. Running up and down her outer lips and dipping into her honey pot, only to slide up to her hardened clit and suck it in between my lips and hold it there as my tongue massages it intensely. This doesn’t take long before she is shaking uncontrollably and juices are pouring into my mouth. When she is done I lower her legs so that she is standing normally again. Now I tell her that it is time for her big surprise. She sighs still catching her breath This is not my surprise. “No my dear we are still just getting started.” I pull out a blind fold and place it over her eyes, and squeeze her breasts again as I leave the room.
She hears the door close and calls my name to see if I’m really gone. No answer. Tied there with the blindfold not allowing any light in, a smile is on her face and she can feel her own cum starting to roll down her thigh. She is excited but begins to worry a little as a lot of time seems to go by. Finally the door opens and closes again. She says in a stern voice where have you been. I reply that she has nothing to fear and from here on out she has to do exactly as I say or face the consequences. She hears the chair in the corner move and me saying I am going to sit here and watch your surprise take absolute care of you. “What are you talking about,” she says , just then a hand slides up her leg and startles her. ” Who is that?” Just relax and enjoy yourself I tell her. The hand glides down her back and over her round butt. ‘What are you going to do she asks. I tell her if she can’t stop asking questions that she will have to be silenced. Just then the stranger wraps their arms around her and caresses her breasts and now she realizes that this is a man because his hard dick is pressed against her butt. I don’t know if I can do this she says. OK I warned you she hears and a gag is put in her mouth and secured around her head. Now see if you can just enjoy yourself I say. Suddenly the hands are moving all over her body, Up and down each leg and arm, across her back and stomach. The fingers barely touching her skin. She starts to shake her head when they slide across her tits and ass. But even in her denying her body tingles with pleasure. Her nipples rise and are seen by the stranger who sucks one into his mouth, a moan of no tries to come but can’t from the gag. The stranger starts to kiss her body from neck to breast to stomach to inner thighs. She wiggles a little to protest still but a cord is pulled and one leg is lifted off the ground. Her pussy is opened and it is glistening from her earlier orgasm and from her body’s reaction to this strangers touch. She can feel his breath inches away from her as he moves a finger up her leg and up to her lips. He runs his finger up and down her pussy bobbing her clit on each stroke. His hand feels so good that her moans of protest are now becoming moans of pleasure. The stranger leans forward and lashes her clit with his tongue sending chills up her spine. He starts licking her clit furiously and at the same time puts a finger inside her. He is eating her with a passion and doing such a good job that she is now moaning loudly and breathing heavily. He keep doing this until she finally explodes all over his face.
He stands up and lowers her leg. He goes around behind her and put his hand between her legs the pulls the cords to spread the apart. She feel him step up and place his cock at the edge of her cunt. And slowly he pushes his way in, parting her lips she lets out a slow desire groan as inch by inch he slides into her hungry pussy. He moves in and out slow as if he’s teasing her. One hand is on her tit rubbing it lightly while the other in fastened on her swollen clit, rubbing, sending vibrations throughout her body. She shudders as his dick runs in and out and within minutes she is pouring her juices all over his shaft. Still slowly he backs out and come back around in front of her. He pulls the cords and she can fell herself lower to her knees, her arms are also loosened. The gag is then removed and the strangers hands move through her hair and pull her head forward. The head of his dick is guided to her lips and without hesitation she open up and lets it slide into her mouth. His hands are holding loosely and she is allowed to do as she feels fit. She takes his cock into her hands stroking him while her mouth moves along his shaft. She also takes his balls into her mouth being sure to keep stoking his dick with her hands. She enjoys his cock for a few minutes then she feel her hands the body being raised back up. This time she is lifted to where she is almost laying on her back again legs spread wide. She feels her stranger position himself between them his dick leading into he cunt. It opens her and enters a little. His hands grab her waist and with one thrust he dives into her as far as he can go, she lets out a scream of joy as he continues to pound into her. He holds her tight while he thrusts time and time again. His eyes roll back in his head and a long roar emits as he pulls out and spurts stream after stream onto her stomach.
After he’s done he lowers the harness so that she is again standing. She hears the chair move again. ” I almost forgot you were there,” she said. Very good I say. I truly enjoyed your performance. Would you like to finally see your stranger. Yes she says. Go ahead I say take off her blindfold. He does and it takes a second for her eyes to adjust to the light to see ME standing right in front of her and to notice the digital recorder on the chair in the corner. She tries to slap me while laughing at the same time but with her arms still bound she can’t reach me. I say I’ll just leave you here for a bit and let you calm down.

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