The Train

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The Train
Jill sat in the corner seat of the train compartment, she felt and looked seductive in her new yellow two-piece suit. The pleated mini skirt showed her legs to good advantage, together with the black sheer stockings held in place with a matching frilly suspender belt, black patent leather shoes. She felt confident that would be impressed, with her appearance. Jill was aware of Ian’s predilection regarding water sports, and knickers wetting, In fact was she who, in the earlier stages of their relation ship, could be credited with his induction to the delights of wet love. But the last time he had talked to her which had been only last night. Speaking to her on the telephone he had been describing what they could do, when next they were together. His seductive voice had got her so carried away she had not only masturbated, but she had wet in her panties, sat on the side of the bed, she had just managed to move, before she had got into full flow and finished up, squatting besides the bed peeing on the carpet, as she friged her self through her panties. Ian, she realised was probably masturbating himself at the other end of the line. While she related all that she was doing to herself, how her pee was pouring through her panties, hot and wet, and what it felt like having two fingers thrust up the leg of her soaking attire, strumming frenziedly. It was after that Ian had suggested that she put her wet panties on the radiator, and then wear them today on the way down. She was working currently in Guilford, and today she was to travelling by train to Ian’s home in a small village just outside Winchester, Jill having submitted to Ian pleas, felt the stiffness of last nights dried pee and cunt juice panties, aware of the biscuit smell, that stemmed from under her skirt, that still lingered, despite the perfume she wore. And was glad she had the compartment to her self. She had also, complied with his request not to go to the loo until after she arrived. Now there where only ten minuets remaining before the train arrived, her bladder was at busting points, compelling Jill to hold herself, hand between crossed legs. That plus the anticipation of a long weekend of wet sex, had her imagination working over time, so that she could not resist rubbing her self, and squeezing the lips of her vulva, where her panties stiff with dried pee, had chaffed her cunt as she walked along on the way to the station.
The contemplation of the wet adventures ahead, was creating coarse pictures in her mind, stimulating her to a highly exited frame of mind, she indulged herself, (well not properly but almost) in masturbating herself to another climax. She just managed to control the urge to cum. Promising herself that it would be better to wait for the real thing when she arrived at Ian’s home. She knew she was prepared to do things she had never done before in order to get the satisfaction she craved.
Removing her case from the luggage rack was a strain and induced a small leak. Then when she was sure her relief was at hand, the train stopped outside the station with Jill standing in the corridor, her legs clamped together but not able to stop another dribble which soaked the crotch of her panties and the tops of her stockings. Eventually after a wait of about ten minuets the train pulled in to the station. Disembarking induced a further leak, which added further pee to the sodden the crotch of her panties and allowing a dribble to run down her leg almost reaching the inside of her knees.
She was glad that only two other people got off at the country station, as she hung behind so that no one would notice her wet panties induced a mincing walk. Ian threw his arms round her hugging her to him. As he kissed her, she whispered in his ear “please lets get out, I am almost doing it in my panties”. Ian’s reaction was instant, she knew he was aroused as she could feel his hardness along her thigh. Releasing her, he took her suit case and helped her through a gate, and into the car park.
She had every intention of using the situation to her advantage, wetting her panties prior to masturbating was one thing. But doing it so that Ian would give her the fucking of a life time, would fulfil a fantasy.her mind went back to past meetings ,which had begune as this was doing.
Boy he could make it last so long, the whole thing just got better and better with each wave of pleasure till her trembling legs went ridged and at the hight of her pleasure she would release a long hot jet like a stream of pee,
Just thinking of the last time they had done that, had her pushing her clit in to the wet material, as she walked, she could not wait for him to play with the lips of her vagina, she wriggled her bum inside her wet pants, . Relieving the sensations, she had experienced on the train
When they reached the car, which was parked in front of a hedge and obscured from view. Ian went to the back off the car to put her suit case in the boot, Jill followed him, she stood with her back to the hedge facing him. She hiked her skirt up round her waist, saying “don’t touch yet, just watch”she squatted down with her knees wide open, her ample thighs, revealing to Ian eager eyes her already wet panties and stockings. Squatting thus she relaxed her splinter causing her pee to pour through her panties, As she did this she diddled her self with one finger so that Ian’s view would not be obstructed. Jill pressed her hand on her cunt. Stimulating her self and making her want to pee all the more
She had been wanting to pee for a long time.that together with the fact that she was on the verge of coming, was exciting, and made her legs tremble. The whole situation was known to no one but herself and Ian, her over taxed sphincter no longer strove to hold back the piss that had threatened to embarrass her earlier, she just let it go, peeing out into her black knickers Soaking her suspender belt, stockings, and filling her shoes, and splashing on the ground, where it ran along in some little rivulets, to form a pool at Ian feet. She had intended to bring her self off. But as the streams subsided Ian unzipped his jeans and released his throbbing cock
Then he lifted her to her feet, seating her on the car boot, she felt her panties tear, and the hot surface of the car on her naked bottom.
Then oh! Bliss that long hard cock was eased in to her a little at a time, then out then in, her senses registering the highest point of her pleasure zone, as she cried fuck me, fucckkk meee, bloody fuuuuucccckkkk mmmmeeee as a tumultuous orgasm jolted her from head to toe, Ian body was straining against hers, his prick embedded as far as it would go, there was so much spunk pumped in to her, that when he released her she felt she was pissing her self again.As with the gusset of her panties gone it ran down her legs into her stocking tops.
They stood there cuddling for quite a time, then Ian pulled down what remained of her panties, using them to wipe her cunt and legs before wiping his own cock, and zipping up. Then in gratitude, he bent down and holding Jill’s thighs apart placed kisses on her legs, before running his tongue up and down the lips of her swollen vagina. Jill moaned softly” again! Again!” but Ian murmured “later”.
Getting in the car Ian suggested they call for some lunch and a drink at his club, Jill was a little concerned about going in with no panties on, and she felt her skirt was damp at the back, but Ian reassured her it did not show
Jill could not help but contemplate, what opportunities the club might afford to further assuage her still itching fany, If she could have envisaged what she was about to do she might have been compelled to masturbate right there in the car. Next THE CLUB
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