Tied and Taken in Chez George

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I watch you as you dine with your friend. You glance at me once; perhaps you recognize me, perhaps not. My heart races as my eyes roam over you, lovely in your soft white blouse, your blue skirt ending off at your thighs, your stockings glistening. You finish your dessert and call for the check. You bid your friend goodbye and she walks off. You make your way to the powder room to tidy up before heading back to the office.

You step into the powder room, seating yourself upon the cushioned stool, taking out your lipstick, the mirror in front of you set upon a dressing table. You can see your back through an identical mirror behind you. As you brush your hair you hear someone step into the room. I lock the door behind me as I slip in.

You gasp when see me. I quickly to grasp your wrists behind you and bind them together softly but surely with the white scarf I took from you in another dream. I place my hand over your mouth before you can scream; kissing your cheek as I whisper in your ear “Do you remember me?” I sense that you do, your heart racing now as you once thought was just a dream.

You see me prepare another white scarf behind you, this time covering your mouth. I pull you to your feet gently, and you feel fear mixed with arousal as I look into your eyes through the mirror, promising pleasure and not pain. I kiss the back of your nec, my hands running over your hips, up your sides to your breasts. I massage your breasts through the fabric of your blouse, realizing that you indeed had no bra on. You feel me kneading your breasts gently as my lips move over your neck, pausing at your ear to tongue it softly before making my moist pilgrimage to your cheek.

You feel me catch your nipples in my fingers and rolling them, the swelling there visible through your blouse. You try to escape, but find yourself pinned softly between my body and the edge of the dressing table at hip level. I smile at you through the mirror
once more, my left hand leaving your breast to undo the buttons of your blouse one by one.

Your cleavage exposed, I slip my hand within your blouse, taking your nipple between my thumb and index finger and massaging it as you squirm in distressed delight. I kiss your neck once more as my other hand slides down your chest, one fingertip gliding over your skin until my palm reaches your stomach. I massage your stomach in tender circles, smiling as my hand moves to undo the rest of your buttons.

You feel me pressing my hardness into your bum as I pull the blouse off your shoulders, leaving them hanging from your arms as you try to free yourself in vain. Your struggles only serve to make your breasts sway seductively. I put both arms under your breasts, cupping them lightly with my hands and you feel the warmth of my chest against the bareness of your back. I roll your nipples lovingly once more, your nipples visibly swollen and firm in the mirror to you as you try to mumble, or perhaps moan through the scarf at your mouth.

One hand slides down your tummy and into the waistband of your skirt, and your unease grows as you try to free yourself from my gentle but
firm grasp. I hug you closer with my hand on your breast, my other hand sliding into your skirt waistband, my fingers dipping under the lace elastic of your panties.

I pause for a moment, your eyes meeting mine in the mirror as you look at me standing behind you. I slide my fingers thru the curls on your mound, until the tip of my index finger reaches your moistness. I slip the tip of my finger over the surface of your clit, rubbing it softly and gently, letting the moistness grow as you squirm in my grasp. I hug you closer and whisper softly in your ear, telling you to surrender to temptation. I rub your clit lightly, my fingertip gliding over the top of your clit with each caress.

I kiss your earlobe, nibbling gently on you, my breath in your ear as I run my fingertip back and forth over your clit faster. I roll your nipple between my fingers in full view for you to see. You see my hand moving under the fabric of your skirt as I press a little more firmly with each stroke.

I press my hips a little more against you, the warmth of my body flowing into your body, your breasts heaving as you breathe faster and your heart races. I feel you moistness grow to wetness, and caress your clit tenderly faster and faster, excitement in my eyes matching yours as your body quivers with pleasure. I curl my finger more on your clit to press perfectly upon it, my hand trapped by your panties against your skin. I kiss your neck more passionately as I stroke your clit faster, building the pace in time with my hand on your nipple.

You feel me quicken the pace, my fingertip moving over the slick surface of your clit at full speed as you begin to shudder. You feel an ache growing deep inside you, my fingertip stroking fast and furious over your clit as your wetness soaks your panties. The pleasure grows inside you as your knees start to quiver. I press you closer to me to take your weight as you try to fight the welling up within you, trying and failing as the aching desire grows.

I grin at you in the mirror, my finger relentlessly torturing your clit with pleasure as the flood inside you breaks through. Your whole body arches and your nipples swell. Your wetness tightens involuntarily and uncontrollably as the climax courses through your body, the orgasm overwhelming you as your whole body arches and you tilt your head back against my shoulder.

I finger your clit and nipple in perfect unison as your orgasm peaks, your muffled cries of pleasure making desire grow in me as your climax begins to fade. I slow down my caresses to match your rhythm, letting you catch your breath.

I look at you through the mirror, your loveliness overcoming me with desire to please you as I finger your clit with renewed vigor just as your orgasm fades. I run my fingertip madly over your clit once more, my other hand switching to pleasure your other nipple. Not waiting to build up the tempo this time, I tease your clit mercilessly with my fingertip, relentlessly caressing it as the ache wells up inside you once more. It grows swiftly even as you try in vain to resist it.

You struggle to free your wrists, but your wetness spasms in one long unstoppable contraction. I hold you up at the breast and support you as you come totally, completely, groaning through your gag.

The waves course through you, your loins aching as I maintain your orgasm. Your eyes plead with me to stop as I stroke your clit wildly. You come in one last long unbearable climax, writhing with pure ecstasy.

I hold you up in my arms as the waves subside inside you, kissing your cheek tenderly. You feel me massaging your tummy soothingly as our warmth mingles with the scent of our love. Just before you doze off, that warm, familiar sensuous afterglow descends upon us.

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  1. yaabey

    I truly enjoed this story. You would’nt believe how hot my pussy got just reading it. Well i’ve got to go now and play with my nipples, clit,pussy and asshole until I scream after reading this story, Oh I would enjoy reading more of your stories

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  2. Whispering Dawn

    I am glad my story gave you pleasure. I’ve just written another. If you have any ideas or storylines that you’d like me to try, I’m open to suggestions.

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