A Dream Leads to Reality – Part 3

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A Dream Leads to Reality

Part 3

As I stood there looking at my father, I could see he had a very confused look on his face. He looked over his shoulder in the direction Jeff and my mother had taken, then he looked back at me. It was obvious that his wife, my mother, was about to fuck my boyfriend and he didn’t understand how to feel about it.

I moved closer to my dad and put my hands on his chest. Looking up into his brown, misty eyes, I said, “Do you usually let mother do what she wants?”

“Yes, I do” he responded.

“Does mother let you do all the things you want to do?”

“Usually, you know, go hunting and fishing with the guys, things like that.”

Then I blurted out my next question. “Is there anything you would like to do right now.”

My dad pushed me away slightly and looking me straight in the eyes, said “yes, but what I want right now is not important.”

Dad had his hands on my shoulders and we stood that way for what seemed an eternity.

I told him, “I think what you want is very important and I think you should do it.”

After saying that, I reached for dad’s hands and slid them off my shoulders and toward my breasts. When I put his palms on my nipples, his fingers reflex idly started to squeeze both breasts. When I looked back up at his face his eyes were turned upward and it was obvious that he really wanted to do this.

I slowly backed toward the sofa and I sat down. Dad was looking down at me and with our eyes locked. I very deliberately pulled my sweater up my body and over my head. I leaned back and spread my legs under my full skirt. I could tell that dad’s cock was getting hard and pushing at his pants and at that moment all I wanted to do was to satisfy my father’s needs.

I pulled my skirt up around my thighs and knew that this should give him every indication that I was ready for him. However, he just stood there looking. I leaned forward and unfastened my bra letting my breasts come free, the nipples hard and erect. As I again leaned back, I reached down and lifted my skirt higher until my panties were exposed. Then with a deliberate action, I raised my hips and pulled them off. Now I was spreading my pussy for my father and more than anything, wanted him inside me.

Finally, my dad started to react. He unfastened his belt and then the waist of his trousers. He let them fall to the floor and I saw that he was pushing his jockey shorts to the limit. I wanted to pull them down for him but knew that this was his choice.

Before he dropped his shorts dad looked at me and said,

“This isn’t right or natural. In fact there is a word for it, it’s called incest, and that is supposed to be wrong.”

I said, “No dad, this is right. This is what you want to do and it is what I want us to do. If we don’t do it we will probably regret it for a long time to come.”

Dad pulled down his shorts and his beautiful cock sprang out like a soldier at attention. I slid down on the sofa bringing my skirt fully around my waist and spreading my legs wider. Dad got on his knee between my legs and leaned over me. He was holding his cock and moving it slowly up and down my pussy. Stopping, he looked down at me as said,

“Honey, is this really what you want?”

“Yes daddy, this is what I really do want.”

With that, I grabbed his waist and thrust my pussy up to him driving his cock deep into my wet, waiting hole. With a groan, he lowered himself onto me and began moving slowly in and out. As his passion grew, he started moving faster until he was fucking me like a slut.

I came very quickly and that only excited him to greater activity. His thrusts went deeper and I knew he was getting close to his climax. As his breathing got quicker, I suddenly had the thought that he should not cum in me. Fucking your father was one thing but getting pregnant by him was an entirely different matter. As I struggled a little and put my hands on his shoulders, dad said, “don’t worry, I have been cut and can’t give you a little package.” I relaxed and let him continue fucking me hard and long. When he pushed his shoulders up to give his cock the chance to plunge deep into me he started spurting his seed into my wanting vagina. It was a glorious feeling. My father was cumming in me and I didn’t want him to stop.

Daddy slowly pulled out of my pussy and I quickly pulled my skirt under me to catch his cum that was flowing out of me. He stood up and put his shorts and pants back on. Getting up from the sofa, I gathered my clothing and went quickly to my room.

I cleaned myself up, put on a robe and went back to the living room. Mother was there with dad and she had on a robe also. We decided that we were hungry and daddy called for a pizza. As we sat around the coffee table eating, we made small talk but nothing about what had happened. Finally, mother said that Jeff was going to bring some friends over on Saturday and thought we might have a cook out. I had a feeling that this would be some party and instantly began looking forward to it. Later that evening, dad went to get ready for bed and mother quietly asked me if I had done “it” with him. I looked at her for a long moment and then nodded my head. Mother asked if it was my idea and I told her it was absolutely my idea. I related how dad had hesitated and gave me every opportunity to back out but I really wanted him. She nodded and said she understood. Then she asked me if I enjoyed it. I said that daddy being inside me was the ultimate love that he could show me. Then mother got up and said, “Just don’t let it happen too often.”

“Did you enjoy doing it with Jeff?” I asked her

‘Enjoy it? I loved every moment of it. I can’t believe how great it is to have a strange cock in me and I intend to do it whenever I find a man I want.”

“But what about dad,” I asked.

“Your father is free to fuck anyone he wants. I think this arrangement will work out ok and make our future much more pleasurable.”

Giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, we went our separate ways to bed.

During the next week, things around the house were subtly different. I would see dad touch mom’s tits or pat her ass. Things he had never done in front of me before. Daddy would also touch me that way sometimes. He came to my bed twice that week and I showed him how well I could suck his cock and he demonstrated his expertise in sucking pussy.

It is getting close to the end of the week and Saturday’s party. My pussy stays wet just thinking about it.

To Be Continued

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