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My Mom Was Hypnotized By a Hypnotist at a County Fair

Hi, My Name Is Lori Cosgrove, I’m going to tell you about how my own mom was hypnotized by a hypnotist at the county fair, but first I’m going to talk about myself and my mom, I’m 5’8, blonde hair, blue eyes, Mom and I Lived in a house in a shaded, gated, tree-line neighborhood in a town called hope falls, I attend High School There, I’m captain of the cheer-leading squad, and captain of the girl’s High school Basketball, Volleyball, and Rugby Teams, I’m also Student Body President, and I Played The French horn In The High School Band.

My Mom’s Name is Sylvia Cosgrove, She’s 5’9, shoulder length long brunette hair, hazel eyes, She and My Dad, He was Her Husband had divorced when I was 1-year-old, we haven’t seen or heard from him ever since, Mom had to work as a Bank Teller at the local bank to make ends meat for herself and for me.

Until on that clear sunny day, Mom and I were at a county fair that was in town, we was having a great time, I watched Mom go on some of the rides, Played some games, win some great stuff, until someone was passing out fliers, they were fliers of a world famous hypnotist was having a hypnosis show, Mom and I went to the tent where the hypnosis show was being held at, we sat down in the bench, until the doors of the tent mysteriously closed, a light sparked hit the stage.

A Man In His Late 20s, He had dark brown hair, Green Eyes, He was wearing under-wear, pants, shirt, coat, socks, shoes, was standing on the stage, as he looked out at the Audience.

“Hello Ladies and Gentleman, My Name Is Dr. Fantastic, I am a world Famous hypnotist, Now For My First Hypnosis, I shall need a volunteer”, The Man said as he took out his black magic wand as he was speaking.

All Of a Sudden Dr. FANTASTIC’S Black Magic Wand was pointing At My Mom, a Bright Light Was Shining Down On Her.

“How About You My Dear, would you like to come up on the stage?”, Dr. Fantastic Asked.

Go For It Mom, Go For It“, Lori whispered.

“All Right, It’ll Be Fun”, Sylvia said as she got up from the bench.

She walked down the aisle, up on the stage, She sat down in a chair that had been brought out for her, with her hands on her lap.

“Now Ladies and Gentleman, I would Like To Have Complete Silence from you all”, Dr. Fantastic Said.

He turned and faced Mom with his back to the audience, he took out a gold pocket watch that was on a light gold chain, he started swinging it back and fourth in front of Mom’s face and eyes.

“Look at the gold pocket watch, as your looking at it, your body is slowly relaxing, your entire body feels weightless, you have no control over your own body”, Dr. Fantastic said.

Sylvia continued looking at the gold pocket watch that was on a light gold chain, her eyes were following the gold pocket watch as it sways back and fourth in front of her face and eyes.

“Your eyes is getting heavy, it’s like heavy stones on your eyes, you’re about to go in a deep sleep in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one”, Dr. Fantastic said.

all of a sudden Sylvia’s eyes closed her head slumped over, He stood back, I and the Rest of the Audience were amazed, we started clapping,

“Now when I Snap My Fingers, She’ll Wake Up, But She’ll Be In a Hypnotic Trance”, Dr. Fantastic said.

He Snapped His Fingers, Mom woke up, her eyes looked blank, She was in a hypnotic trance, Dr. Fantastic told her that she was a chicken in a chicken coop, He told her that she was a sealion, he told her that she was a ballerina dancing on a stage, I was surprised seeing mom moving and clucking like a clucking like a chicken, clapping her hands and barking like a sealion, and dancing like a ballerina, He told her to sit back down in the chair.

Mom sat down in the chair with her hands on her lap,

“Now Ladies and Gentleman, I have to leave you, but I’m taking my volunteer with me, so that I can give her a reward for her participating in the hypnosis show”, Dr. Fantastic said.

Suddenly another bright light appeared on the Stage, Dr. Fantastic and My Mom Disappeared, I and the rest of the Audience started walking out of the tent, I decided to look around the county fair, I started walking around and was looking at some of the stuff that people were selling at the county fair, Until I heard someone calling my name.

Lori, Lori, Lori, Lori“, a voice said.

I looked and saw my mom, She was walking toward me.

“Lori, where were you, I’ve been looking all over for you?”, Sylvia asked.

“I was looking at some stuff that people were selling, are you all right, Mom”, Lori answered.

“Oh Yes Honey, I’m Fine, now let’s go home”, Sylvia said.

“All Right Mom”, Lori replied.

Mom and I were walking out of the exit of the county fair, we got into our car and drove off, about an hour later we returned home, put our prizes that Mom and I had won in the house, ate dinner, and went to bed.

The Next Morning I was In my bedroom doing my homework, Mom was in the kitchen washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, when the telephone that was hanging on the wall started ringing.

“I’ll get it”, Sylvia said as she wiped her hands on the paper towel,

Mom walked over to the phone, picked up the telephone receiver.

“Hello?”, Sylvia asked.

Suddenly there was a low hypnotic humming over the phone and it put Mom in a hypnotic trance, the low hypnotic humming continued playing over the phone, and a subliminal message was being heard, Mom put the phone back on the receiver, and put on her socks, and shoes, started walking toward the front door.

Mom walked out of the front door, across the front porch, down the front porch steps, on the sidewalk, into the car, and drove off.

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