A great encounter with an old friend

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You know I never thought that this day would ever happen again…but it did…
As I sit on my computer checking my messages like I did every night after work I came across an unknown email address…so I opened it. In the email it read “My darling I have searched far and wide for you and now I have found you at last…8 years without you was way too long…I wanted to let you know that I never meant to hurt you or to let you go…you are my one true love. Always have been and always will be…Sincerely R.” Now I was trying to think back those 8 long years to whom it might be signing off as R…and finally came to the conclusion that it was my ex fiancĂ© Ronnie.
Now the story with Ronnie and myself was that we were High School sweethearts and were planning on getting married when I turned 18 but things took a turn for the worst…he moved back to his home town and got with his old childhood best friend…I was devastated. So I stopped talking to him…changed my number and even moved out of state getting in a relationship that should have never happened…but all the while thought of him daily…you see I never stopped loving him…so I replied to that email with just a simple message of my number and signing off “Truly yours Always…Baby girl.”
Soon I received a call…the sound of his voice sent shivers down my spine…and him calling me his baby girl sent a weird sensation to my thighs. I knew it was wrong to have this feeling for Ronnie due to the fact that we were both married but I couldn’t help it. So as time went on we talked daily…many things were spoken…how much he was sorry, how much we loved each other, even what we would do if we saw each other again for the first time in 8years. But not once did sex or anything like that come into play. Until…the day in question came…
It was a typical Saturday, I was home alone while my husband was at work, trying to figure out what I wanted to do that day…so I decided to go walk around the mall…as usual Ronnie called me and we started talking…
“Hey baby girl, what are you doing?” he asked
“Well I decided to walk around the mall instead of sitting home alone and bored again, and you?”
“looking at this gorgeous woman in front of me with tight jeans on to see her gorgeous ass, a skimpy red tank top that you can see all her cleavage from her 38C breasts and her golden blonde hair running down her back…and I’m close enough to smell her sweet perfume that makes my knees go weak” he explained
At this moment I was getting upset because he was talking to me about another woman…”oh really” I exclaimed, “and why would I want to know about this…” until I realized that the woman he described was wearing the same thing I was, so I turned around to see his gorgeous eyes staring into mine and him smile. All I could do was stare into his eyes for a moment until he said “Hi Baby girl,” at that moment my trance broke and I wrapped my arms around his neck in an embrace that says “I’m never letting you go.” So we walked hand in hand through the mall for awhile, I then asked him “do you want to go back to my house?” of course his answer was “yes.”
When we got back to my house we decided to watch a movie while cuddling on the couch…as the movie started playing he held me closer to his body. The warmth of his arms around me made me melt and all I wanted to do was kiss him so passionately he wouldn’t be able to think. So I turned and looked him in the eyes and asked him “what is the one thing you have missed most about me?”, “I have missed your eyes and the way the burn me inside, your gentle mind with always caring words, and your lips with an embrace that makes my knees buckle and my cock swell” he said with a smile. “Good” I told him as I locked my lips onto his and as he kissed me back our tongues intertwined. Soon I was sitting over him kissing him deeply pulling him closer and closer. I then pulled his shirt over his head and he grasped my breasts with his firm hands, he started playing with my nipples making them erect and my panties becoming sopping wet. At this point the movie was just a noise in the background as suddenly as I noticed that he had me on my back while he lay on top of me kissing me even harder. Then he slid his hand down my front undoing my buttons on my pants, sliding his hand down under my panties he started to play with my ever-so-wanting pussy…I was soaking wet by this point and he could tell I was getting uneasy as I wanted his cock badly. He chuckled and said “are you wanting me?” “oooohhh yes” I replied tearing at his gorgeous body.
With one quick motion he had my pants on the floor and was kissing at my crouch which still had my soaking wet panties on, “take me, please take me, I want you sooo badly” I cried to him, I got no reply besides a smile. He then removed my panties with his teeth and started licking at my pussy, I squirmed and moaned in enjoyment, he didn’t stop…I climaxed, then begging “please baby don’t make me wait, slide your big rock hard cock into my ever-so-wanting dripping wet pussy, so me how much you have missed me” and just as I asked he obeyed, as he slid his cock in his kissed me so deep that you couldn’t tell I yelped a little in pain from his big cock. He not only had length but had girth that any girl would kill over, but I got him…as he slowly started sliding in and out I was going mad from the pleasure showing I was enjoying myself with every moan…”harder baby, fuck me like I know you want to” and yet again he obeyed…sliding harder and harder going deeper and deeper, I started to feel my climax coming on again, as I cumed I screamed “O MY GOD…RONNIE…FUCKKKKK MEEEE…I’MMMMM CUMMMINNNGG” and wishing he would climax with me, he did…I could feel his warm cum filling me up inside me which made me cum again…as we both caught our breathe he kissed me passionately again and looked me in my eyes and said “I have waited for that for over 8 years and now that I have had it I never want to let it go,” “me neither, that is why I am leaving my husband, because I know that I was meant to be with you and now at this moment that you found me after all these years proves it…I am not going anywhere.” We both then laid there in each others arms and fell asleep…
Now everyday when I go to bed and wake up I remember that wonderful night…and now I know if I want to have that wild night again all I have to do is look over and ask my husband…to be continued

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