An Interesting Event

I had been working on a machine that would allow humans to transform either part of them selves to how they would like it or to change into a completely different creature altogether. The project was nearing the end of construction and quickly approaching the testing phase. But first we needed samples of animals. My colleges and myself have spent the last four months traveling and gathering animals from all across the world and placing them in our zoo. Two of every animal on the top 100 list of favorite animals. I was just getting back from our third trip to Mexico in search of the migrating Monach Butterflies. The things just wouldnt stay where we put them.
“Hey Bill,” one of the scientist said as I walked in to deliver the butterflies.
“How many times do I have to tell you to call me William, Ted?” I said handing over the Butterflies.
“Yeah the bats at the last pair. Make sure they are seperate this time would ya?”
I walk up to my office/lab searching for a good friend of mine. I met her quiet a few years back in high school. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. I tried not to show it when I was around her. I’m not sure if she feels the same way I do and I have never had the courage to find out. She was slightly shorter than me at about 5’9″, she had a beautiful if not slightly seductive figure. She often wore looser shirts which hid her lovely breast, but when we would meet for dinners she always wore dresses that would cling to wonderfully curved body.
“I remember you back when you were so young and naive.”
Turning around I saw her standing there wet with her diving skin cling snugly to her perfect feminine fasique. “have fun while i was away?” I asked her.
“Yeah went for a swim with the dolphins.”
“I reckon we are nearly ready for the integration.”
The intergration prosess was simple enough. It consisted merely of scanning the creatures through the machine and inputing a DNA sample.
“We could try it. No garuntee it won’t blow up.”
“It shouldn’t. Just scanners and a drop of blood.”
“Good luck with the tiger. Tell me how that goes.”
“We won’t take the samples with out knocking them out first.”
“What about the scanning?”
“We will just lead them through. Most of them are pretty docile. The ones that aren’t are too vicious.”
We left for the dock where the machine was being built at. It looked complete from my point of veiw. As we walked around it I saw only a few panels not in place, but altogether a few weeks ahead of scheduel. “Alright ladies and gentlemen are we ready to start the scans?”
“We just need to finish the paneling. You rally up the first few creatures and we will have it done before you get back.”
So I left to the game keepers and asked them to bring the wolves, lemurs, kamodos, and Snowy Owls. It took only 20 minutes for the animals to get there but it took the engineers a mere 10 to put their finishing details together. “Its already and fully functional. Nearly fully functional. You still have to integrate the animals.”
“Lets do the predators first so we can sedate them and input thier blood samples. While a few scan them in i want a couple others to get samples from the lemurs and Snowy Owls. Then flip creatures and scan the lemurs and owls and input the wolves and kamodos.”
“Eye, Eye captin.” a few shouted.
“Thank you much.”
She and I watched as the worked. An hour later and several bugs, they had the process down and the game keepers stated bringing in the rest of the zoo. “At this rate we should have a full archive by nightfall.” She whispered in my ear making the hairs on the back of my neck stand with her breath.
“You want to try it once they get it operational?”
“Umm…are you sure you could reverse it?”
“How so? Is there a built in reverse to the process?”
“No but the computer automatically stores the original form into its data base so that if we dont see that the figures mind is in control we just put them back into the machine and we change them back.”
“Its that easy?”
“Pretty much. The hardest part will be reckognize wether or not the subject is still of the right mind.”
“I will try it but I would rather not be first.”
“Ok. Well you wouldnt even have to transform yours self into something else you could just change your body. Like your hair color, or you height, or any other physical attribute.”
“How would I do that?”
“The system has a holographic display inside. It will display two things first off. One bar saying tranform, and another saying alter. Transform is for changeing into a creature. Alter is to change something about your body. If you pick alter it will bring up your body and a list of basic features. You pick one of the features and it asks you how you would like to change it. Once you get through the process It will start to Transform you. You shouldnt feel it changing you, but you will be able to feel the change afterwards.”
“Maybe i will do that.”
“Its all up to you.”
She was right. By nightfall they had completed the devices archive. They closed down for the night so that the system could regenrate from the inevitable memory scramble. In the morning everyone was anxious to see who would be the first to try. They all murmered about who was supposed to be being the first. But were all surprised when I told them that it would be me. Evidently the expected that I would wait and make sure that it was working before i risked it. I figured that if something goes wrong i would rather it be with me.
I walked up to the device, and watched it as the brought it to life. The cooling fans whirring. The lights al lit up, each quadrant a different color. I stepped into it and the inside went from black to a dim blue then to a mild turquis as it brought forth a menu for me. A few moments later with no incidents I stepped out. There were a few murmers and a few more hidden faces. All were wondering if it had worked or not. The machince made no audiable noises as it ran, but that was by design. She ran up to me, and hugged me, the first i had ever gotten from her or anyone else outside my family. I was shocked and wide-eyed in surprise. “It worked.” she gingerly said starring into my eyes which now had a golden halo.
“Yeah, it was just a small thing. I figured start simple.”
“Can I try it now,” Fred asked.
“If you want. You have all signed the waivers. What you do you do of your own free will. But take it slow until we are sure that it will always work.”
By night fall there were still no problems or bugs. The scientist had almost all gone into it twice. The engineers as well. But neither She nor myself had gone back into it. We talked together late into the night. Well after the scientist had gone to their homes. We sat near the machine which was still up and running. I turned to her and asked, “You want to try it now?”
“I dont know,” She responded.
“There is nothing to be afraid of. If anything goes wrong. We can always revesre it.”
“I dont know,” she said pausing, “We can change anything?”
“Well, sure why not.”
She walked over to the door of the device and stepped in. A few long moments later she emerge. I had to take two glances to figure out what she had changed. She had made her breast larger. Not alot but noticably.
“I have always been smaller than most other girls. Well, now i think I’m about the same.”
I just stared at her. Thats not what I had expected her to do. She was always talking about her hair and how much she wished it wasn’t blonde. This was really unexpected. Evidently she noticed my surprise.
“I thought maybe this would make you like me more,” she blurted out, then quickly looked away blushing.
“You…you thought that i didnt like you? No, I liked you….I… I have love you since i first laid eyes on you… did this for me?”
“I have always wished you would ask me out. To dinner or something, Not for a business one but a rom
antic dinner. I would wear my dresses hoping you would be tempted to ask me out. I figured you werent attrac
ted to me.”
I almost laughed, here i was thinking that she was the best thing in the world and far out of my touch and she is thinking that i didnt want her. “You have it all wrong. I have loved you thinking you were too far out of my touch, i had never asked you out.”
“So you are saying I did this for nothing?”
“No, because we may have never went through this if you hadn’t.”
“What do you think of them?” She asked seductively.
“I think you are more beautiful then a thousand sunsets.”
“Sorry…”I said blushing.
After a moment dragging on in silence, my curiosity got the better of me. “So are they like implants or are they all natural.”
“I dont know. But i know one way to find out.” she said seductively as she began undoing her shirt. “Implants are supposed to make the breast insensitive.”
I stared gaping at her as her top fell to the ground followed shortly by her bra. This is too good to be true, I thought as she began to walk towards me. She reached for my hand as soon as she got close enough, and she drew in close she drew my hand up to her breast cupping my hand against her. That was when the shock faded and I took over. I gently rubbed my fingers along her breasts staring her in the eyes. Something had changed in those eyes. A fire had been ignited. I bent down and took one of the nipples into my mouth and softly licked at the tip, she shuddered. Remembering where we were, I rose again to look her in the eyes. “I love you but this isnt the place for this.” Thefire in her eyes died. Knowing I had dissapointed her i looked away apologizing.
She grasped my hand and pulled me towards the offices. Soon we were in one of the offices and she coaxed, “Is here any better.”
Giving in to my feelings and desires I let my hands trail up her back and gently i began to caress her breast from behind. Soon I was supporting her through her shudders and i slowly backed up towards the table in the center of the room. Laying her on her back I took off her pants finding that she was not wearing any underpants. I felt a stirring in my pants as I looked down at her well shaven pussy. I smiled and kissed her. then i slowly trailed down her body with my tounge until I reached her thighs. I slowly licked across where her legs met her beautiful hips, and began searching her inner thighs with my hand, while the other was caressing her breast. The look on her face was the most angelic I have ever seen. I let myself countinue my trail to her pussy. I slow licked up and down her slit. Tasting her for the first time and savoring every moment. I began to lick at her insides trying to prod into her with my tounge as deep as i could. She let out only a little gasp of pleasure as i did. A few moments later I felt her hands come down at the side of my head. I knew she was trying to resist it but that was one fight she was bound to lose. A few moments later I felt her hands on the side of my head as she pulled me closer to her. Her hips began to move and i inserted a finger into her and began to lick once more up and down her slit. Feeling my manhood growing harder. Her breathing began to deepen, and she asked me to stop. I was perplexed by this but stopped none the less. She then moved to take off my shirt and rest of my cloths. AS she did her eyes fell upon my manhood and soon after she had my cloths completely off he hand was there. She slowly moved her hand along its length. The feellings she caused were amazing. I breifly closed my eyes and all of a sudden i had a new sensation as she had closed her mouth about it. She didnt put much of it in her mouth but it was more than enough to drive me nuts. I felt something welling up inside me, I had never had this feeling before. I stopped her after a few moments. She layed back down on the table and I decided that it was time. I came close to her and whispered in her ear “Do you want to?” She nodded and I took hold of my member and directed it to her hole. Slowly I slid into her hot, tight hole. I was afraid of hurting her so I went slow. Drwaing myself out and then pushing back in almost as slow. After a few moments when she hadnt told me to stop I sped up a little. The feeling was beyond description. I felt the swelling sensation again, then my body way paralyzed and I realized I had cum inside her. For a few moment I couldn’t move. I was breathing deeply from all of the pleasure. I couldnt believe what had just happened.

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