Do Sex Dolls Dream Of Inflatable Sheep

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I pushed the door and felt a wet slap on the back of my neck. I jumped nervously and, with trepidation, felt for the item that had struck me. The tomato was still there clinging to me. Wiping it off I turned to angrily regard the row of scantily clothed women with placards, one of whom was staring at me defiantly. The woman, in leopard skin leggings, a tight purple skirt and a bikini top carried a board with the legend ‘Real love is the only love.’ Her companions’ boards said ‘HOR’ and ‘Hookers Opposing Robots.’ The leopard skinned hooker leered at me as I, mustering a small modicum of dignity, cleaned my neck with a tissue and entered the building. Cabbages and further vegetables rained onto the other side of the glass door behind me.

The receptionist regarded me sympathetically from behind her desk and over her spectacles. “You poor thing,” she said, then laughed. Feeling humiliated, and almost beginning to regret coming, I strode as confidently as I could to the desk, my feet tripping on a mat on the way and almost sending me headlong into the desk counter. Recovering quickly I gave my name and asked for the bathroom. I was given a quiet moment to clean up before my Personal Product Liaison Officer, as he was called, Mr Priest, came to collect me.

In the bathroom I washed my face and neck, brushed my thick auburn hair and examined myself a little. The stress from the encounter showed on my round, pale face. The make up seemed to be doing little that day to disguise my forty years. Mind you, I was still slim and my small breasts were still reasonably pert. My nipples poked perkily against my pink top. I was already feeling a little horny, knowing what I was about to do.

Mr Priest, “Call me Jim,” a handsome, slim, debonair man in his sixties was already waiting for me and he took me down a quiet corridor, through the airy, white walled building to his office towards the rear of the building, away from the noise of the protesters. “Miss Huppert tells me you had an unfortunate experience just outside,” said Jim as we walked.

“What?” I asked. “Oh yes, you could call it that.”

“Dreadfully sorry you had to put up with that,” he said and seemed genuinely concerned. He looked like an ageing pimp in his silver buckled shoes, his faux diamond belt buckle and ear stud and his pencil moustache. Either a pimp or a ballroom dancer, I thought. He flashed me a blinding white grin, showing me how sincerely concerned he was.

His office’s enormous window looked onto the beautiful lush garden with its multi tiered fountain, flower beds and marble statues of naked men and women. A huge swimming pool and patio could be seen to the left where a couple were lying together in a small inflatable raft. That made me slightly nervous. I ain’t doing it out there, I thought, for this pimp and his cronies to gauge my customer satisfaction.

We sat in armchairs, rather than at his desk and, as I sat down, his eyes licked my freshly waxed legs. “I just need you to sign this,” he said, pulling out a form from a pad he had taken from his desk and handing it to me. “Just in case of injury.” I shot him an enquiring glance which he met with his grin. “To either you or the product,” he elaborated.

“Is that likely?” I gulped. I had known of such a possibility, but now, with my purchase just within my grasp finally, the idea of the product hurting me was a suddenly an acute cause of worry.

“We’ve,” Jim hesitated, but barely perceptibly, “ironed out all possible problems, so,” the grin flashed, “no. It’s just a formality.”

With the form signed, Jim stood and walked to the room’s other door, not the one we had entered the room through. I saw him stretch out his right arm and draw his hand to his chest. His dark hand now held one of delicate milk white attached to a slender arm. Jim turned and led her through the door and towards me where I sat, trembling in anticipation. In a silk white gown and high heeled sandals the most beautiful woman I had ever seen lazily sashayed across the floor. My blue eyes locked with hers, brown and wide, and I was utterly hypnotised. Jim led her right up to where I still sat and I gazed longingly up at her, over her large breasts. Her body curved in the ways I loved. Her skin was smooth and opaque, allowing some faint blue veins to show. Her hair was a magnificent flame red that flowed like twisting and curling rivers of lava over her broad shoulders. She was a goddess and I instantly felt wet.

“Irma,” said Jim from behind the woman, “this is Lesley, your companion.” Suddenly remembering my manners I stood, finding I was slightly shorter than her, and offered my hand to shake, not that it needed more shaking. Languidly, not breaking eye contact for a moment, Lesley gently took my hand and pressed it to her luscious pink mouth. She smiled and I could do nothing but smile in return. “I’m not going to ask you what you think yet,” said Jim, though I was hardly listening. “Please step into the next room where you may assess the product thoroughly.” He coughed and pointed to the open door. Without being fully aware of it, I was led into the next room with my goddess and the door was quietly shut behind us.

“Coddle,” said Lesley in a slightly husky contralto, “don’t be castrated, Irma.” My lustful stare suddenly became one of enquiry. Then it dawned on me that she may have been telling me not to be nervous, so I smiled, blushed and looked down. I could not tear my eyes away from hers for long though. When I looked up again she was leaning towards me and her beautiful, slightly parted lips were approaching mine. Like moist butterfly wings her lips settled upon me and my entire body went weak. Hands reached up to my shoulders, fingers gently pulled the straps of my top down and my breasts were then treated to a soft, expert fondling. As she kissed my face and neck I leaned back and felt the wall behind me. With one hand Lesley pressed against the front of my denim skirt. I sighed and my hips twitched slightly in response to her touch. I placed my arm around her shoulder, but suddenly she pulled back. I opened my eyes to see her untying the belt of her gown. It occurred to me that I had not yet seen her naked and, well, I had to see what I was paying for, after all. When her gown slipped to the floor I gasped. She was so perfect! Her breasts were huge, but did not sag. Her hips were wide and motherly. Her pussy was neat and shaved.

This is the woman in whose arms I’d like to die, I thought, and felt a warm gush down the inside of my leg. I bet I could come just looking at her. She put her arms around my waist and I thought I would burst into fire just from her touch. Her hands slid around my waist to unbutton my skirt which she pulled down gently along with my pink silk panties. We kissed again and her lips travelled down my sweat slicked neck to my boobs which she softly squeezed. I began to feel her tongue tease my nipples. I felt a boiling in my entire body and realised that I was already coming! Lesley held my hips and stopped me from collapsing to the floor. She giggled and looked up at me and placed one hand near my groin. She raised an eyebrow enquiringly.

“We don’t have to sweet Fanny Adams if you don’t want to,” she said with mock innocence.

Lost in a post orgasmic haze I mumbled, “What?” then realised what she had meant. “I’m damn well going to let you fuck me if I want to,” I said breathlessly. Lesley hardly needed any encouragement and I felt myself being lifted effortlessly and carried to the bed. I laughed in surprise and delight and settled onto the pink heart shaped bed, writhing in anticipation of further ecstasy. I gazed lovingly at Lesley’s full breasts, her gorgeous skin, her huge cock.

I gazed again at her huge cock.

“Hm, interesting,” I purred, “where did that come from I wonder?” I giggled and licked my lips, completely past caring about such an unexpected phenomenon, or Jim’s earlier mention of an injury occurring. Her eyes locked on mine, Lesley placed her knee, and what a perfect knee! on the bed. Her breasts swayed between her arms as she placed her hands on the bed. She crawled up to me, grazing my body from feet to face with her erect nipples, followed by the already moist tip of her penis. With her hot breath in my face she slowly lowered her hips and nudged my pussy with the helmet. Impatiently I spread my legs as wide as possible, which is pretty wide as I’m a dancer, lifted my feet and dug my heels into the soft cushions of her ass, forcing her to enter me. Though I was gripping her hips tightly she managed to withdraw slightly before thrusting again. We both moaned and wailed, overcome by an unbelievable level of intense ecstasy. I became aware that, within the walls of my pussy, incredible sensations were being produced as ripples of flesh ran up and down Lesley’s penis, as she continued thrusting. She found my g spot easily and the ripples concentrated there, rippling faster and faster as the head of her cock poked through into my womb. It seemed to have narrowed itself at the tip and was reaching further than I had ever been entered before. We kissed passionately as we came over and over again.

Lesley’s semen was leaking messily around my crotch as she withdrew, climbed off the bed and stood as if awaiting further instructions. I didn’t want her to let go of me, so I slowly sat up, completely oblivious to how tired my muscles must have been, sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped my legs and arms around her. I gazed up at her adoringly, then lowered my mouth to her cock. She had not softened even slightly. Her spunk was hot and tasted of cream and sugar. I have a very sweet tooth, so I sucked away and licked up and down her huge length. She began cumming quickly and I drank every drop of her gorgeous tasting semen. The hot bursts of liquid shot straight down my throat, making me want to suck more so that I could taste her. Despite her length I found, somehow, that I was still able to deep throat her, and my lips would slide all the way down to her groin where I stuck out my tongue to lick her balls. Her orgasms were continual which again set me off without my even needing to touch myself. I had never been so turned on.

Eventually, after sucking Lesley for a while, I began to feel strangely euphoric and light headed. The thick creamy liquid was indeed having an intoxicating effect on me and I started to giggle again. I had to stop sucking to draw breath and looked up at her face. At least I tried, but I found it impossible to focus. “Hey, there’s two of you!” I laughed and fell back on the bed. I passed out more happy than I could ever remember being before.

Copyright © Irma Cerrutti 2010

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