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John was on his way home fuck he said look at the vids and pics of pumpkins no good this camera sucks. He throws it on the ground need to get a better one I know were stop and call from a pay phone hey john sis Rebecca said he need to buy stop time at least 2 hours ok he talk to his mom and told he need a new phone. Ok john I been save for u take 300 dollar and get u a new one. Thanks mom. Let see that give just 500 try gambling may his sis got back be careful. She bets anything john I don’t play with her anymore. She always wins. Bye mmm john saids and off he went. As he arrives in her dads store in closing time and the alarm guys were leaving for a min to get more gear sorry it weird the is stop working like that. Everything is off we be back I one hour bye. The guys left. Hey john what ur up to. My phone died need a new one and a great camera to. Mm were close my dad will kill me but let look around fist and u can come back in the morning. What u needs the john open the box on the counter it was the x96 it has every thing he need and a quick upload button for his web sight and the camera nice try may that was a miss delivery it was so post to a cheep o and their just two one for me and one for a quick sell and believe me you don’t have enough it 1000 $ phone at least their very rare my dad does not no. may was a spunk Asian chick who love gambling. It got her expelled from just about every school she went to. She will never give its up no matter what. I have a deal let bet on it. O she u a gambler hahaha. She fell on the big couch laughing so hard. Boy don’t even go their with me. Hey it my birthday and I make a deal john was put the 500 sd card they had it the shop. And laid they money on the desk here we go may I pay for the sd card but if I win the phone if free if I lose u get the sd card and the phone to. He walk in the back. May was run after him hay u can’t go in their was 4 small room one of them was hers in the back was her family lived. Ok fine john what the game . May was wearing a yellow shirt and flower pattern gym shorts. She was 5-11 flat chest but has a killer ass. Who cums first john. What she said. it’s a sex bet and I know u have not had one. So lets see u can hold out longest first one to cum loses. Their two phone in order for them two word best u need the sd card I put in no way u can win that from your dad at 500 dollars a piece so I bet the sd cards that I can out fuck u so ur in or not. Mmm she take off her shirt so fast john barely had time to set the phone down in the right position. In she said o john ur such a fool. John took off his shirt revealing his muscle bound chest nice may says felling his chest very nice why do I feel this is a little one sided. Maybe john said pinching her nipple’s. he bend over and kiss her lips she kiss him back she unbuttons his pants and pulls them off his cock spring up. Wow she laughs if I know u had this feels his huge cock I would have betted u earlier. She shove him on her bed with lot of stuff animals. She take off her shoes a slow take off her short letting john see her killer ass. Now lets being she hoe about some 69 action boy. As she sits on his face feeling john tongue lick her pussy yesss. Not bad john she says being over and lick his cock like a popsicle before deep throating it. Nice johns said watching her suck his cock. Her fingering her asshole. Hey how u know I love anal. Luck I guess he tap her ass. Time for some doggy may with that her cries filled the air her eye were close has her fuck her asshole ahaa flash ahaha flash. And his phone keep on going. She might have notice it she keep her eyes open while she was being fuck doggy. Aaaa fucckk u win she cried out as she orgasm. She was lying their breathing hard. I knew this was a bad bet fuck the was rubing her hand throw her spike hair. I win john kiss her again but I not done with u. as he shoves his big cock in her pussy. Her cries once again fells his ears once again. As he pounds away.
It not long till he was dress walking out of her room may was out cold laying on her back with his dragon may on her left shoulder her arm was hang off them bed next to her x96 with a few pic of john new uploaded on it complete with john old sd that was good enough to run it till she win again. John knew that what she wanted in the first place as he walking out he saw pic off him be develop in the machine from the girl next door Jill a real hottie buy anyone stander but she reel shy and her dad and mom work the late shift. John smile evil. As he walk out the back the security guy were done wear May. They were look at him on the phone of course she it they all laugh just leave the bill next to the register. She take care of it latter. As they were leave in her mom and dad were walk in it was just john leave the bill. So what was wrong o just a bug it fix now he had in the bill. Now bad he said were may she sick and were to her room no fell good she pass out. She just need a good night sleep. With that off he went. To Jills house with bout a hour and 20 mins left.
Has he walk down the ally to her house he saw her dad and mom leave in one of his hot rods hey john out from a drive is u know what I mean dude. Jill’s swimming sugar she so lonely if u know what I mean thank god ur her friend she always talking about u sugar her my said well were off for a long drive happy birth day hey can u do me a favor my garage door is broke can u close it for me. Nice phone kid hey u can have my old jeep I getting a bmw next week enjoy ur self kid. Off they went yep will he went in the garage and close it. After parking his jeep out side old my ass in still new he walk back in look at her in the red bikini. She 5-9 with long red hair her breast a double d and her legs and ass just does not stop he hard all ready just looking at her. She real shy and quit that why she has only john and his sis for friends, only because she has a pool in her back yard for them to swim . Stupid boy the demon said not fuck that already what a fool. He found her mom sex toys and pick out the hand cuff. He tries on his dad leather pants that was a prefect fix. One would think they set this up. Mmm john grind evil. He walk out with just the leather pants on his phone was flying over his shoulder flashing and rec away. John what are u doing he your mom and dad ask me to come play with you. Your a bad girl Jill taking pic of me. Her face blush red now it time for a lesson come her she swimmed over to him get out of the huge pool her hot body glossing in the moon light her pulled her close to him and pulled her hair back and kiss her hand fell at her side. He slow put them behind her back and cuff them. He too off her top and was suck on her huge breast nice for such a naughty girl he pull off her panties and was eat her pussy she was stand their keep her cries enjoy in side her john kiss her pussy and stood up and pull on his cock she got down on her kneel still cuff a stared to suck his cock, yes john said suck deeper. Her tits flapping back and forth yes that it he pick her up and put on bench she look at the phone and smiles ahah, harder please. Ahah john was ramming his cock deep in her pussy. He grads her breast hard and he fuck her in the moon light yess john turn in to his true forum a huge devil look monster with huge golden tip horns and muscles bound body and devils look tail huge wings and red glowing eyes and shark like teeth was fuck Jill the girl next door he pick her up and trust his cock hard in her. His devil tails come alive and goes strait up her ass for some dp action. His tongue come out slow make it way from her belly wrap around her left tit and raise up like a cobra open ur mouth Jill the demon says. She start suck on it as it enters her mouth she being fuck like now human has. She feel her sweat poor over hr body her left tit is being squeeze hard bye his tongue tentacle. Her right is flap hard in the night air she feel her orgasm come close now she want to hold him tight has he fuck her hard and harder she pull at the cuff leave mark on her wrist. From the cuff this tongue leaves her mouth take them off john please just then the cuff falls off to the bottom of the pool. She trust up to him to kiss him deep with her tongue as she orgasm for her first time she fill his hot cum fill her belly up she kiss him hold him tight as he falls with her it to her pool. H walk out of the pool get dress jill its time for my party.

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