evil john dark plans

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That night his mom said she was going on a long trip with her boyfriend who she been cheating with for 5 years. He told her about his new job at school help out. He left out the details of him teaching but made that was his in tent. He was on his pc up loading candy vid sight now at 40.000 hits. When a know on his window happen. His sister was have a sleepy over at June but something tells him she was getting gangbang by a bunch of dudes. With June. He open it and Jill sneak in hi I miss u today. Got a job he said she took off her long coat I told them I was sleeping at June house. But about 9 guy showed up and I not that kind of girl she was wear a pink night gown with no under wear on. Really he said pull her close sneak in to my room is dirty. I say I was not that kind of girl I did not say I was good. She kiss him I want u to have me anyway u want. That a bad I deal I can be ruff john said . Just fuck me u might want to turn u camera on u might want to remenber this night. She slip her night gown off john walk over and pulls her hair forcing her head back so she can look in his eye’s. he touch her left tit with his hand then smack it. Haha she says softly then he kiss her. Her grab her right an squeezes hard. The he smack her ass yes john take me tonight.
I will he grab her tits and put one in his mouth suck on them as hard as he could. He pull out some clothes pins and place them on her nipples. More she cries in to his ears. Harder he slap her ass and go down on her licking her pussy tasting her juices. He ties a rope above his bed with a set of cuff he goes back to and walks her of to the bed a lock her in place to ride him all night he pull her hair she look up at him in cuff as he pull the pins off her nipple’s and feel her breast again as he poor hot wax down her chest ahhhh he cries fill the room so good john more. He lays on the bed as she climes in to positions
His throbbing cock can hard wait as she slide down on it he moan as she take his cock deep in her pussy. Yes john said that my girl she goes to kiss him but he pull the rope tight her hand going behind her head her big tits flag back and forth fuelling his hunger for her. Haha she cries out he lets the rope slack for her to kiss him with out her hand her tits pressing on his rip chess. And pull it tight and she was back riding is huge cock. JOHN his mom walk in o well hi JILL what do we have here she was still fuck john hi john mom nice night. Ahaha she moaned out I was going for desert but I see u have one already. She walk over and pull Jill’s. head back fuck him good then she grab her right breast and dig her nails in it the her mark as she moan out she kiss her and walk out good night john u too mom.
He let the rope slack and grab her breast as she kiss him then she goes back to riding him hard he cries fill the room. Fuucckk john and red light come from her womb oh god john yes u be the first to bare my seed OH GOD I CUMING JOHN I CUMING AHHHHHHH THE LIGHT FILLED THE ROOM AS SHE PASS OUT yes. But fuck the drain my power he let go to her to fall on his chest he grabs his phone a text pumpkin’s I will be ready soon have ur witches wait this is go to take little long then plan. Fuck breeding take a lot out of me he pat’s Jill’s ass but it not over yet he pull her on top of he and goes to sleep with her tit on his chest. The next day at collage he was in his office when candy. Came in with the paper he wanted not bad but what about edde. Fuck me I forgot its all right I tongue fuck u today but u need to work harder c+. ok she took off her clothes and got on his desk right wear she remenber she was masterbating with her right hand and reaching for john cock as he pulled it out she quick deep throat its nice he said he was spread her pussy wide open he u reward his tongue slithers out of his mouth slide between her breast he goes up like a cobra before stroking deep in her pussy. She lift her ass of the desk still suck john cock that right press back with ur waist as I fuck u with my evil tongue he grabs her left tits and enjoy the view of his slave that right deep he tell her as a green light fill the room. He leave her lays on his desk with hot cum over her body. He make his way up to see Emma now alone. Hey how u doing fine and u john she was smiling bright. Glad to see ur smile dear he say messaging her neck oh that feel good john he kiss her she. Enjoys it. He slide his hand down her shirt a feel her right breast as she make out with him. I think I am in love. He says as she take off his shirt he rip open her she lays him on his desk an goes down on him. It not long to he fucking her with his huge cock her big breast swaying. He look in too her eye’s as he make love to her more he cries she wrap her legs around him a kiss him tightly she moans out as she has an orgasm and pound hard and does not care as he cum deep with in side her she sit agents the wall it been so long. I have not felt this way in years john her up and help her get dress it all right I going to enjoy my life with you she leave to get some food as the days turn into night . He use his magic to make his place bigger to move them in as soon as possible. His power are growing. Edde come in the pool room Emma and his mom are out for the evening on work meetings. When she walk over were a hot skimp bikini. She clime in the top why did we move in with u cause u married u mom. She sit on his lap facing him so what about us .she wrap her arms around his head well he feel her ass and pull the string letting her panties fall off. What ur mom don’t know won’t hurt her he she wrap her legs around him. And rubs her pussy agents his cock she kiss him slowly as he undone her top. He grab her ass as he begin fuck her in the hot tub he slow take his time fuck her harder. Yes so big she lay back and float a little she feel hotter then every as she cries out from john pound her tight pussy god ur big john yes fuck me she pull he self up and kiss him he eye get big as heram his monster cock deep with in her. AHAHA SHE CRIES OUT JOOOOHHHNNNN HER ORGASM IS COMPLETE AS SHE PASS OUT IN HIS ARMS. These young women does not last long with me john smile and lays he behind the pool in time for candy to make her way in hi john nice place. Thanks so what u want. He climbs out nude. Ur pussy on my cock. See look shock then she took off her clothes. She walk over wearing white stocking. He got out and was by the pool table as she came over he kiss her before laying he down to eat her pussy. As moan and was holding her left breast as john eat her pussy. After a few mins she pull him up and grab his cock and stuck in her pussy. Her small breast jiggle back and forth s he pound her pussy hard oh god it so big and nice john. Her cries of joy feel on death ears he was an animal he rolled her so he can fuck her doggy style. Her tits were swaying and were cover in sweat. As she cried out fuuckkk john fucck me HARDERRRR AHHHHHH her orgasm was sweat she pass out on the pool table as a green light came from john more he cried more. He took her and Edda to his room and left them nude and lying next to each other. As her mom came in he meet her in their room. She was getting undress. When john came in hello my love he said grab her breast his mom look surprise as he smile. Why don’t u help me fuck her mom we never do anyone together. She walk over and kiss Emma. Removing her bra ha feel her tit as they make out he spell would keep them out of his hair for awhile to complete his plans. He left as Emma was 69 his mom. He got on this phone and place a few calls for more of his prey to come.


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