evil john love night part 1

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All charters are 18-21 years old in this tell.

While his wife was a sleep. He went next door to visit Jill. She was lying on a lawn chair in her very sexy underwear it was black silk in a flower Patten a small see threw mess showed her pussy hair in a v shape and top part of her pussy. Her breast are still wet from a later night dip in her pool on the patio table her sister Ella birth day cake just turned 18 her gift were still on the table and a few kinky one’s as gag gifts. Hey baby john said kneeling beside her. John she said looking at him it late. I know he said putting a finger on her lips. With his left hand came to see u he reach down and felt her belly his demon pet was in her womb soon my pet soon he said. His concealing by magic the fact she was pregnant. What u doing out so late Jill.
Some mean dude might just have his way with you. He slide his hand down between his legs and was rubing her pussy. O yes john a mean dude who would take advantage of a poor helpless girl. Ahh she moan to him as he was taping her pussy with his hand she watch as it grew into a huge monster hand his finger now the size of a huge cucumber. She shiver as he shoved his middle finger deep with in her pussy . She reach up and ran her finger threw his hair . Ahh her moan grew louder has her put another finger in her pussy and was thrusting harder yet. O god she yell as he was fisting her. She scream his name as she orgasm like never before. (JOHN) echo threw the yard she kiss him as she falls a sleep in his arms he cover her with a beach tower to keep her warm. Its rude not joining a couple while their fucking Ella . She pop up behind the stone wall next to the grill. She was hot and dripping with sweat her right hand still on her pussy. She was 6 ft even her hair was spike and died light blue with white tip to look like ice sickles. She was wear a silk white night gown with a deeply cut v shape. Her nipples wear hard and sweaty her saggy tits can easily be seen threw her night gown. Her panties were I n her left hand her right still masterbating her. John got undress and took and quick drive swimming to her he got out and walk past her look down at her ass he bump her as he went by. She drop her white sweaty panties to her amazed meant . He grab them before they hit the ground he raised them to his nose took a deep smell. He look at her as he drop them mmmm he said. She was so horny she cross her lags to keep her she from climaxing and lets her hands fall to her side john goes threw her gifts here put this black stocking on he toss them at her I here u don’t talk much she nodded he lighted a birth day candle and cut a piece of cake and served it to her. Eat it sexy but don’t below out the candle she sat on the wall a slide her finger threw the frosting and slow put it her mouth and pull her finger back out wink her eyes at him as he wash him self in front of her on the shower next to the pool she slow put on the stockings he wanted her to wear silk black with skulls shape cut in to them her pussy was hot and dipping her pussy juices down on the red squares. She was feel her tits as john was washing his extremely rip body his rip 8 pack abs her huge muscle bound chest on the out side shower he dad just got installed .she was lick her lips as he told her to pole dance on the light pole. One would thought that she had been practicing with strippers for years as she swade her ass and her chest . John said who seducing who. She look up rubing her hand up her hot body now cover in sweat look more sexy then ever. His cock was hard wait for her lips he turn on all three shower head and adjusted the head so that they spray in the middle of the out side shower. Ella was not a wear of the red light come from the wall so close to her she was pulling her dress up and let it down all most revealing her pussy and blowing john a kiss.
Now blow out the candle john said move a stone bench in the middle of the shower the water rushing down his chest as he lay back his huge cock swaying between his legs . As the light from the candle died he ask what u wish for john ask while low him self on the shower floor a strange light shining down on him as he rest his arms wide on the stone bench feel the full effect of the hot shower that look like hot rain as is steam off his body. Ella replied for a huge cock. John spread his legs to let her see his dick. Come and get ur wish Ella. She push her self off the pole were she was doing her sexy pole dance. She walk as sexy as she could swaying her hips from side to side. She stop and table to pull a gift from her birth day bag. It was a pair of sexy arm sleeves form her mom to make her blush. She eagerly pot them on shake her ass to keep john look at her. She turned and raise her hand above her head to get the right flow on her figure to make he walk look like she was on fire as she reach the edge off the shower she spread he legs and drop to her knee. Look at me john she moaned to him. She slow pulled off her gown slowly above her head. Her saggy breast were perfect on her body the black stocking insinuating her body even more and the white sleeves were just the right tough to her wish tonight. She crawled on her hand and knee seducing john even more. The hot rain made her body shine it this magical light. Her tits swaying with her cat like movements made his cock even harder. As she came up threw his legs she kiss his cock then his abs she straddle him and gave him a very hot and sexy lap dance. Time for my gifts he said pulling a black box for the corner of the stone bench as she was still lap dancing him grinding her tit’s on his chest. She loot at it. It a piercing kit complete with jewelry. She wash the water off her tits and look down. First pain then pleasure he said as he flick her pussy clit.
Ooh la la she shake her ass. And swade left then right with her body. Mmm this one a 18 karat gold pearl drop weigh 50 grams. With vibrator. Nice john said smacking her ass. ha-ha she snap her head back and grab her left tit as he pierces her pussy clit. Mmmm she moan little so good it feels. Tickling her pussy. Now for ur tits mmm she said again smiling while so looks up the night sky. With out look at the jewelry she rub her pussy on his left leg. The sliver strips weighs 20 grams. But my nipple have gone soft. I know what to do first the left one . He lick it before he bite down on it. Her moan fill his ears. Now ur right. She ran her finger threw his hair as he pierces her tits. She giggle a little has he beat his cock agents her pussy. Ur wish is waiting. Indeed she French kiss him one last time john got a pleasant surprise as she click on her tongue ring the vibration was a nice sanction on his tongue. She wiggle her tits and ass as she
Crawled back felling the weights jiggle back and forth . Making her Horner for his cock. She grasp his cock with both hand. His 13 inch long cock was make her lick her lips she put it in her mouth and deep throat it as far as she can she take 8 inches down her throat and she bobs her head up and down his tongue vibrator fee wonderful on his cock. And the jerking motion fro her hand give john such joy. Nice he said the best blow job I had yet. The mmm sound she made was her way of tell john her joy form that news. So was so abscess with her cock sucking she did not see a tentacle shadow on the ground above her going behind her were her pussy and anal await still dripping wet form the shower. Her pearl weight was slap ageist her clit making her close her eye’s as the felling grew more intense. John smiled as his tentacle com from his back split in three huge penises. His cock look like an evil pitch fork wait to strike at his command.
Ella he called her name the bait was set. She made a ba-ca pop sound as she reach the top of his cock she lick it and gave him a sexy star. As water cuts off in that moment the strike came fast and hard she cries out (HEA HEA AHHHH) O GOD. AS SHE FEEL HER PUSSY AND ASS GET RAMED WITH TWO HUGE TENTCLE COCKS AT THE SAME. The sight of the pear drop weight flap up and down on her clit was one of the best thing he seen in a while. Her strips weight move juggles on her nipple as she was tits fucking his cock. She was licking it like a ice creamed cone. He reach up and pulled on the left strips weight on her nipple she moan with joy and whisper to him more please. Ok he pulled the tentacle form her pussy and wrap it around her hands a held them above her head. The feel of his last tentacle doing her anal was great she keep pushing down as it was pushing up. He snap her head back as john slap her pussy with his cock. Just stick that cock in my pussy john. As u wish. Her cries of joy fill the night layed back and watching her ride his cock. Her pick up a piece of her birth day cake and started to eat it he look at now being dped and suck on his tentacle as she was riding him like a horse. He spoke his last words to her this night HAPPY BIRTH DAY ELLA. He took the last bite of cake just as she orgasm he pussy juice flowed from her. She lay her head on his shoulders as the hot water came back on. He carried her to her sister and laid her to rest bye her. A red light was come between Jills legs he reach down and pulled his evil egg and smile soon my pet soon.
He returned to find. May completely nude at his pc. What are u doing he said walk over to his gym. Uploading ur newest score. He a huge bottle of wine next to her. Time to celebrate our sight has 300.000 hits. She took a swing from the bottle. And got up she walk over to his piercing and pull out three. John was amazed as she pierces her self wow he said not bad . I know she murk . She walk over to him while he was play pool still nude she reach down and grab his cock. Cum with me she pulled him bye his dick I hope u left room for me she walk over to his leather sofa and bend over to let him fuck her asshole. Ahh she moan out has hi suck hic cook deep in her. She trust back agents his. everything in place to night JOHN. YESS. Good he pull her newly pierce breast. The sound of banging fill the room. She took another swing from the bottle now that she turn 21. Yes I love a good ass fuck. She took a swing but spit it out as john inserted his cock In her pussy. What the fuck she moan out are u doing. John pulled hair to make her head go back and was ramming his cock harder in her now. I am doggy fuck ur pussy may I guess I start with u. ahh she went back drink her bottle of wine. Just pull out I am not have ur baby fucker. I not on birth control. She chug half the bottle down not realize that she left the web cam on. john smiled as it reach 500.000 hits. He smack her ass. And let go of her hair. She was push back again come on john fuck hard and pull my hair I happen to like it now bitch. She told him as u wish he grab her pony tail and pulled again and was pounding faster her moans were loader as she was close to climaxing. She too a huge drink of wine as she orgasm. John made sure to fill her womb with his hot cum. Opps he said. I FUCKING KNEW IT MY FIST TIME TOO GET IT IN MY PUSSY DUDE AND NOW I KNOCK UP. She slap him as she turned around john laugh as she pulled his head down and kiss him. Hey she bit his bottom lip. What was that for she shove him out of her way. That for my dad boy will he be piss. She look at the pss fuck john. He pulled her hair to get her head back. He kiss in front of the web cam. Now at 700.000 hit were millionaires now. She kiss him back as it turn off then she smack his dick. Why you that all john got out. Bitch May said. She got a new bottle and a dildo all stumble her way up the stairs to john old room. I guess in fuck my own ass. We should name him mark john laugh. She flip him off as she reach the top then she smiled at him now I have a reason to get anal and she rub her belly. He was walk to his room and laughs wait till he has to pay me child support.

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