evil john part 5 new job

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All charters are 21 years old in this tell
It was john fist day at the collage were trouble and rich girls are sent. An all girls collage is just the place for john to fined and endless supply of power. When a female orgasm he use his power to take a years off their life an add it to their own. But if he like the girl he only take a few weeks. His power grows as he gains life the green glow is his source. But being of the seal hurt him and his sister one day = 6 mouth so getting laid for them is a matter of life and death. For them to have kids it take a lot of power to keep the species alive.
John was making his way to gambling may to get a fake degree. May spoke I hack in to the computer system in the school main office they will hire u for sure as a gym teacher it will be the best place for u with that fuck hot body of yours. So how much do I o u john said. 1000 dollars. Why so much well I seen ur sight and I know ur make a nice profit off my ass so pay up. How about a bet john says. No nice try I only take bets I can win. Now if u want my pussy just ask but if u use me as a model for ur web u better cut me in. she take off her yellow top john kiss her right breast and feel her back ass she take of her with shorts show off her young tight. Asian body with her dragon tattoo visible and web cam go to live feed as john fuck her in the asshole live for the followers to see. As the feed dies out may is lay on her bed with hot cum dripping form her anal why do I feel so tired and so good after I fuck u. I a hard rider I guess see u at school may. Yes my teacher. He close the door and walk out the back door .To his jeep his web sight has made him a lot of money may jump in need a ride to school she was counting the money he had gave her nice very nice. I give u a tour of the build so u the best place to fuck she kiss him on the chick. As their arrive Maya the janitor was the first to greet them hey May sneaking to the pool again yes got to keep my ass in shape. Just don’t make a mess I just clean it hey ur cute she wear a white short tight blue gym shorts and was yell over her walkman. She was 6 ft tall huge breast her nipple was hard u can see them trough her shirt and red curly hair tied in a pony tail off she went shaking her ass if she had not been at the door john might have taken her their. He when to see the dean to get they job the old lady had bad eye sight and smell a little she keep call john mark her son who died in a war . After a few hours went by John landed the job with ease after all the old lady need to retire years ago. He mind had almost gone she was think school was back in season. It was three days away and she think john is her long lost son. He met may swimming it the huge pool doing her laps here take a cab she was the head swimmer this year and she had not stop practicing during summer break. I got things to do he said leave another 20 on the place wear she left her clothes fuck u latter may cried out with my friends were going to be great porn stars just make sure they fake face in my scene stays on I don’t want my dad finding out he might kill u and me she yell as the door shut. Maya was on her knee’s cleaning the low rug on the floor with a hand held brush as john walk up hey. Maya I got the job were the gym this way it was dark want me to turn on more lights honey. No let see the locker room ok but ur not allowed too have a key dear. As she open the door john look around and left thanks. Maya he left the area as Maya went back to work spraying the lock with air fresh. She might have heard the door open if the music was not so load we she we have seen john now in his true forum grinning at she drop the can has he rip her clothes off. Maya spoke my mom told me stories of demons who come’s for girls his tail wrap her hand above her head. She look up to see his golden horns. U should have listen he turned on walkman. He grad her tits. And squeezed nice he said she was rock out to the music. As his shove his cock deep in her pussy banging her agents the wall her tit flapping on his chest he trusting can be heard all over the locker room her moan filling he desires. Hard and harder he ram his cock in her fast her tit slap his chest till an evil light can be seen throw the crack at the bottom of the door. He leave her lying nude fast a sleep cover with his seed all over her belly. A mess she would have to clean up when she wake up.
He was walk bye the class room when he eyes fell on Emma the math teacher a tall black hair women with an ass of a god and breast the size of melons. Her darter Edda was their. Look at the pic on her desk she been a widow for some time. Hi names john. Hi I Edda this is my mom Emma and this is Candy the book worm all after extra cried it. Edda be nice her mom says what ur name Emma ask. John kind of young yep I am 21 u have ur degree all ready candy look shock. Yes I kind I wiz kid. Love extra cried it too. He smile I the new gym teacher he said. Wow the last guy was fat he had a stroke on the field. Horrible john said I in great shape really let see Edda her mom snap not so rude. It ok john said take off his shirt show off his muscle bound chest I off to the gym to work out u have a nice night Emma was blushing red when he left his demon hears heard Edda tell her mom to get his number. Candy was off run to get out fuck I miss my cab with may. It ok u can give u a ride just let me put my stuff in my office.
Candy was 5-4 her moon glass cover her eye she wear a tan over haul of her white school shirt her small breast can’t be seen throw the lays of clothes she wear her green skirt was up to her thighs a red scarf was wrap around her neck she was look down to not let john no she was blushing. Here ur office it also were detention is their a lot of bad girls is this school the dean does not expels any of them. She after the money if u ask me. John shut the door while he put his stuff on the desk Emma called why she was in the back look at the lost and found hey candy need a ride John using his magic to sound like her no I got a cab I almost home see u latter I get a head start on my school work. With that john hang up. Candy return with the box I wish I had all of this stuff take I said its was gone when I got here hey that the x 96 they only made a few before the got shut down wow. How u get one. Just a bet. He lock the door see this is how u take a pic flash and this is the light when it recording he and its fly’s see wow candy said it magic. Maybe tell me about Emma and Edda. Well her husband died years ago that all I know she does not give me any more extra work to bad she was play with the chalk on the board she a mean that all right I give u plenty all u have to do john took off his shirt is ask. What are u doing she was blushing now tell me more he said pining her agents the board he slow remove the scar she love the country side and ooo john was rubing her pussy. And horse her breathing grew heaver he grad her throat with his left coke her a little then he kiss her see my extra work is fun what grade are u in he ask while taken off her tan shirt 14 she said while he was un done her buttons and her whites long sleeve as it hit the floor candy said. Edda loves trouble great he said take off her bra and nibble on her left nipple’. and he pulled off her panties leaving her green skirt he kiss her as he pick her up and lays her on the desk her head hangings off the edge now that enough work time for so play he pull his cock out she smile and open he mouth wide ahh she says her face was red as john slide his cock in her mouth and began face fucking her he grad he arm a hold them down and second set of arm come from his side use his dark arts. He use his magic to trim her pussy hairs to a dragon skull. He rubs warm oils all over her body. He feel her breast as they grew in size her moan make him pull his cock out of her mouth she feel the new breast that are a handful now just the right size for her body type. Some time john was feel them its nice to have small one he was move his hand to message her pussy her led cross over as her as getting her off. See only u is have joy. Sorry she bare spoke fill her first sexual encounter he got up on the desk she rolled over to suck his cock he put his hand between her leg and started to finger fuck her the phone rang it was her mom wondering when she be home john said soon she do some extra actives and will be home soon I drop her off when she done. In 20 mins bye. I not go to fuck u with my cock yet he was standing up she was lay on his desk nude but I do have home work for u. he stuck his cock back in her willing mouth she lay up on the desk finger her self he fell she close to her orgasm I want u to write everything u know about miss Emma . As her orgasm came he spray her face with his cock covering most of it. For extra credit in my gym class. My mom won’t let me take p.e I have a heart problem. It all right u like my home work don’t u she was like cum off her fingers I want ur cock in me. U have done your home work yet. First work then play he tap his cock on her head still hanging off the desk she put it back in how to get more cum out of it come I need to get u home. As they walk of Maya look a little shock and confused well we need to lock up I got to go all ur are right candy as well never but I hope it happen again. And off she went weird candy said yes john said weird.

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