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All charter are 21 in this tell

A few days have past when a note from pumpkins arrives ask john for a meet to her an so friend to breed with him a he a agree to meet them in at his house one at a time the first one was pumpkins a girl 5-2 with orange hair and small breast and her pubic hairs was in the shape of a jackolantern. When she came down the stair hey nice room she says the first of 4 will be hear in an hour to it give u some time see a the x69 flying about the room filming I need to go. Not so fast john said come hear. She skip across the room wear a small black zip up shirt and a small orange hip waste blouse she hop on the bar. What it not every day the let me out u know. True he have a drink he give a glass while he unzips her top hey now I said their 4 come . In one hour john saids. Now the sooner I have u the sooner u go shopping . Well pumpkins says if ur going to fuck me do me in the hot ok. But first I want to taste ur pussy he pull off her blouse . He kiss her breast and slowly make his to her pussy were he lick her. She lies back mmm nice john yes. She feel his hair as he eats her pussy .ok hot tub time she says hold john hand look up at the x96 hey what u doing their u naughty boy as it came closer flashing away it filming too wow that a rare one as is come up her body. John was feel her tits with his left and rubing her pussy with his right he bend over to kisser. She get in the tub slow wow it hot. But not as hot as u john sit’s on the edge as she swimmed over to him she pops up and lick her lips as she starts suck his cock.
Yes that it ahh I miss u so much he pick her up and slides in the tub she get on top of him and slow put his cock in her pussy . I forgotten how big ur are yes so good. John feels her back as she rides up and down in the hot tub. She kiss him and he says hey I thought this was business . I can’t help it oh god I am a romantic. Indeed john say leave his claw marks down her back. ahah john grabs her ass and put her in the corner to finish her off. She spread wide as john was fucking her hard hahaha her cries feels his ear as she orgasm out load he pull his cock out of her a sprays her with his seed . So u don’t want any offspring yet a she lick a little from her finger not yet from you ur going to work a lot hard then that before I breed with u good thing come to pumpkins’ who wait. She kiss him he pick her up and carry to the middle sound like u want another fuck time why yes he drop her in the middle he climes out hey u jerk. Hey u got on 40 mins to get to the mall pumpkins fuck she get dress hey my panties I am keep them come get them latter fuck u she yell. Latter john saids she smile then runs up the stairs. And out the door. Eva walk in the room were john was at the bar she was tall with dark blue hair she wear just a trench coat so ur john a yep he said. Name Eva john grow to be ten feet tall and now has 4 arm and hand sorry it my work out time. That ok Eva said she take off the coat reviling her nice body med size breast and a nice ass she has on blue stockings I haven’t got much time ether my husband will be home in an hour he cheated on me so here I am I hope u don’t mind. No at all
John say he was lifting his dumbbells as she walk over and kneel down a start tits fucking him mmm so big she says as deep throat his cock wow your amazing john said
My god u got my cock all the way down ur throat she pull it out yep I now what I am doing so how about the bench press . John lies back and lifts 500 pound above his head and press it up and down has she sits on his cock his second set of hands grabs her tits. Haha so big she moans out riding him nice tits Eva. Thanks john glad u like them . Nice cock john. Glad u like it Eva. She rode his cock till her cries fill the air as she was about to get off him john ask for a kiss let keep this as
Business ok she put on her coat fuck u latter she says as she walk up the stairs.
Passing a the little sneaking in were u going Eva says your not suppose to be out princess Sofia. True and ur not suppose to be cheating Eva. See u in class now go he down their. Sofia is now horn and its her birthday her mom and dad forgot and she sneak out with the twin tell them to be he at 10 in steed of 9 and she did not tell pumpkins see was coming here to make sure no one stop her. She just 5 ft tall her tits are lager then pumpkins but not bye much she has white hair on top and bottom she wear a white dress the can be slip off. Did u get ur home work done Eva her matt teacher. Yep see u Monday and Sofia enjoy ur night I will Eva. She goes down starts . John look up at her hi names . Sofia I know I not on the plan for to night but the twin are run late and I finger u need more fun anyway. U can be rough with me if u like I just want to have sex tonight with u tonight. Ok john says has he put the handing cuffs up I was going to use this on the twin but it fit u nice. He in demon forum as she walk over to him she slip of her dress and he hand cuff her arm above her head he poor warm oils over her body he kiss as he put his cock deep in her pussy aaha she cries out as john fuck her hard and fast his demon tail goes up her ass for some dped action he pounding away as the twin enter the room and smile at the show Sofia kiss john as he feel her belly full of hot cum as she cries out with joy at her first orgasm he feel her breast as the cuff let her fall she walk over an gets in the hot to wash up as the twin walk over nude and lies john one the floor one sits on his face and once suck his cock nice john very nice they says as he grows a second cock for them to ride one put his cock in her pussy one does anal has they ride him hard Sofia come over and let his snake tongue goes deep in her pussy as she sit on his face and kiss the close twin as the room fill with cries of joy john feel the twin breast as she kissing Sofia. Mmmmm Sofia says
Look at the twin who pinching her breast john say let go up to my room as they enter he close the door he grab the second twin and slam agents’ the door she jump into his arms and puts his cock in her pussy and his tail goes up ass ahaha she cries out kiss him more she cries fuck me harder john yes.
Sofia is make out with the other twin as john fuck the second one hard on the door for a few till her orgasm fill the room air as she cries out with joy she falls on the bed and pass out. The last twin walk over to john slide in were her sister leave off she grabs his ass has he fuck her yes john yess o god YESSSS her cries fill the night air and it not long till she join her sister in his bed. Sofia walk over and john and starts dancing with him he feel her body as she climbs on top of him in his chair for some anal action she rides him in to the night enjoy every min of it.

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