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All charters are 18 years old in this tell thanks

John the demon

John just turn 18 he was off for a long walk when he went down a dark ally. He look in the third building he saw a hot girl with orange hair do magic in the middle of the glowing circle a demon raise up. It was black with golden horns and golden tribal tattoos with red glowing eyes.
John turn to run but it was to late the girl grab him and pulled him in he felt his soul being rip out as he close his eye’s. The demon slip into his body and awoke. The boy body was skin at first the grow to be like a body builder nice said pumpkins the witch.
The demon at last I free again he works for a girls collage with his mom ahaha. The demon was smiling has his cock grow to about 12 inch and as hard as a rock. Nice said pumpkins. Pumpkins is a small witch about 5-2 with orange hair skin with nice breast about a hand full in size. Her pubic hair in the shape of a jackolantern complete with an evil grin. She was stroking his cock when the evil john said how about we celebrate my birthday.
Ok she said as she took of her clothes and started to suck his cock slow at first enjoying every min.
John was feeling her breast with his left hand slow make his was to her pussy.
He started to rub it slow ahaha her cries of joy filled the night air. Then he put his middle finger in her pussy.mmm she moaned out a little still suck his huge cock. He felt her pussy hair and patted her ass. Time to fuck indeed she said. Climing on top of him she slip his huge cock in her AHAHA SO BIG she cried out with joy aha ahaa she was riding him hard yes oh god she said his magic was putting his mark on her left shoulder
Like a tattoo. A golden dragon with back scales a red eyes now cover her left shoulder. Their he said she was close to her orgasm when john grow a second huge cock and put in her asshole her cries we loader then ever. Her kiss her lips and layed back hand be hide his head look his cell ring it was his mom asking when he a coming home soon mom I got a free riding lesson it almost done be home soon bye I love u he said with a evil grin. He took a pic of her on his phone a set it to record. It floated in air as she was fucking him. Your for getting something he said look at her . Happy birthday to u ahaha ahaha happy birTH DAY TO U Hhhaaa happy birth day to jjjoohn happy bbbirtthh daayy TOOOO YOUU JJJOOOHHHNNN OOOO FUUUCKKKK. He cried out filling her with hot cum ahhhhhHHHAAHH SHE CREID OUT before passing out from her wonderful orgasm he rolled her off him a left a note were he lived at and for her to bring more witches next time.
He walk out in to the ally now that was a birthday.

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