Meeting the Sea God

She tossed and turned; lost in an erotic dream. The images were so vivid that she could almost taste the salt from the sea. It was the beach dream again. The one that leaves her covered in sweat when she wakes up.

Night after night, it’s the same. She is walking down a deserted beach at dusk. The sun is low, coloring the sky in pinks, reds, and purples. The evening is warm, and the air is thick with the scent of tropical blossoms. Warm water from the turquoise colored sea laps at her ankles, as she strolls down the white sand.

In her dream, she is always perfect. A small bikini top encases her firm, bouncy breasts. Tiny triangles barely cover her coral colored nipples, which are forever erect despite the warmth of the day. She is tanned all over from the many days of sunbathing nude. Her body, lean and toned, glistened in the remaining light of the day.

She was proud of her body; with it’s tiny waist and softly rounded hips. Never in real life would she wear a white bikini, much less a thong one. The tiny scrap of material nestled tightly in her crack displayed her round, lush ass. A filmy sarong made of the finest silk rode low on her hips; flaring open with every step her long legs made.

Glad that she endured the pain of a Brazilian wax job, she knew that her bare genitals were smooth and pink. It was by accident that she figured out how sensitive her pussy was without hair.
But, that is another story.

As always, she is aroused. In every dream she has her pussy is often on fire; swollen and throbbing with need. The thong helps though. If she moves her hips the right way, the snug scrap massages her whole slit. All she needs is another to help ease the burning want. Who would the dream pick this time?

The beach is deserted; no one in sight. The fragrant night air whips through her long red hair, which is tousled from a day of lounging on the beach. She sits down, feeling the fine grain of the sand scratch against her naked cheeks. Untying the sarong, she lets it fall out, baring her lower body. The tide is coming in.

A daring wave crashes to shore, wetting her. She opens her legs wider, as the next one makes it way to her. The luke warm water tickles her pussy, but it’s not enough. Instead of putting the flames out, the teasing wave dashes out quickly. She’s frustrated.

Her thong ties at the hips, and she is glad for that. Now, her pink slit is bare. Opening her legs wider, she gently spreads her puffy lips. She has always loved how her pussy looked. Fat, hairless lips surround another pair of smaller ones. The delicate skin covering her was the shade of the most delicious cotton candy.

Using her middle finger, she pressed inward, causing her petals to open. She was wet and not from the ocean.

Exploring deeper, it felt good to probe her sheath; to be filled. Leaning back on her elbow, she let her legs fall all the way open. The next wave crashed to shore, covering her in warm, salty brine.
It seemed to stay a bit longer before rushing back. She was now sitting in a warm puddle of water. The tide was in. Not enough to cover her fully, the water gently lapped at her flushed pussy. The next wave came barreling in, and with her pussy gaping open, it filled her to the brim. She groaned. So, this was how the dream was going to go. She was going to get fucked by the mighty sea itself.

Her middle finger, now free of its confinement, circled her engorged clit. The elusive bud, hidden by it’s pink protective hood, wanted to come out and play. She retracted the hood further, exposing her pulsing clit. The hypnotic motion of the wave seemed to mimic the actions of a firm tongue. Gasping, she trapped the sensitive piece of erect flesh between her fingers and tugged. Her clit grew; almost doubling in size. Sharp bolts of pleasure radiated from her pussy, as she jacked her clit as if it were a cock in need of relief. Her pussy, convulsing madly, was sucking sea water inside it before pushing a mixture of her creamy juices back out into the ocean.

Her coral nipples, rock hard, were plainly visible through the transparent, wet material. She pushed the tiny triangles to the side. She needed her nipples and began to pinch and pull them the moment that they were free. She was lost in her erotic, lust filled haze.

Deep in the ocean, he was aware of her. The moment she sat down and let his waves taste her nectar he felt her need. Her sweet taste filled his senses. He needed her. Swimming to the surface, he spied her ashore. She was beautiful to him; her back arched in pleasure.

He slowly approached her. Not wanting to scare her away, he blended in with the nonstop waves, until his face was between her thighs. He was so close that he could smell her need. Slowly, very slowly, he leaned forward with his tongue poised.

“The waves must be playing tricks on my mind. I swear I just felt a tongue,” she mused.

Glad that water was his element, he let the fluid position his arms around her thighs. His body flowed around her, waiting for the right moment to materialize. With the next wave, he solidified; his strong upper body holding her hips close to his face.

She looked up, quickly. Emerald green eyes locked with a pair of blue ones that seem to be swirling with the exact colors of the sea. His face was classic, with a roman nose, high cheek bones, and a sexy cleft in his chin. The more she looked the more he became apparent; his long wavy hair, black as midnight, floated around a pair of broad shoulders.

“Oh, my god! I’m about to fuck a sea god,” she thought.

Closer and closer his tongue got, until she felt it touch the very tip of her exposed clit. He licked around her fingers, which were still on her flesh. Her back arched higher, as he flicked her clit with his tongue, before sucking her fingers into his hot mouth. She tasted like hot need; so intoxicating. He could get drunk on her juices. She pulled her fingers from his mouth and tangled them in his hair. She needed him closer.

“Please,” she whispered.

She was burning with need, and yet, he hovered. His warm breath danced over her flesh. She could feel his lips graze her swollen labia. Now impatient, she tried to yank him closer, but he was unyielding. He was teasing her.
Chuckling softly, he nipped at her clit; just a lick here and there. It was enough to keep her wound tightly. Her pussy was engorged. The loveliest shade of bright pink stained her chest, making her nipples dark red. The sexual flush was beautiful and suited her well.

Without warning, he sucked her clit all the way into his mouth. His arms tightened around her hips, as she screamed loudly into the coming night. She could feel his tongue licking her nub, as the suction from his mouth pulled it further into his hot oral cavity.

He asked the tide to leave. He wanted her all to his self. She felt the warm seawater pull back to the ocean, leaving this sea god with her. She couldn’t focus; his mouth was drawing all her blood to her clit. He encircled her bloated clit with his teeth and gently gnawed at the base of the throbbing bundle of sex nerves.

Her legs were stiff; pushing her hips up high. She was about to blast his face with her cunt cream. He felt her body trembling. One more push and she would rocket into space. He sucked hard, while sawing his teeth on her clit. She screeched. He felt his chin get sticky with her nectar.

“Now, you can do better than that,” he mumbled; mouth full of her tender flesh.

He shoved two, thick fingers deep inside her seizing hole and tickled her cervix. She could feel her pleasure pulses getting stronger. It felt like he was pulling another orgasm from deep inside her. Loud, wet noises came from her pussy, as his fingers kept her in a constant orgasmic state.

His control was slipping. He rubbed his granite hard cock against the wet sand. Heavy balls, that were full of cum, were drawn tight against his body. The long, thick shaft of his cock buried into the sand with each thrust of his lean hips.
She raised her head to watch him. All she could see was the top of his face, the lower half buried in her weeping cunt. His gaze penetrated her. He was watching her watch him. Just seeing him hump against the sand made her jealous. She wanted him inside her. As if he read her mind, he ripped his face from her pussy and rapidly flipped her over. He pushed her shoulders down roughly, and she had to turn her head to keep the sand from smothering her.

“Don’t move,” he growled.

She felt him nudge her legs open wider. A warm breeze caressed her open pussy, sending chills racing down her spine. He was motionless behind her. Never had he seen a more beautiful sight. Her pussy, still convulsing, was swollen and red, and her soft inner thighs were abraded by his whiskers. The tiny closed star of her ass twitched under his scrutiny.

She could feel his breath on the back of her thighs, traveling higher. He kissed her sandy ass cheek before brushing away the grains with his large hands. His breath got closer. She shivered.
His tongue, pointed, traced tight circles around her brown, hairless rosebud. Her hips wiggled, as he licked the wrinkled skin lightly. She never would have guessed that the pleasure coming from her anus would be so intense. Her already tensed muscles tightened even more when she felt his tongue invade her.

She began to hyperventilate when his fingers slipped inside her pussy and copied what his tongue was doing to her ass. She wanted to push her hand underneath her body and rub her clit until she sprayed him in her nectar again. All the sudden his fingers and tongue were gone. His big body moved closer to her.

He guided his blood filled cock to her open pussy. She could feel his large mushroom shaped glans trying to push it’s way into her tight opening. Panting, she savored the ripping pleasure. Once the wide ridge popped through, his whole shaft was shoved all the way inside her body. His ball sac slapped against her clit, as if to spank it for being so naughty.

His breath left in a rush. Her pussy was griping him like a warm, moist glove. She rippled all around him. As he withdrew, a sloppy sucking sound was audible. She couldn’t take much more. He filled her to capacity, only to leave her empty and wanting. His cock hovered near the entrance of her pussy for a microsecond before slamming back into her.

The need was too great. She wiggled her hand to her clit and began to rub back and forth frantically. He was using long, slow, hard strokes, but what she wanted was hard and fast. She felt his finger probe her tightly closed rosebud, and her cunt wept a copious amount of oyster colored tears. Her thighs were wet; her pussy coated in with a thin layer of soft sand.

He pushed his long middle finger into her snug ass and rubbed the head of his cock through the thin membrane separating her pussy from her ass. He groaned from the sensation. She groaned from being filled in both holes. His thrusts got faster. Her pussy got wetter and noisier. She could smell her juices mixing with his.

Her fingers danced rapidly over her pulsing clit, as his hips were almost a blur. She was close to exploding again. When he yanked his finger from her ass to grab a hold of her hips, she cried out. The sudden relief of pressure from her ass somersaulted her into the most intense orgasm ever. She saw white flashes of light, as her cunt sucked his dick.

He felt her cum. It was enough to send his hot seed racing up his engorged shaft. He grabbed her hips and pummeled her hard. It felt like his cock was about to burst, as spurts of thick seed filled her pussy. Several more short thrusts helped to wring the remaining juice from his bobbing dick. He pulled out of her velvet sheath and watched fondly as his white cum oozed from her battered hole.

Night had fallen. The tide had to be returned. It was time for him to go. As the water rushed around her, she crawled further up the beach to avoid being drowned. Her sarong and thong floated around him. His magnificent cock jutted out from his body; a drop of cum hanging loosely to his slit. With sadness, she watched him melt into the water. For how long she sat there, she didn’t know. The beach began to get hazy; out of focus. It was time to wake up.

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