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Author’s Forward
Like many “Star Trek” fans, I often wondered over the years what kinds of exploits would happen on other Starships, or what would happen to various “guest” characters after the credits would roll at the end of an episode. Like many other “fan fiction” writers, I’ve started a few scripts for episodes myself, vowing I’d submit it and maybe they would actually air my idea. Everyone who has watched “Star Trek” (and really any episodic TV show) and seen the romantic scenes knows that in many cases more went on between two characters that kissed than the producers were allowed to show to us. All these things are what “Star Trek: Hornet,” set in the same era as the original TV show (Captain Kirk, et al) is about. Other characters, same setting; different ship, same timeline; shared history, new adventures…and of course, in reading this you, dear reader, get to “witness” what the show’s producers could never show on air, even now.
“The New Mission”
Chapter One
“Captain’s personal log: Star Date 6779.4. I’ve taken command of the U.S.S. Hornet; she arrived at Space Station K-7 late yesterday. Her former master Captain Dawson seemed quite shaken, and at a loss as to why his command of Starfleet’s newest ship was taken from him so soon after commissioning, and so suddenly. Poor man, I almost took pity on him and told him. Almost. But that would have been the end of my own career. Besides, if he knew that Section 31 had gotten command of a ship of the line, he’d be screaming back to earth to complain to the Admiralty or the Federation Council faster than warp ten. Many on the ship’s crew have also been replaced with S-31 personnel, my own personal choices. The rest of the crew will have to be vetted, or transferred, since our upcoming missions are so vital to Federation Security.”
Captain Delaney switched off the log recorder, unconcerned that the entire bridge crew had heard her mention Section 31, as they were all the “personal choices” she had mentioned in the log. She turned her command chair to face the communications console.
“Lieutenant Parker, please put me on ship-wide.” The young female comm. officer threw the appropriate switches and nodded to Delaney to signal readiness.
“This is the Captain,” Delaney began, “as you are all aware by now, the Hornet has been given a new mission. Within the next twenty-four hours, we will be docking at a shipyard in the Tellar system. Shore leaves will be granted. All personnel who were assigned to the Hornet prior to my taking command will be interviewed during our refit by the Security Chief due to concerns about our upcoming missions. I’m sorry to say, those of you lacking in certain…requirements…will be reassigned to other ships or stations as soon as possible. That is all.” The captain heard Parker switch off the ship-wide, and turned her attention back to the log recorder. She switched it back on.
“Captain’s log: Star Date 6779.4. The Hornet is en route to the Tellar system, where we are to report for installation of several upgrades, as well as a cloaking device in engineering. Thanks to the vaunted Captain Kirk, who acquired the technology a year ago, this ship will be able to carry out the types of missions that are truly necessary to secure the Federation for generations to come. My superiors feel it was short-sighted of The Council in unilaterally deciding not to employ this technology, and I’m afraid I must agree. A lot of ground can be gained by using cloaking technology, and I’m eager for it to be installed.” She clicked the recorder off once more, and handed the clipboard sized log device to her Andorian Yeoman, Neela, who was standing off to one side of the command chair.
“Thank you, yeoman,” Delaney said, “that will be all.” She gave the buxom blue-skinned young woman a wink.
“Aye, Captain,” was the reply, along with a wink of Neela’s own. As the Andorian walked away, Delaney reminisced on why their winks had meaning…she watched Neela’s hips and ass sway under her gold uniform skirt as she headed to the turbo-lift, and remembered yesterday afternoon…
Delaney had been taking a solo tour of her new ship, still just a bit in shock that she had actually been given command. After all, she had only been First Officer on the “Amsterdam” for eight months.
“Someone high up in S-31 must really believe in me,” she had been thinking, as she turned the corner from one of the botany sections into the corridor. Lost in thought, she nearly collided with a young ensign, a very attractive brown-skinned human. They both jumped back, and looked at each other.
“Hey!” The ensign had started to protest, and then caught a glimpse of Delaney’s rank insignia. “Oh, Captain, I…I’m sorry ma’am…”
“No problem ensign..?” The young woman heard the inquiry in Delaney’s voice, and spoke again.
“Russeau, ma’am,” she said, her back straightening. Delaney felt a stirring under her skirt when the young woman’s breasts pointed more forcefully toward her. Maybe it was time to start the new ship’s protocol…the captain and the ensign made some small talk for a few moments, and finally Russeau seemed to come to a sort of decision.
“Forgive me, ma’am,” she started. “I’ve been hearing rumors ever since you came on board.” She paused.
“Yes, ensign, go ahead,” Delaney encouraged.
“Is it true that you’re a…that you’re from..?”
“Is it true that I’m Hermaphroan?” Delaney finished Russeau’s thought for her. “Yes, ensign, it’s true.” Even with her dark skin, the captain could see Russeau visibly blush, and could see her breathing get just slightly quicker. She stepped closer, and her fingers brushed the young woman’s hand.
“Why do you ask, ensign?” She whispered. Their bodies moved slightly closer, both of them beginning to feel the wants of the flesh.
“I…I’m…” Russeau stammered.
“Curious?” Delaney finished the thought for the young officer again, and suddenly the two women were in each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Their hands encircled each other’s bodies, tracing contours, touching, squeezing pliant parts of each other’s anatomy. As their hands played with each other’s tits, a sudden thought occurred to the captain.
“We need to get out of the corridor,” the captain said, breaking their embrace momentarily. “It wouldn’t do for members of the crew to see their Captain accosting a fellow officer.” Russeau took Delaney’s hand, and led her just a short way down the corridor and through a doorway. “Briefing Room 5,” Delaney noticed on the placard as they passed by. Once inside, they resumed their ardent embrace.
Delaney’s hands went under the ensign’s skirt hem, and caressed the young woman’s ass. When her fingers moved between Russeau’s thighs and found her quickly moistening panties, both women moaned passionately.
“I…captain…I have to see it…” Russeau murmured into Delaney’s ear, her hot breath on the captain’s neck. Delaney stepped back, and rested her own bottom on the edge of the briefing room conference table.
“Be my guest, ensign…” she said quietly. Russeau took a small step forward, and went down on her knees. Her hands traveled up Delaney’s thighs, across the front of her uniform skirt, and found their way to the hardness that was now quite prominently sticking forward under the skirt. Russeau cooed, and leaned her face in closer as her hands traced and gently squeezed. Delaney took her skirt hem in her hands, and slowly lifted the garment higher. In a moment her underwear was fully visible, along with the enormous bulge inside them. The ensign moaned with desire, and moved forward to caress her cheek along the protuberance. She placed a small kiss on the length, and this time it was the captain who moaned, and she felt her pussy ooze even more fluid into her underpants.
Russeau’s hands came up again of their own accord, and her fingers slid over the top of the elastic holding her captain’s panties up. She gently pried down, and slowly, teasingly lowered them. She gasped aloud when Delaney’s now fully engorged cock sprang into view at last.
“Ohhhh..,” she sighed, “it’s beautiful…I knew it would be…” She grabbed the eleven inches of the captain’s cock in both her hands, and stared at it, mesmerized. She looked at it from every angle, sniffed it and gently massaged it between her fingers. Delaney was going out of her mind with desire. Finally, just when the captain thought she could handle no more of this unintentional teasing, Russeau put her lips around the head of her captain’s gorgeous cock, and sucked it into her mouth.
Both women groaned loudly as Russeau took more and more of Delaney’s cock into her mouth. She felt it slide against her throat, and stifled her gag reflex, wanting it, needing it to go as far in as possible. She coated the member with her saliva, and started moving her head and body back and forth, taking as much of it into her throat as she dared. She grabbed her captain’s ass in her hands, and pulled her hips into her own face, wanting her captain to fuck her mouth.
Delaney’s head was swimming, the beautiful young woman surely knew how to give good head…but she needed to learn a thing or two about being with someone of Delaney’s species. She grabbed Russeau’s head, and tilted it back so the two of them could look into each other’s eyes.
“Hey, sweetie,” the captain said; “there’s a pussy down there that needs some attention too…”
“Mmm.mmph…phmm,” Russeau replied, gurgling around the shaft of Delaney’s dick. With one hand she reached up and her fingers found the fleshy lips of Delaney’s pussy, and with the other hand she found the engorged wet folds of her own. The added sensations invigorated her desire, and she began pumping her mouth on her captain’s rock hard member even faster than before. The captain reached behind herself and down, between her own buttocks, then further down to find her own twat. Her fingers found Russeau’s and they played together in the fleshy folds of her own pussy. She felt her desire mounting, and knew she was close to spewing her own species type of semen into young Russeau’s waiting throat.
“Yes, ensign…” she cried out, “that’s it…keep going…oh yeah, push your fingers inside me…like that, yeah like that.”
Russeau felt her own heat rising even higher as her captain verbalized her desires. She plunged two, then three fingers into Delaney’s cunt, feeling the super hot, super wet folds tightly gripping her fingers. She moaned her own desire, and sucked the mega-cock in her mouth harder, then harder still. She knew Hermaphroans ejaculated, and she wanted, no needed, for her captain to cum in her mouth.
She pulled back, and again used her tongue to flick the head of the captain’s dick. She let it run circles around the tip, then ran it up and down the length, feeling it throb, and twitch, and pulse. Delaney was in frenzy…she gripped Russeau’s head, and drove her cock deep into the ensign’s mouth…fucked it…pushing in deep. Russeau gagged, but neither one cared as Delaney’s cock suddenly ballooned, her hips twitching uncontrollably as she released her incredibly thick semen into Russeau’s throat.
Russeau had never felt anything like it. Rather than being like liquid soap or mineral oil, the Hermaphroan’s cum was incredibly thick, a consistency somewhere between honey and the instant mashed potatoes served in Russeau’s family home back on Earth. While more difficult to swallow than a human males would be, it also tasted considerably better for some reason, with a slight hint of, what was it…pineapple..?
Before she could completely figure out the flavor, her captain was lifting her up by the armpits, her hands then pulling Russeau’s skirt up and over her ass, and ripping her panties off, letting them slide down to the ensign’s knees.
“Damn, ensign,” Delaney cried out, “that was unbelievable! You deserve a really good fucking after a blow job like that!” And suddenly, Russeau was face down on the conference table, bent at the waist, and her captain’s still hard cock was nearly buried with one thrust into her cunt. If she hadn’t been soaking wet, the seven inches that instantly went into her would have been painful. She tensed up initially, but upon feeling her captain’s glorious member deep within her, Russeau relaxed, and fucked her hips back, meeting Delaney’s every thrust with one of her own.
“Oh, captain,” Russeau moaned, “fuck me…yes, like that…fuck me…” Delaney did just as the ensign begged her; driving her cock deep into the young woman’s pussy. The captain’s hips banged against Russeau’s ass with each forward thrust, and the ensign fought to get a grip on the table top to keep from sliding around on its smooth surface. She was panting and moaning her desire. Delaney’s fetish kicked in, and she leaned over to one of the com-links on the table top, and flicked the computer link switch.
“Computer.” She said. The usual whirs and clicks came to her ears, then,
“Working,” the computer said.
“Record all activity in Briefing Room Five,” Delaney said. “Display on all monitors. Archive into my personal file labeled ‘encounters.’ Password: Delaney seven ultra nineteen.” She’d have to remember to change the password again later.
“Affirmative,” the computer responded. The view screens on the wall and tri-monitor in the center of the table flickered to life, and Delaney watched herself fucking ensign Russeau from behind. All Starfleet computers took commands very literally, so the command she had given prompted the computer to focus on the highest degree of motion in the room, which was where Delaney’s enormous cock was sliding into Russeau’s tight, very wet, stretched-to-its-limit cunt.
Delaney’s cock was on fire as she pumped it into her newfound friend’s twat. The young officer moaned and squealed and panted her delight with every stroke. Since Delaney had already cum once, she knew she would last quite a while; her tour of the ship would have to be finished another time. As she fucked Russeau she pulled her own uniform off, slipping the dress off over her head rather than worrying about undoing the seam in the back to remove it. She wriggled her hips, letting her underwear drop to her shins where they draped against her boots.
Russeau was pleading with her captain, “Fuck me harder, captain…oh please fuck me harder.” Delaney was only too happy to oblige. She bent forward, and undid the seam on the back of the ensign’s uniform, pushing it down and forward on the young woman’s shoulders.
“Take it off, ensign,” the captain demanded, “I want to see you naked.” Russeau complied, tugging on the dress as best she could, slowly pulling the uniform upward until the skirt portion was all that remained around her back. Delaney helped her slide it over her head, and the ensign’s full body of flawless brown skin was finally there for her to gaze upon. The sight of her own paler skin against Russeau’s darker color drove Delaney even wilder; and she fucked the ensign with new abandon.
After a couple more minutes of having her concubine bent over, Delaney grabbed Russeau around the waist and stood her up, her Hermaphroditic cock still buried deep in the ensign’s pussy. She lifted Russeau’s body up off the floor, took two or three steps back and to the right, finding one of the hard briefing room chairs. She sat down, bringing Russeau down with her, and the young officer quickly straddled her captain, and began fucking herself down onto her glorious cock.
Russeau couldn’t believe the passion she was feeling. She had never felt this way with any human male, not even with the two or three males of other species she had been with. There was something so enticing about the captain’s body, so completely like her own, and yet because of that humongous dick, so completely different. As she rode her captain’s member, she felt herself getting close to yet another orgasm…but she wanted to feel more.
She disengaged herself from Delaney, but only for long enough to turn around and face her. She straddled the captain again, and slid her member back into her own pussy. They bucked against each other furiously, the chair making little scratching noises on the carpet of the briefing room floor as they fucked. Suddenly, Russeau felt her passion rise again, and she kissed her captain passionately as she came yet again. Delaney’s arms went around her, and they drew each other closer and closer as Russeau twitched on her captain’s cock.
Just as she reached her peak, the briefing room door slid open! Delaney’s Yeoman, Neela walked in, looking down at the tricorder she was carrying.
“Captain, the computer said you were in here, so I thought…” she stopped midsentence, seeing who the captain was with, and what they were doing. “I’m sorry, ma’am,” she began, “I didn’t realize…”
“It’s no problem, Neela,” Delaney answered. “In fact, I’m glad to see you. You can provide some lubrication for ensign Russeau’s asshole for me.” Her cock didn’t miss a stroke as she spoke to the yeoman, and Russeau’s eyes went wide at this last comment – when she fully comprehended what the captain had said. Neela winked at Russeau, and quickly peeled her own uniform off over her head. She was totally naked underneath! After a moment, Russeau thought
“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that, the captain probably fucks her at the drop of a hat.” Looking at the slim Andorian’s body, again so much like her own, except for being that beautiful blue, Russeau decided she’d fuck Neela every chance she got too, if she were her Yeoman.
Completely naked, and taking her boots off as she came forward, Neela crouched down on the floor in front of the captain and Russeau. She reached up and fondled her captain’s dick as it slid in and out of the ensign’s cunt, making both the other women moan with desire. After a few moments of this playing, she moved forward, and began licking Russeau’s asshole.
This sent the beautiful Nubian girl over the edge again, and her pussy pulsed and contracted against the enormous member buried deep inside her. Neela kept up her assault on Russeau’s ass, getting it sloppy with her spit. She knew her captain’s fondness for sticking her cock into an ass, any ass, male or female, so she made sure this young ensign was going to be ready for it.
“She tastes sweet, even back here.” Neela thought to herself. She brought her hand up to the young woman’s ass, and gently stroked the firm cheeks. She pushed her tongue back into the ensign’s asshole again, and felt it slip in with ease.
“She’s ready, captain,” Neela reported. Delaney responded by standing up again, lifting herself and Russeau off the chair. She bent forward, and laid the ensign down on the floor on her back. She grabbed Russeau’s thighs and bent them back, back over the young officer’s chest, and placed the tip of her throbbing cock at her tight little asshole. The ensign looked up at her captain, her eyes wide with worry.
“Please, captain, I’ve never…no one’s ever…” she pleaded. That was all Delaney could stand to hear, and her mind went blank with pure lust. She drove her cock forward hard, plunging it deep into the young ensign’s ass. She watched as Russeau screamed in pain, her beautiful brown eyes opening even wider with fright. She fucked the girl’s ass, driving her dick in so deep, feeling it convulse around the length. She felt the flesh yield, and fucked in and out, and then finally felt the young woman relax, allowing the huge cock full access.
“Captain! Oh captain! Yes! Fuck my ASS!” Russeau cried out.
“Yeah, you like my cock buried deep in your tight human ass, don’t you?” Delaney growled. “Take it deep!” She pounded the young girl, while Neela watched transfixed, playing with her own Andorian pussy. The captain and the ensign wriggled together like a beast, fucking and being fucked, making Neela crazy with desire watching them. Still playing with herself with one hand, she reached over and started stroking Russeau’s pussy with the other.
Being somewhat of an empath, Neela sensed something about Russeau, and curled three fingers inside the ensign’s cunt. The response made her sure of what she had sensed, and she stroked harder…then, at the right moment she removed her fingers and stroked the brown girls clitoris in just the right way. She gazed down in delight, as did Delaney, when the ensign began screaming, crying, wailing as her pussy exploded out liquid in every direction.
“Oh, Daretha,” Neela said, using the captain’s first name, “she’s a SQUIRTER…oh look at how pretty it is…”
Russeau couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was so dizzy, her ass was in pain and pleasure, and she herself didn’t even know that she was capable of that kind of orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into her head again, as Neela used her fingers to make the young Russeau cum again and spray liquid all over her captain…and Neela’s fingers…and the floor.
When Russeau’s ass clamped down again this time from her pussy flooding everywhere, it was too much for Delaney. Her hips shook violently, and she plunged her cock in to the root in Russeau’s ass. She could tell she was past the inner rectum, past Russeau’s colon, and the thought made the orgasm even more intense. Her enormous cock pumped round after round of cum deep into Russeau’s bowels. The captain collapsed forward, her weight crushing the ensign beneath her.
The two women slowly recovered, and Neela took the time to just keep slowly playing with her pussy, occasionally stroking one of her clits or the other – a random and rare birth defect in her species, but one she was oh-so-glad she had been born with. The clit at the lower end of her pussy made anal sex more enjoyable for her than probably almost any other being in the galaxy.
Finally, Delaney and Russeau came to their senses. Realizing the ensign was having trouble breathing; Delaney lifted herself up and off her, her cock making an audible “pop” as it was removed from the young ensign’s ass.
“Sorry, ensign,” the captain said.
“It’s no problem, my captain,” Russeau answered. “You’re amazing, and that was a small price to pay.” Her eyes grew wide again as she saw that, incredibly, her captain’s cock was still fully hard. It hadn’t gone down one iota! “Oh, my gosh…” she said. “You really are amazing!”
“Oh, she has to cum at least three or four times before that thing goes down,” Neela informed the ensign. “It’s one of the things I love the most about her.”
“Come on, my pets,” the captain said. “Let’s see what other trouble we can get into.” The two young officers needed no other prompting than that. They both slid across the carpet to come to either side of their captain. They both reached for her large member simultaneously, and giggled when their mouths touched, both trying to get the tip of it in their mouths at once.
“Please, be my guest,” Neela said to Russeau. Needing no other prompting, Janice took her captain’s cock deep into her mouth, reveling in the taste. After sucking it in and out a few times, she held it by the shaft and offered it to Neela. The Andorian quickly engulfed Delaney’s dick deep into her throat, a sensation she never grew tired of. She had been more than pleased when Daretha had used the privileges of her new rank to get Neela transferred from the USS Amsterdam as well.
The two women took turns sharing the captain’s enormous member for several minutes. Finally, Delaney said in a very commanding tone to Neela,
“Get her up, back on the table. I want you both, now.” Neela looked Russeau in the eyes, and stood up, helping the young ensign to her feet as she did so. She twirled the dark skinned beauty around so her back was to the conference table once more, and kissed her intensely. She gently pushed back and Russeau took one, two steps backwards and felt the cool surface of the table against her ass. Still kissing her, sucking her lips between her own, Neela prodded Janice to lay back on the table. She followed, climbing up, kneeling astride her; never breaking their kiss.
As she passionately kissed the beautiful Andorian woman, Russeau felt her heat rising again in her loins. She looked up and saw Delaney’s gorgeous face appear behind Neela, and felt her captain’s wonderful organ prodding at her pussy once more. She moaned with desire as it slipped easily past the warm entrance and deep inside her. All thought left her as her captain once again pushed deep into her twat, Neela’s fleshy tits pushed against her own.
After several minutes, Delaney tugged on Neela’s ankles, forcing the young yeoman to lay flat on top of Russeau. She withdrew her cock, and moved it up, pushing the tip against Neela’s warm opening. Neela moaned deeply into Russeau’s mouth as her captain filled her pussy, stretching it as she had so many times before. The familiar sensations never became boring, and she rocked her hips back and forth to accommodate Daretha’s passion.
The three women rocked their bodies together, hands and fingers touching, squeezing each other everywhere they could reach. The Captain took turns between the two females lying beneath her, filling first one soft pussy, then the other. She reached down and placed her thumb on Neela’s second clit, stroking it as she plunged her enormous cock in and out of the blue-skinned yeoman. She felt Neela’s pussy clamp down even tighter as her orgasm overtook her. The image on the tri-screen on the table made her cock swell within its tight confines, and another orgasm began to boil to the surface.
She wanted to stick her cock back into Russeau one more time, but the feeling of Neela’s cunt, and the image of the three of them on the monitors was too much for her to stop fucking her dick deep into the Andorian. Her vision went white as her cum began to burst forth. Her entire body went rigid as her toes curled and she pumped spurt after spurt of her thick gooey sperm into Neela’s depths. She finally collapsed, her torso coming to rest on top of her two lovers. Her breathing coming in great gulps as her body tried to recover from the violence of her orgasm.
When their Captain had recovered and stood back up, the two younger officers surrounded her, kissing her in thanks, gently touching her now soft member. Delaney reveled in their touches, and kissed them both back, and thought to herself how grand it was that command has its privileges.

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