Supernatural Transformation Sex

When I was little my mother used to tell me that on April 27 if you sang the certain song, a fairy would take human size form, turn you into a fairy, and claim you to be his mate. And when I was little this touched me deeply as any other young little girl crazy about magical fantasies. I
Now I am 19 and beginning to move out and go to college. It’s my last couple of nights here at home. I live by myself and my boyfriend lives down town. One day I went through a box of old pictures and letters stumbling upon a paper I wrote about the fairy myth. Jokingly I started to hum it. Reminding me of my childhood. I used to sing it every night as a girl hoping I would fly away with a pixie king but that never happened.

So April 27 came along. My last shot at fairy tales, my last shot at a adventure before growing up. So that night I sang that song. This is my story.

It was a Tuesday, at 1am in the morning. I lived on the third story of this apartment building, with a porch attached to my bedroom. I was sleeping in my bedroom, with the glass doors wide open to my porch. The wind was undecided with its power and the shadows of cars danced across the ceiling. Nothing really abnormal seemed to happen until I heard a faint sound. It came from my porch right outside my bedroom. I glared near the doors hearing nothing hoping it was nothing. But then a faint shadow appeared. I started breathing heavy realizing I had no idea what to do but watch it get closer to me. But what was it? I was on the third story only birds could reach up here. So I kept my pupils just above my blanket to look. And what I saw changed the rest of my life.

It was a man. Tall, skinny, defined, shoulder length brown hair, and a light step. He glided near as if walking was floating and stopped at the end of the bed. I’ve never been so still in my life. He pushed down his what looked like wings and made them disappear into his back. I couldn’t believe it. Was I actually in the same room as a fairy?

He put his right hand firmly on top of the blanket next to my thigh and lifted himself on top of me, caging me as of it was a given. He smelled of things unreal. Like a mixture of soft nature smells.

“Who are you?” I stutter quietly. He stares at me, like I’m an artifact of some kind. Like something a long time searched for. It’s nighttime but the moonlight and my sheer curtains dancing in the wind makes it feel less dead. The moonlight glistened on his back, his shoulder blades sculptured and firm. As I lay underneath is angelic body I start to freak out.”my boyfriend….” I whisper. He looks at me with calm eyes, cups my jaw with his hands, leans in and kisses me. The most unreal kiss I have ever felt. The rush of his saliva dancing within our tongues. And then a sweet thought runs in my mouth. I knew and realized exactly what was happening. He was telling me. Like his voice was telepathic.

He told he went to three other girls tonite that sang the song. But he did not like what he saw from them. He told me if he can test me out he could pick me.

Unimaginable thoughts are going throughout my mind.”this isn’t real, this isn’t possible.” But he assured me it was. He told me I couldn’t move or stop him if the mate inspection started. He whispered sweet words of another language I could recognize. He was on top of me as I layed between my sheets. I had no choice. He began ripping apart my clothes and the blankets as if they were paper towel. I tried to stop him but an overwhelming feeling took over me as if someone filled my veins with cement. I lost all control of my feelings and movements. Once the moon light shined on too me and my naked body he started kissing me again. Lightly by my neck slowly making his way down to my collar bone and so on. Getting closer and closer to my tender spot. He locked his arms around each one of my legs as he continued to get closer with his lips. Without him saying a word, a voice entered my head of the language he spoke before. Then he started to lick my pussy. And as he did somehow I knew exactly why. In my heart it whispered what was going on. It told me I was being one with him. Like he needed to taste me and eat apart of me to make sure I was right for him. He tongue fucked me for awhile while he pinned me. I couldn’t move at all. He licked and bite and sucked me. Like he was trying to suck all my nectar out. And all I felt was a intoxicating steam run throughout my body. Unable to move. I whimpered unable to make a louder noise from my body high. He looked up and spoke. My mind didn’t comprehend, but my heart new he was telling me its okay. His glorious tongue and teeth gnawing away at my clit, the feeling was more then orgasmic. He started sucking like a vacuum so hard it felt like my insides were being pulled out. I was wetter than I have ever been before. And then his head popped up, his lips covered in blood as he licked them clean. ‘your perfect’ the voice in my head said, ‘your ready’. I quivered while his hand stroked my arm as he crawled up to me. He moved his hands to my hips, pulling me downwards. Looked at me with his moonlit amber eyes and leaned into my neck where he spoke again, a language only my heart knew. Then he started kissing me dancing my tongue with his. He slipped his finger inside my slit and gripped my gspot. Making me gasp and breathe heavily for his hand was heavy and in control. ‘you will be mine by the end of tonite’ it said ‘my soul mate forever. As an angel of darkness to soar thru the trees and a demon of light’. My heart began to race. Fairy tales arnt real right? He kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear as he spoke beautiful confusion to me. My body began filling up with lust as a water being poured into a cup.’you are my victim I am your encantado’. I didn’t know what to say what to do. All of a sudden my phone rang in the bathroom. He glanced at the vibrating object and squinted his eyes followed by a smashing sound that came from the bathroom. My boyfriends ringtone stopped immediately. ‘concentrate’ he said, ‘you need to be conscious of what’s happening’. He stared into my soul with his moonlit eyes and carefully stuck the tip of his penis into my slit. Moving it backwards and forward but not enough to fully enter me. ‘my queen’ he whispered ‘feel me, feel you, feel the lust and your helplessness’. His cock head was huge almost forcing it into my tight pussy. I whimpered and moaned rapping my fingers into the sheets looking for anything to grab onto. I arched my back laying on the bed. Then he grabbed my hips and slipped his cock in me fully. The pain was life changing. My lust and rage mixed together making the pain and the tearing of my vagina standable. I felt a warm mucous spill out of me, most like blood. He reached down with his hand and scooped it in his palm then licked it dry. My body was crumbling into pieces. He was cutting the human out of me. His Dick was no longer a visitor but inspector. A feeling I had never felt before like a tongue licking my uterus as he fucked me. Something was crawling in me. The most intoxicating thing I had ever felt.’Your so perfect. So beautiful. So goddess like. So perfect for my children.’ My mind was blown. His children? I don’t even know the creature. I have a boyfriend, a job, a life here. But I can’t do anything about it. My body was being taken over by a beautiful unknown being. He thrusted his cock in and out of me, getting me to start feeling an orgasm coming on so strong. I didn’t know I could be so injected with this overwhelming intoxication. The grace of his giant cock entering me and slipping my head the voice appeared. He explained what he was doing now. In my heart I knew he needed me to release my self to him. ‘Orgasm. Orgasm on my cock. Feel yourself being taken over. The transformation must be complete or you will die. Feel my pens fuck you. Give yourself to the night. Creature of the underworld. Gain your wings. Orgasm.’ He trusted me harder. Then without almost no touch at all he flipped me over. Took his Dick in hand and slid it into my pussy from behind. I gasped as he started. Hard and deep. Then it came again. The feeling of being licked as I was fucked. Like his Dick was a snake hissing its tongue into my gspot and everywhere else possible.’You will start soon’ my head said in his breathtaking voice. My back started to arch as he thrusted, anger and rage in each pulse. And then it began. I started feeling different. As a baby in a fetus I started changing. Something was galloping within me. He started rocking me slowly. My fingers twisting, turning and grabbing for the headboard of my bed. My back gained an incredible pain. Like my shoulder blades were shifting and switching spots. He stopped, flipped me over, licked my pussy and climbed over me. He bent my knees and pressed them against his chest, allowing his cock to slip in without problem. His rocked me back and forth. I then started to beg for mercy, but he gave me none.’You can do this. Push through. Become one with me. Feel it swim within you.’ I placed my feet on each side of his hips so I could brace myself. My mind was convinced and a hot lusty naughty urge took over. I looked him in the eye and moaned on purpose. He smirked and picked up his pace. In the corner of my eye I noticed a dim green glow. I glanced down and noticed he was wearing a jade stone necklace which was shining bright as a star. Lighting up the whole room. ‘You are mine. My fairy goddess. My partner. Mine to loce, mine for the taking’. My back started to ache some more so I arched it which seemed to helpHe kept battering my cunt, making it swell. His beautiful eyes stared into me and all I could think of was how stunning everything about him was. At that moment I knew I was ready to five my life up. He thrusted as I used my feet to use as a grip.’let go. Orgasm.’ But he didn’t need to remind me twice. The wave of sexual need came over me and all of a sudden I became fragile and my sensitivity rose to top level. I started screaming, hyper ventilating, gasping for the air I couldn’t seem to get. I couldn’t contain it so I bit his right shoulder.’good girl’ he whispered in english, ‘squirt for me’. So I did and then his cock expanded and entered even deeper inside my snatch as if it grew. A licking like feeling filled me up. I was week and helpless. My orgasm wouldn’t stop like it was on pause it just stayed in that same intoxicating feeling. And then he whispered ‘my turn’ into my ear. He grabbed my ass and thrusted harder and harder, pulsing. ‘Are you ready?’ He asked in his language.”YES!!” I moaned/shouted. I was ready for my life to be over. I’m having the best feeling in my life, it was worth giving up everything for. Then he started shaking and with his last thrust I felt his juice run thru his 7 inch penis and explode into me. It was wet and gooey and warm as day. It burned and danced throughout me. He picked me up and cradled me as I rested against his hard toned chest breathing and crying like a fool. The pain was outstanding. Then he layed me down on my back and lifted his cock in my mouth. His warm pulsing cock.’ Suck my venom, it will give you wings, you earned them my queen’. The taste of him was like nothing o tasted before. Very warm and gooey and candy like sour. Erotic as fuck. I kept my mouth around his head and sucked his opening as a lollipop. Then a familiar main came back. My shoulders began to quiver. ‘Your almost there, don’t give up my goddess’. Then the skin on my back ripped open on each side of my back. The most insane pain no man should know. I stopped to cry and taste my tears. He leaned over and licked the blood and wound away. The pain immediately went away and I reached back and felt my wings. They were soft as silk and fragile as lace. He picked me up and cradled me.”I have turned you. You are my wife now. Your part the point of no return.” Then he stood up, carried me to the porch and kissed me on the head. That was the last I saw of the real world.

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    fell me the words to that song so I may sing it every night till he comes and pays me a visit

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