Animal Magnetism

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Petula had decided she needed a break from the grind of working as an editor in NYC, she felt stifled and claustrophobic,she needed a break. Plus she was starting to get those uncomfortable feelings that she did not belong and was somehow different from others. Those feelings often arose in her mind from time to time and lastely they were more frequent and intense.

Her Aunt, with whom she was very close, owned a cabin deep in the woods ( it was at least a twenty mile drive away from civilization) Petula had visited there as a child in the summers and took comfort in the solitude and isolation and she felt she needed to reconnect with nature again.

Her boss gave her the ok to take a two month break, he told her that she was a valued worker and her position would be waiting for her, she simply adored that man and almost cried on the day that she left.

The drive to the cabin filled her with renewed energy and even a sense of freedom. She drove slowly savoring the beauty of the
untouched nature that surrounded that extremely long dirt road. She enjoyed the sounds of the pebbles and rocks and dirt moving and crunching as her car tires drove over them, she even liked the dust that was being kicked up, the smell of the dry dirt excited her.

Finally she arrived at the cabin, it was so rustic and beautiful, there was a small yard and there were trails all around the yard and lush deep woods filled with pine trees, briar bushes, vines, you name it there was every kind of flora and foliage around and of cause lots of fauna,(some small creatures some bigger but none frightened her.

She found a lovely note from her aunt filled with positive words and affirmations and directions on what to do if the generator broke down ( which her aunt assured her it would not). It was just
a really helpful,nice note. And at the end she wrote a strange sentence, “Remember there are wild things that happen in the woods, don’t be scared,just be one with nature.” It seemed cryptic to Petula, but she was far too excited about her new experience of living deep in the woods,
so it did not bother her too much.

Petula’s first week at the cabin was great she was getting reaquainted with all the memories of her childhood from there and she was quickly adapting to her new solitary life. She was well-stocked in that home, her aunt had a gigantic freezer that was filled to the lid with lots of frozen
vegetables and fruits and her favorite ice-cream. The pantries were packed with every kind of non-perishable imaginable. And her aunt had even left large supplies of toiletries and personal hygiene products, Petula was stunned by her thoughtfulness.

There was an outdoor shower, solar heated, but Petula was shy to bathe out there, well in the beginning she was after a few more weeks and from not having seen a soul, except for the occasional rabbit, fox or deer she decided to use it. She undressed and walked out nude, she was bending over adjusting the spray stream and temperature when she thought she heard a growl, it frightened her, she peered around,waited a good five minutes and confident nothing was around she stepped into the shower. She loved hot showers, she stood under the water, her thick long luxurious hair, in no time was sopping wet, the clouds of steam vapors curled around her body, she appeared to be covered in smoke. She got out and looked for her towel. It looked like it had been dragged a good three feet away from her, she picked it up and noticed it was wet and sticky and had a strong musky odor. She took it into the house without drying herself off with it.

The next day she decided to take a run in the woods, Petula was a long distance runner, which she never felt too safe doing in the city, she never ran alone, in the woods she decided she would.

She pulled on her black satiny shorts and her jogging bra and shirt and put on her running shoes.She did a few preliminary stretches and a few short runs in place,
then she took off. She was going at a good even pace, her breasts were a little sore,
it was her second day of her period and they were tender. She had been running deeper in the woods for at least 20 minutes when she needed to stop and tie her laces. She put her foot up on a fallen dead tree when she heard the leaves crunching very quickly behind her, she looked and was terrified to see a snarling, drooling creature it seriously looked half-man, half-beast. She froze in fear. The animal was sniffing manically around her, its paws looked almost like human hands with long claws. The creature stood up on it’s hind paws she was shocked at it’s height and sheer mass. She saw it had a long thick cock, and it looked just like a man’s. It was hard and big. Even in her terrified state her body reacted with arousal. Then in a flash the animal started tearing at her shorts, he was clawing them down and shredding them with his teeth everytime she tried to defend herself or tried to hold onto her shorts,the animal snapped at her. In no time her shorts were gone she was nude from her shirt down. The animal sniffed manically at her pussy, he pushed her backwards and down over the fallen tree. Se turned over to get away and he held her down with his paw/hand and she felt his hard cock near her ass and working its way down. She was terrified not only to be raped by this creature,but that he would shove her tampon way deep into her. She was trembling when she heard a loud bang. The animal got off of her and scurried away. She turned to see a tall, strong jawed, handsome man holding a rifle,the smoke was curling out of its barrel.

“Oh thank you! Thank you!” Petula cried as she stood up and ran over and hugged him, he put the gun against the tree near him and with his arms around her he comforted her.

“I don’t think he’ll bother you again. Here”, he said as he pulled off his shirt and handed it to her, “wear this.”

Petula put it on as her heart pounded. He told her his name was Rufus and that he
lived ten miles to the east of where they were, that was on the opposite side of Petula.

“Let me walk you back home.” Rufus offered and Petula accepted.

As they walked Petula felt strangely connected to Rufus and even though she was partially nude under his shirt that she had on she felt safe and at ease.

They got to the cabin, “Oh Catrina’s place huh?” he remarked.

Petula smiled her dimples deepening,her nose crinkling and she said, “Yes, Catrina is my aunt.”

“Ahhh no wonder you are so pretty, you got her genes.”

Petula slightly blushed. “Would you like to come in for something to drink?”

“That would be fine.”

She brought him into the den and he sat on the couch, he spread his long legs wide open. She handed him a glass and excused herself, she went in the bedroom and using a damp washcloth that was in the water bowl she cleansed herself and put on shorts and a loose tee shirt.

“Ahhh I feel better.”

“Well you look beautiful considering what you just went through.”

Petula sat near Rufus and they drank their wine, they had three glasses and Petula was very tipsy, she stood up and fell back down, she giggled and Rufus steadied her arm with his hand and said, “Whoa be careful.”

“Mmmm I think I drank too much I feel very woozy.”

“Maybe you should lie down on that rug it looks thick and comfortable.” Rufus told her.

She laid own and did feel better. He came over to her and kneeled by her,just looking into her lovely,big, doe-like eyes. She
looked up at him and noticed his thick curly dark hairs on his chest were sticking out of his shirt. She instinctively put her hand up and raked her fingers over those strands. He unbuttoned his shirt revealing his thick lush carpet of body hair. Petula felt strange, very desirious of him, like she had to feel his nude body on hers. Almost as though he knew her thoughts he undressed. First his shirt came off
, then his workboots, then his pants, then his underwear, the man was so hairy it was exciting and even though he was hair
y his muscles were magnificent, hard big calves, thick defined thighs, tight toned long abs, big wide sculpted strong hard chest, enormous biceps,no hair on them, and his cock and balls damn they were big and scary looking it looked like when he fucked with that cock he meant business. Petula’s
pussy opening was puckering. He leaned down and pushed her shirt up, he pushed her bra up and her full firm breasts tumbled out, they were so round and big and fleshy, he smiled and licked his chops. He took her shirt and bra completely off.

He yanked on her shorts and roughly pulled them off. “Ouch!” she yelped feeling his nail drag down her leg and tear the flesh.
“Oh I’m sorry.” he said. He stood up and
over her, she saw the underside of his massive dick, it was so veiny and bluish/red, her eyes traced over that cock, she saw the head was pronounced and large it almost looked like it did not belong on that cock, it was wide, her eyes scanned back and she saw his balls, they were enormous and full and swung as he moved his hips. She looked back at the head she saw a glisten of cum, he held his cock under the head and shook it over her the cum dropped onto her lips, she tasted it, it wassalty and warm, he looked at her and smiled he had long incisors she had not noticed
before that he had those two very sharp-looking teeth.

She felt tiny and meek and almost little girlish in comparison to his strong masculinity. Her skin started feeling silky and warm.

He reached down to feel her pussy it was soaked. He knelt down to her and sucked on her right nipple, “Ouch!” she yelped as his nail from his hand scratched her right breast. This time he said nothing he just sucked on her nipple harder and harder . She felt it to her clit she closed her eyes and reveled in the erotic sensations he was giving her body. Something felt odd, he was tugging on her tampon string, her pussy was gripping it but he tugged hard and it was out of her, in an instant his weight on her seemed different, she felt moist heat in her face, she opened her eyes and screamed. He looked similiar to the creature that had
attacked her in the woods, she tried to scramble away, she scooted backwards using the palms of her hands and her feet and ass,
and turned over, he held her around her waist very tightly with his long strong hairy arms, she tried to break free but could not, she could only push down on and hit thosearms and it did not stop that creature at all, as a matter of fact he held her tighter, his hard sticky wet tipped
cock was now pushing into her pinched in tight, but very wet and hot pussy hole. “NO! NO!” she cried. But this time there was no escape, she felt his massive,
hot, rock hard, horny, furry body pressed against hers. It was so hot the heat was almost unbearable. She heard him panting like some rabid animal, his hard cock was frantically fucking her pussy, her hole was being stretched wide by its massive girth. In and out that cock rapidly invaded her teeny pussy hole. That cock was gleaming from her pussy juices, it was slick and rigid.

She was sobbing, the creature started licking her back as he fucked her pussy. She was surprised when she felt intense pleasure, she was turned on and ashamed.
That big cock was moving deeper in and out of her pussy, the creature was now haunched over her, she could feel its fur against her smooth silky ass skin, she started moaning in pleasure and also feeling intense guilt. In and out, fast and furious
that creature’s cock went in her, opening her pussy up like it never had been before, it felt incredibly erotic and yes forbidden and oh so pleasurable, even her toes wewre curling with the hard thrusts he gave her,
she was seeping out wetness she could tell it was all over his fur by his cock and belly.

He started howling a low, long primal howl,it went into her mind and body. She was being overcome by the animal’s lust for her. He would get very deep inside her, his big cock pressing against her uterus and he would hump her ass, his furry loins locked against her just humping and rubbing her ass to the highest degrees of sensitivity, his cock head pressing and poking her uterus rhythmically.

Soon she was howling as he fucked and humped her, no longer was she human she was now an animal too. She closed her eyes and let herself become one with this creature, that was rape/fucking her. Her ass was being massaged by his soft fur, the feeling was intense, she felt fur everywhere, but on his long hard cock.

She felt his teeth on her shoulder he bit her tight, he held her still, he was holding onto a muscle with his teeth and gnawing on it, like a tough massage,
and it was driving her wild, he wiggled tighter against her, his furry body now pressed so tight against her that she could not feel where she ended and he began, he came in her, it felt like that cum was shot out of a rocket it was so intense.
She moaned and orgasmed feeling her pleasure and her guilt, the animal growled and pulled out of her swollen over fucked pussy. Petula stayed on her knees, she did not want to look at that creature. She felt a hand on her ass cheeks, then it moved to her hip running up the side of it, over her waist, then her ribs, then around the front and up to her breast where it rubbed and squeezed her, she looked and saw human skin, She turned back and Rufus was smiling at her.

“Wha what happened?” she asked imploringly.

“We mated, I thought you knew, you are one of us.” and with that said Petula understood everything now.

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  1. Kamenko

    Nice story!

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  2. wolfbabe

    Loved it!! I want more!

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  3. Amanda19

    Should have knotted with her then she would have known she turned into a beast.

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