A breeze passes along the contour of your body. Teasing the skin that is exposed. You unconsciously tremble. You are unaware of a presence filling in the gaps between
the shadows. You sleep.Dreamless. I dance around you. Above you. Below you. Each time drawing closer…closer.
You move to lay on your back and take in a deep long breath. As you do…I enter.
Smoothly. Sensually. Dynamically.
Your body reacts, opens itself.
Invites. Demands.
You exhale. Trigger a signal
and you dream.
I am in that place where memory and mind meet. I am a whisper that touches your ears. I am that flutter you feel in your stomach. I am the tightness you feel when your muscles begin to strain. I am the sensation, that tingle that makes you come alive. I am heat and the fire. I am the fuel. I am desire. I am that rush you feel. I am what makes you hard as steel. I am the thought that drives you to grab your shaft. I am the method, the acquiescence. I am the top of the highest peak you reach and the unsteady ledge right below it.
I am the final spark that ignites
you. The implosion that consumes you. I am the waves that you ride and I am all that there is.
Then…your body begins to unwind. Still you sleep. Your mind begins to quiet. You take a deep breath then you release it.
And I am a breeze passing along the contour of your body.

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