I just needed one night of sleep

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Lately, I’ve been having insomnia, so when a friend gave me sleeping pills I was a little apprehensive. Why was I apprehensive? I had heard that they were habit formatting. I wanted to actually fall asleep on my own instead using medication. I held on to the pills for a while, of course during that time I still couldn’t get any sleep. The reason why I couldn’t get any sleep was because I had just started this financial class in college, and keeping up with class work and the shipping place I worked at was busting my butt. On top of all that I didn’t have enough money to get a girlfriend. I was getting tired of this shit real fast. One night when I was getting off of work and realizing I had to catch up with my class from the last two days. I just thought fuck it, I’ll just take the pills for one night to get some kind of sleep. I got home ate some left over pizza and took the sleeping pills. Eventually, I passed out on my futon. After a while, I felt my thick cock being slobbered on it felt so good, I just knew I was dreaming. I tried to lift my head to see who it was, but the room was pitch dark, and I couldn’t see anything. I laid my head back down and whoever it was continued to suck my cock. It felt so good and she, I say she because I felt big double dd breast on my thighs. She came going on and on. All I could do was moan and try not to shoot my wad too soon. It was like she was trying to suck me dry and her breast was so big and velvety soft. I wanted to squeeze her tits so bad, but her mouth had me captivated. It was as if this she didn’t have teeth. I could feel her slowly going up my body after I had cum as she lifted herself on top of me she dragged her big breast on my body, and I became hard again. I closed my eyes, because this moment was to good to be true I didn’t want to spoil it by revealing her identity or worst yet waking up. She never uttered a word through the whole thing. By now her smooth soft breast was pressed up against my ripped chest. I slid my thick cock into her juicy wet pussy. I instantly wanted to cum, but I wanted to savor her awesome out of this world pussy. She continued to ride my cock up and down driving me crazy. “Oh shit” I moaned. Her pussy held on to my dick so tight never letting go, but wet at the same time. I rubbed my hands on her hour glass figure as she had me right where she wanted me, between her legs. I squeezed her ass as she was on top of me, as I did this it seemed like her pussy had a tighter grip on my dick. I moaned in response to her wet pussy. I was getting ready to cum and it felt as though I had forgot where I was or who I was. My came inside her and it was earth shattering. I had to know who she was. Finally, I gave her a kiss and opened my eyes to my surprise it was my dead teacher’s ghost from when I was in junior high. I gasped and she disappeared right in front of my eyes.

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