Puppy Love

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I met him on the beach. It was a cool evening so we were alone. As the sun set over the sea we built a small fire, then spread a blanket and popped open a bottle of wine. We dug our toes into the sand as we talked and kissed and laughed. It was perfect. Magic.
“I feel so close to you right now” he whispered, nuzzling my neck, pulling me into his warm, tender arms.
“Mmm, yeah. This is amazing.”
“You’re amazing.”
‘You’re amazing” I giggled, slipping my cold hands under his wooly brown sweater.
“Ooh. Brrrr. You wanna play like that do you?” he said, pushing me back onto the blanket, and kissing me hard. He smelt so good: strong, feral. I could feel his hard cock through my jeans. He slid his hand under my sweater and pinched my nipple through my bra before gently cupping and squeezing my entire small, firm breast. He was driving me crazy. My pussy was getting incredibly hot and wet.
A dog began howling in the distance. I opened my eyes and saw the moon, full, heavy and majestic, floating above the trees.
“Wow. Full moon tonight” I said, kissing him gently and looking into his eyes, red in the firelight.
He looked at me intently and starting grinding against my groin, hard and ferociously. I gasped and squeezed my eyes shut.
He was pinching my nipple again. It hurt. It felt good. I reached down to undo his pants. I wanted to feel his stiff, hot cock against my flesh. As his engorged cock came tumbling out of pants I found his eyes again.
But now they were not his eyes. They were the eyes of a beast. And he was pounding me into the sand, squeezing and clawing my tits, then tearing off my clothes, and with one hard firm stroke driving his huge, swollen, throbbing penis deep inside me.
I pleaded for him to stop, he was hurting me, but all I could see in his eyes was madness. As he fucked me, driving it into me over and over, faster and faster, his face was changing. His teeth had become huge, hi hair was growing wild, and his beard was dripping with saliva. The full moon cast an unholy aura around him as he continued to tear into me.
He threw back his head and howled as I felt him come inside of me, a boiling viscous juggernaut.
And then he was looking into my eyes, and his eyes were his own, and he was weeping.
And I held him in my arms and rocked him gently.

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  1. Kate

    wow, you should really write more…you have the talent… keep going…i really felt like i was there and getting the fuck of my life…scared to death but enjoying it

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