Subliminally Transcendentally Mystically Yours

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There are dreams and then, there are dreams, what I call “reality dreams.” Reality dreams are real, just as real as the person (in this case a young married woman) that has made contact subliminally in the other person’s wakeful sleep, more like a trance. It has happened more than once and the reason that they are real, or that I know that they are real is because of another young married woman that came into the coffeehouse near the university that I often go to and said “did you enjoy yourself this morning?” “Yes, just as much as you did. You didn’t call out my name I hope while your husband was going at you?” “No, but I almost did. Did you see everything? I mean I knew you were there, I willed you there and my husband was gone, it was the most wonderful strangest thing, and I had power over you (she smiled) and I loved it.” “I didn’t see anything babe except you and me, I just assumed that it was your husband doing all of the work and I got all of your honors.” “And then some big man.” “So, did you cum all over your sheets?” She asked with a big grin. “No, but I did have a hardon for about an hour.” “Oh, that must have been the transcendental snap, I mean when my husband came you were gone, but, I would love to finished what I started with you.” Again, said with that big Chester cat grin on her young beautiful face. We when to my house after coffee and had an afternoon repeat. She called me her fetish, her older man sex fetish. That was four years ago and there were others before her concerning “real” dreams. So, I know that theses “surreal” dreams are not surreal at all but just a higher reality. Now, the latest reality dream… I was hovering around her looking at her beauty for a beauty she is, young (about 27,) full of sex and very sexy, tomboy breasts, narrow waist, and killer legs mounted on a rock hard bubble butt. As I got closer to her she raised her legs (she was laying on her back) then placed her hands on her hips so that all of her slender body was suspended except for her elbows, shoulders and the back of her small head which was firmly on the floor. I guess you would call this a “tripod” position. And as I moved in she spread her very sexy legs exposing her caverns of delight very tight and wet, wetness caught in a full golden wheat bush, a harvest wheat field filled with morning dew poetically said. My penis was a full mast and throbbing and as I took her legs in my large hands and was ready to penetrate her lovely pussy, but, she kept tilting pelvis slightly so that the only access was her tight ass and her eyes said “yes, yes, yes big man” as I looked down on her beautiful tanned face. I tried several times to separate her pussy lips with my throbbing cock and each time she tilted her rock hard butt so the only entrance was her ass and then, all of a sudden it was like she sucked me in with some strange abnormal abdominal power and in I went beyond my control, all eight inches, just sucked in all the way to the base of my penis and the moan she gave out, well, I never heard anything like it, it was awesome. Now you have to realize that this is a dream but so real that it isn’t, so, as I add things up in the dream no less, it was her husband doing the action but me doing her honors, I had completely filled her thoughts with passion so much so that it was me she was calling intellectually on subliminal wavelengths of passion and it was I she wanted as her husband humped away. However, I got the pleasure of it and every time I tried to pull out she sucked me back in with some mystic power and she loved it. This went on for some time and I was about to explode with all that I had, my balls had raised all the way up to the base of my eight inch dick and there was no holding it back. And in her moment delirious passions she called out my name and I heard her husband say “what?” And I came deep inside of her as she kept sucking me deeper and deeper in to her tight ass with each of my eruptions and the sound of her voice came to me “I love you, I love you I do” and her voice was to me not her husband but of course her husband had no idea what was going on and then I awoke and thought “it was me, it was really me that did her honors.” That morning for coffee with some friends at the usual place she came in, she would look at me and her face turned red then she quickly looked away. We know each other by name and name only and sometimes we talk small morning talk but this morning, the morning after “reality dreams” she is all flustered. She looked at me again and blushed again and it was a verification that dreams do cum true.

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